Map of Miami Florida Area | What is Miami Known for?

South Beach, Miami Beach. Florida
South Beach, Miami Beach. Florida

Map of Miami Florida Area


Miami is one of the most fun and luxurious cities in the United States located in sunny southern Florida. It’s a coastal city on the far southeast end of the panhandle and the destination of millions of tourists each year. If you’re looking for a true beach getaway with lots of energy and excitement, Miami is your place!

Miami is one of the largest cities in America

In terms of population, Miami is the second-largest city in Florida (only behind Jacksonville) and one of the biggest in the United States. Its 2021 population is 478,251, a significant increase from 2020. The city stretches over 56 miles with a land area span of 36 square miles. 

Miami comprises the downtown metropolitan area and some residential sections. Technically, its beach Miami Beach is not within the Miami city limits. Instead, the beach is its own municipality. Still, it’s “the” beach for Miami goers to be sure!

Miami is often talked about as having six main sections (or districts):

  • Downtown: This is the business district consisting of financial institutions and urban centers, but also, historical centers, arts and entertainment houses, and wonderful museums. If traveling to Miami, be sure to check out the gorgeous downtown hotels before you decide on your lodging.
  • MiMo Blvd.:  MiMo stands for Miami Modern. This laid-back one-mile block used to be run-down with a bad rep, but in the late 20th century developers came in and revitalized the hotels and city style to modern Miami…Art Deco the obvious theme. Today locals and visitors can enjoy the lovely boutiques, parks, and restaurants.
  • Design District: This shopping and dining destination is dedicated to the creatives and the innovators of fashion and food. In addition, take in some unique art and architecture. 
  • Coconut Grove: Not part of the hustle and bustle of the rest of Miami, the grove is a tropical oasis with a relaxed, boho atmosphere, offering charming boutiques, sidewalk cafes, and a lovely view of the bay. 
  • Little Havana: Details on this below.
  • Overtown: Rich in black history, this spot is proudly supported by and is made up of black-owned shops and entertainment venues.

What is Miami known for?

You may have heard that the Port of Miami in the downtown section is called the “Cruise Capital of the World.” That’s true! It’s the biggest recreational cruise port in the United States. With its presence, comes a myriad of entertainment, dining, and recreational activities for visitors from cruises to enjoy while stopping in Miami.

Miami is also known for all this…

  • The beaches–Miami Beach and South Beach. For water sports, swimming, tanning, and building sandcastles, the conditions at these beaches are perfect! 
  • Shopping–Miami’s huge Sawgrass Mills Mall makes the city a shopper’s dream come true. This retail outlet has over 350 stores. Plus, it’s easy to get to by shuttle or car. The mall also boasts over 15 fine restaurants. 
  • The Everglades–The narrated nature tours on airboats through the scenic everglade wilderness are rides you don’t want to miss. There’s also a jungle walking trail you can enjoy at your own pace. 
  • Nightlife!–The nightclubs in Miami are famous worldwide. If you’re into dancing, libations, and techno American/Latino beats, check out LIV and E11Even for sure. These are the top two most popular clubs in town. Each normally has celebrity guests on the weekends. 
  • Little Havana–A large neighborhood in Miami, Little Havana is a place for relaxation and taking in the beauty and warm vibe of Central America. It’s a cultural hub with festivals, parades, and historical landmarks. It also boasts its own Walk of Fame for famous artists and Latino celebrities. And, of course, the Cuban food here is unmatched.
  • Downtown–Its beautiful skyline with high-rise buildings is only the fourth in the U.S. for having the tallest buildings.  The Miami Civic Center is to the northwest of the downtown area.  

Is Miami a good place to live?

Miami is often associated with vacations. But it’s also a fantastic place to set up your home base. Yes, the residential areas in Miami are great for couples and entire families of all ages. 

For the most part, the weather is always sunny and hot/warm. Because of hurricanes and tropical storms from June through November, though, residents must be prepared properly with safety plans and essentials at a moment’s notice. 

While the cost of living is higher in Miami than in many other U.S. cities, its taxes are low! 

  • No Florida state income tax at all. 
  • Miami’s sales tax is only 7%. Most cities as popular as Miami have sales taxes of over 9%.
  • Property taxes are average as compared with other U.S. cities, but you get a discount when you pay your bill early. 

The condominium market is huge, so if you want a home with low maintenance for you (with a condo association), you will have tons of options in many different Miami neighborhoods to find a great place. 

It’s pretty easy to get a job in Miami, as the job market is not competitive. With all of the tourism in Miami, there are many fun places to work. So, you and your family have options on how you want to spend your work time.

If you’re an outdoorsy type, there are plenty of places to hike, kayak, ride a bike. Dog parks are also abundant for you and your canine companions. 

Miami is great for people who don’t own cars. If you are a public transportation type, then this is your city. You do not want to have to fight the heavy traffic in this town.

This oceanside city offers a wide range of desirable places to live whether you’re looking for lively or quiet, shhhh.... Plus, there are homes for first-time renters and buyers or those rollin’ in dough and movin’ on up!

These are the best places to live in Miami:

  • Miami Shores suburb is great for families
  • Bay Harbor Islands for a small-town atmosphere
  • Boca Raton for great schools
  • Omni is a quiet area with solid job options nearby (average salary $68K)
  • Weston is family-friendly with great nearby shopping
  • Coral Gables offers first-rate schools and high-end dining and shopping

Welcome to Miami!

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