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Mumbai, India is one of the major cities of the country and holds an iconic significance for tourists. The city exhibits culture and tradition at its finest, along with the sought-out modern comforts. Being located on the shores of the Arabian sea, the city elicits thousands of tourists and it offers some prime staying spots for these visitors. In this guide, we will learn about the top 10 best luxury hotels in Mumbai, where you can enjoy your stay and relish the cultural richness of the city.

#10. Meluha – The Fern 

Meluha - The FernMeluha The Fern Mumbai

Meluha-The Fern is one of those hotels in Mumbai that is located quite close to both airports. The domestic airport falls at a distance of 12 kilometers while the international airport falls at a distance of 8 kilometers. The railway station is also quite close to the hotel. There is an abundance of travelling options available from the hotel. It is located somewhere close to the centre of the city and thus therefore, provides easy passage to the surrounding malls and shopping centers.

Services and Facilities at Meluha The Fern Mumbai

When it comes to onsite facilitation, the hotel has a pool and a spa. Guests can relax and enjoy these two services after a tiring day in the city. The rooms in this hotel are quite pleasant. Each room comes with its own television and safe and guests can enjoy a variety of channels on the TV. The safe is made so that the visitors can keep their valuables in them. The amenities that come with the room consist of toiletries and hairdryers while other basic paraphernalia is also present.  

Furthermore, the hotel also features a business center where the guests can take care of their affairs even while on the move. Along with all this, there are multiple dining options in this hotel. Guests can enjoy international cuisines as well as Indian food. This hotel has received positive feedback from its guests and is ranked in one of Mumbai’s best hotels.

Meluha – The Fern Address: Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Powai, 400076 Mumbai, India


#9. Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

Four Seasons Hotel MumbaiFour Seasons Hotel Mumbai Location

Ranked 9th on the top 10 best luxury hotels in Mumbai is Four Seasons hotel located in Worli and is thought by most to be the epitome of modern hotels and traditional hospitality. The hotel is located quite near some local parks and attractions which the guests can reach quite easily and quickly. 

Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai Services

The services and facilitation of the hotel don’t fall short from any of its competitors. The accommodations, dining and the amenities the hotel provides are absolutely magnificent. Many people who have visited this property have called it the archetype of hotels.  When it comes to the rooms, Four Seasons hotel provides the best. Guests can enjoy the beautiful views of the city from the windows. The front portion of the hotel features a swimming pool and poolside chairs. This also makes for a beautiful view to look at. Visitors can also enjoy the pool itself  at any given time of the day.

There is a spa as well where you can, apart from the basic treatments, enjoy Ayurveda experiences as well. The Indian art can be enjoyed in its domestic splendour at this hotel. There is a fitness centre as well where the visitors can go to fulfil their daily fitness goals.  The hotel also features a concierge that can help you throughout the stay. The hotel also provides an ATM should you need to withdraw some cash for yourself. For people travelling with children and toddlers, the hotel can provide babysitting services as well. There are cafes and restaurants in the hotel, each of which provide a different range of culinary products. 

 Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai Address: 114 Dr E Moses Road, Worli, Worli, 400018 Mumbai, India


#8. Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach 

Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach Hotel Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach Review

This is also one of Mumbai’s top rated hotels. It is situated right on Juhu beach and provides beautiful views of the Arabian sea from its rooms. The hotel provides free parking services to its customers. Being a beachfront property, its demand is quite high and this facility is quite welcome to its visitors. The hotel provides a front desk for the help of its visitors. Guests from abroad can also make use of the currency exchange in the hotel as well.

There is an outdoor swimming pool that provides a beautiful panoramic view of the sea. Additionally, you can sit back and relax by the poolside while feasting your eyes on the beautiful water. Not to mention the rooms are all air-conditioned and are very comfortable for the visitors. Rooms come with a small safe where you can keep your valuables throughout your stay. The rooms also come with a large TV where you can see the channels of your choice. 

Moreover, there is a large assortment of dining options in the hotel as well. Cuisines from all over the world can be found here and visitors can enjoy Indian food as well as simple meals or buffets in the restaurants.

Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach Address: Juhu Beach, Maharastra, Juhu, 400049 Mumbai, India


#7. Sofitel Mumbai BKC

Sofitel Mumbai BKCSoftiel Mumbai Location

This is another one of Mumbai’s finest hotels. Situated in the Bandra Kurla Complex, the Sofitel Mumbai BKC provides easy passage to the industrial sector of the city. You can easily reach any one of the two airports in a short time. Furthermore, there is provision of car renting and tour services in the hotel as well. If someone wishes to see the sights of the city or to visit the local attractions, they can rent a car and move around as they like. 

Sofitel Mumbai BKC Review

The hotel comes with free WiFi throughout the property. Businessmen and other visitors can take care of any online business they have using the provided internet. There is a swimming pool which is open throughout the day. Guests can go and relax whenever they please.

Not to mention, the accommodation options in this hotel are also quite splendid. The rooms are magnificently furnished and come with some basic equipment the visitor might need throughout his day. Additionally, there is a 40 inch TV screen with multiple channels provided in each room for the guest’s leisure. The floors are all made out of hardwood and display the decor and extravagant design Indian architecture. All rooms are air conditioned and provide a comfortable escape from the heat of the city. 

Other accommodation options include large sweets. In each room there is a separate bathroom which is sufficiently furnished. The suites come with an attached bath. Moreover, there are multiple dining options in this hotel as well. Guests can enjoy all sorts of cuisines at the onsite restaurants. This is deservedly on our top 10 best luxury hotels in Mumbai list.

Sofitel Mumbai BKC Address: C-57, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra, 400051 Mumbai, India


#6. The Orchid- Ecotel Mumbai Airport 

The Orchid- Ecotel Mumbai AirportThe Orchid Mumbai near Airport

Just missing out on the upper half of the top 10 best luxury hotels in Mumbai is The Orchid Mumbai. This hotel is located right beside one of Mumbai’s airports, which make it an excellent spot for tourists to stay on a long or short trip. It is also not that far away from the Mumbai International airport itself. The distance is a mere 9 kilometers and can be travelled easily via car.

The Orchid Mumbai Review

The Orchid provides top of the line room services to its guests. The rooms themselves are excellently made and possess all the vital provisions a guest can need. This includes a TV, minibar and coffee maker. Guests can relax after their long flight while watching Television and enjoying a beverage in their room. They can make their own drinks as well thanks to the provided paraphernalia. 

Further facilitation include a rooftop swimming pool and an onsite coffee shop. Both these places are open 24 hours of the day. It doesn’t matter when you choose to visit. Free WiFi is available in each room along with  a small work station. For businessmen or other visitors, this can prove to be very helpful since they can take care of their smaller tasks. There is also a fitness center available for the guests as well. It features a convivial collection of equipment that most visitors find adequate.  There are many culinary options for the visitors as well. A variety of cuisines are available for the pleasure of the guests. Due to this, you won’t have to go looking for a separate diner or restaurant.

The Orchid- Ecotel Mumbai Airport Address: Nehru Road, Vile Parle (East), Adjacent To Domestic Airport, 400099 Mumbai, India


#5. Trident Bandra Kurla

Trident Bandra KurlaTrident Bandra Kurla Review

Another hotel in Mumbai’s impressive arsenal is the Trident Bandra Kurla. This hotel comes with its own swimming pool for the relaxation of the visitors. Guests can sit by the pool and enjoy snacks and beverages and if they like, they can go for a dip in the moderate temperature water as well. Visitors can get pampered at the hands of the spa services located in the hotel. There are multiple treatments you can get here. There is also an onsite fitness center for your exercise needs that you can go to at any point in the day. 

The hotel is conveniently placed near the airport; at a mere distance of a few kilometers. This short distance takes around 15 minutes to be travelled.  There are multiple restaurants in this hotel which provide the guests multiple options to fulfil their culinary desires. There are all sorts of cuisines but tourists often like to taste the Indian dishes in their domestic excellence. For that, Indian cuisines are also offered.

Trident Bandra Kurla Rooms

The accommodation in this hotel is also absolutely marvellous. Each room comes splendidly furnished and provides all sorts of comfort to the guests. There is the provision of multiple amenities you can enjoy. Guests can enjoy beautiful views from their room. The attached bathroom comes with shower or bath, depending on the room you choose.

Trident Bandra Kurla Address:  C-56, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra, 400051 Mumbai, India


#4. The Oberoi Mumbai

The Oberoi Mumbai - top 10 best luxury hotels in MumbaiThe Oberoi Mumbai Location

While other hotels may bring you out to the quieter part of the city, Oberoi Mumbai gives you the best hotel experience in the commercial and busy part of town. This location grants the visitors an easy passage to the local shopping centers and shops. The local attractions and tourist sites can also be found within close proximity of this hotel. 

The Oberoi Mumbai Review

The hotel features excellent accommodation in the form of lavish rooms, featuring free WiFi, toiletries, private bathrooms and various pieces of equipment like coffee-makers etc.  There are on-site spa and fitness centers where the visitors can relax and workout respectively. The guests are made fully comfortable in this hotel by the provision of essential services like laundry, concierge and butler facilitation. The butler service makes sure you are content at all times and seeks to eliminate any cause you might have for feeling the opposite.

There is a wide range of cuisines offered at Oberoi Mumbai. For visiting westerners, European cuisine is made available. Tourists can also enjoy the local delicacies in the restaurants as well.  The hotel also features a cafe and a lounge, each offering a pristine view of the serene sea. All culinary options offered in the hotel are made to perfection and the guests hardly need to go elsewhere for their alimentary desires.  This hotel understands all implications and potential needs of their visitors. The hotel offers female butlers to unaccompanied female visitors for their peace of mind and comfort. 

The Oberoi Mumbai Address: Nariman Point , 400021 Mumbai, India


#3. The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai - top 10 best luxury hotels in MumbaiTaj Mahal Palace Mumbai Review

Ranked 3rd on our top 10 best luxury hotels in Mumbai list is The Taj Mahal Palace. In fact this is the only place capable of matching the Taj Mahal Tower in excellence and magnificence. This hotel is the manifestation of the idyllic extravaganza of services and facilities.  This regal building is situated close to the Arabian Sea and it offers beautiful views of the sea from its elegantly made rooms. Made in 1903, this building exhibits stunning Indian architecture, with a touch of Victorian-like decor. The very structure of this hotel speaks of old-fashioned design, yet when you step inside, you can see all the modern facilities and amenities present in the highest capacity. 

When it comes to the rooms, the accommodations at the Taj Mahal Palace are absolutely amazing. Each room comes with its own flat-screen TV with a 32 inch display. The views from the hotel rooms may be of the sea, the front deck of the hotel or the beautiful city of Mumbai itself.  There are multiple options for dining in this hotel. The hotel offers more than 10 separate restaurants; each featuring their own special types of cuisines. With various fitness centers and treatment facilities, there is a whole plethora of things you can do to keep yourself occupied.  Facilities like complimentary WiFI and toiletries are provided as well.

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai Address: Apollo Bunder Road The Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba, 400001 Mumbai, India


#2. The Taj Mahal Tower Mumbai

The Taj Mahal Tower Mumbai - top 10 best luxury hotels in MumbaiThe Taj Mahal Tower Mumbai Review

Regardless of what the other hotels might offer, the Taj Mahal Tower Mumbai is by far the most beautiful one. Constructed in 1973, this structure exhibits a grace and charm possessed by none other. This hotel has been well kept throughout the years and even now, it is rated one of the best hotels to stay in Mumbai and ranked 2nd on our top 10 best luxury hotels in Mumbai list.

This hotel displays a traditional facade, inspired by the actual Taj Mahal. This domed building gives its visitors the feeling of tradition and culture through its many terraces and intricate balconies; all exhibiting the exquisite masonry and architecture of the east. It practically hangs over the Arabian Sea and provides beautiful views from the hotel rooms.  Although made quite a while back, the hotel has kept up with the times and thus, the accommodations and rooms it provides are in no way lesser than the modern buildings. The rooms are made and furnished artistically. 

There are quite a lot of restaurants and cafes in this hotel, where visitors can eat and drink as they please. The hotel also features a shopping centre where the guests can buy products from renowned brands and companies. This hotel falls quite close to the center of the city. Guests can go to the local attractions and landmarks with considerable ease.

The Taj Mahal Tower Mumbai Address: Apollo Bunder, Colaba, 400001 Mumbai, India


#1. Trident Nariman Point

Trident Nariman Point - top 10 best luxury hotels in MumbaiTrident Nariman Point Mumbai Review

Deservedly ranked 1 on our top 10 best luxury hotels in Mumbai list is Trident Nariman Point which is also one of the most favoured and loved hotels of Mumbai. The reason for that may be its amazing location or the range of services it offers. The guests that have stayed at the hotel have had nothing but praises for its lovely accommodation and facilitation.  The Trident Nariman Point is situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea and offers its guests beautiful views from the hotel rooms. The visitors can also visit the beach with the comforting knowledge of the closeness of their lodgings. 

The hotel features an on-site swimming pool as well. There is also a 24-hour fitness center to meet the needs of the guests. Oftentimes, individuals with a strict workout routine like to have this option in places they stay at. The Hotel Trident Nariman Point makes sure that all needs and desires are fulfilled. The accommodating options of this hotel come in all sorts of varieties. There are some rooms who will offer a stunning view of the sea. If someone prefers otherwise, there are some rooms that have a different view. 

The rooms come equipped with the basic necessities and amenities the guests might need during the stay. This includes a private bathroom, filled with complimentary toiletries. The guests can enjoy the flat-screen TVs and enjoy their favorite channels whenever they want.  Moreover, there are multiple dining options in this hotel; where guests can enjoy the culinary experience of their choice. 

Trident Nariman Point Mumbai Address: Nariman Point, 400021 Mumbai, India


In Summary

So these are the top 10 best luxury hotels in Mumbai. Each hotel has its own qualities and it can be quite tough for you to make a decision. In the end, it is better to choose the one which best suits your needs the most!

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