Is West Wittering worth visiting?

Stunning sunset over beach huts at West Wittering on the Sussex coastline
Stunning sunset over beach huts at West Wittering on the Sussex coastline
Stunning sunset over beach huts at West Wittering on the Sussex coastline
Stunning sunset over beach huts at West Wittering on the Sussex coastline
west wittering beach sussex england
west wittering beach sussex england
Sand dunes glow during the sunset on West Wittering beach, West Sussex, UK
Sand dunes glow during the sunset on West Wittering beach, West Sussex, UK





Are you completely exhausted and need a break from your torturous office computers? Then it’s time to ditch your office and head towards an exquisite beach to rejuvenate your body and soul. Yes, we are talking about West Wittering Beach, one of the best spots in England.

The breathtaking beauty of this large sandy beach will melt your heart instantly. It is situated at the Chichester Harbour entrance. The cleanliness of this spectacular beach will unmistakably impress you. Along with that, this place is always under the control of professional lifeguards, especially in the month of summer when many travel enthusiasts cannot resist themselves to visit this place. It has already won the Blue Flag Award just because of its outstanding safety measures and remarkable sanitation. Let’s gather some more information about this natural beauty.

So if you want to dig deep into the beauty of the sea on a dreamy day, you have to take your swimsuits along with other clothes. Don’t forget to take your breakfast and lunch bag to enjoy a picnic with your family on this stunning beach.

West Wittering beach is famous for family day out

For many generations, people love to visit this place to spend some quality time with their families. That is why this unspoiled sandy beach offers exceptional facilities with superior water quality. After reaching West Wittering beach, anyone will easily realise why the Blue Flag award is presented to this beauty. It’s absolutely spotless, and the water is crystal clear.

This 1000 metres long beach is also one of the best picnic spots. If you visit the west side, which is also the seaward side, you’ll only encounter fine golden sands. If you want to take your car, you don’t have to worry about the parking space. You’ll find an exceptional parking spot surrounded by mowed grass near to the beach. So leave all those anxieties and tensions behind to spend the whole day in the lap of this natural beach. 

Crystal clear bathing water

People usually visit this place to enjoy a bath in the crystal clear water. You will find the bathing water near the low lying area of Chichester Harbour. This bathing water is surrounded by natural drainage catchment, which is 16 hectares long. No stream is found on this exquisite beach until you visit the west of Chichester Harbour, especially if you are hunting for streams. The surrounding areas of this magnificent seaside are also incredible. Many rural villages, as well as small towns, are located here.

Water Cleanliness

Different environment agencies frequently visit this beach to take sample water. They minutely evaluate everything, starting from litter, to sewage debris or tar presence in the water. Till 2018 they didn’t find any sewage debris. However, a little presence of litter is seen in this clean water. The environment agency plays an essential role in making this bathing water completely safe, clean, and risk-free. They have already taken several measures to improve the quality of bathing water so that travellers can enjoy to the fullest. At the same time, the water quality also depends on the area or the land, drainage system, and of course, different human activities.

Location of West Wittering Beach

West Wittering village is a delightful place that lies in West Sussex. On one side, you will witness the historic Chichester while the other side impresses travellers with the breathtaking views of Isle of Wight’s. The magnificent views of yachts and passing ships leave the spectators awe-stricken. That is why this beach comes alive when numerous explorers visit this place in the warm months of Summer. As a responsible visitor, you have to follow the guidance of the tourism management department to protect the environment of this beach.

Before visiting this fantastic place, you can book transport or even make different arrangements in advance, especially if you are visiting with your kids. The authority always tries to focus on public safety. That is why, from first aid to lifeguards, everything is available on the beach along with a pre-booking facility. To maintain the water quality and cleanliness, the authorities have a special section of waste disposal. They always make sure that the peacefulness of the local community should not be hampered. 

Now you already know all the details of West Wittering Beach. So it’s time to check out some of the fun activities and nearby attractions.

Chichester Harbour

Chichester Harbour is just 2.24 miles away from West Wittering beach. The harbour is surrounded by terrific lands. Chichester Harbour Conservancy manages the harbour and the surrounding areas. This is the home of many rare animals. It holds national importance because of the conservation of wildlife. So whenever you walk with your friends, you will find some unique creatures here. The wetland areas, as well as the inter-tidal regions and clean water, help with the survival of such rare species safely. Along with that they also guarded by International legislation. 

Travellers visit this place to see rare plants that only grow in saltwater. But balancing human activities and the fundamentals of wildlife is quite challenging. It is protected by the law to ensure the safety of all the habitats from different human activities.

Hayling Island Beach

Hayling Island beach is paved around the Chichester Harbour. The 3 miles long beach is also the winner of the coveted European Blue Flag award because of its purity. If you are in this magnificent beach, don’t miss the beautiful view of the seafront that faces the Solent. Great swimmers will fall in love with this place as it’s perfect for enjoying swimming and water sports. But mostly this shingle beach is famous for its awe-inspiring sight view.

Northney farm

Have you ever wondered how a farm works? Then it’s time to uncover the mystery. You can visit the Northney farm where you will encounter the milking parlour. Visiting the surrounding fields in a tractor is a fantastic experience. This is a perfect visiting place for kids and adults.

Hayling Seaside Railway

Additionally, you can visit the Hayling Seaside Railway, which was originally created by East Hayling Light Railway society. This railway station is also available within a few miles from the West Wittering beach. If you want to know about this seaside railway station you have to know about Hayling Billy’s line first. 

Hayling Billy used to connect Hayling Island with Havant, which is located in the south of Hayling Island. So if you walk straight away towards the coastal path, you will reach the Havant railway station. Travellers usually love to walk on this track with someone special because of the magnificent seaside view. Get adrenaline rush and try horse riding or cycling with your friends as well. This place also offers a great learning opportunity to you. You can get to know the trail history and enjoy some delicious foods and drinks in this route. 

Funland amusement park

Funland is an exceptional amusement park where kids, as well as adults, can enjoy the whole day. You can buy your desired gifts for your love to impress them from the gift shops. Apart from that, kids can enjoy different games in the zone of kidz kingdom. If you are a thrill-seeker, you have to spend some time with Beaver Creek Log Flume while Golf lovers can enjoy the adventure Golf Club. It’s crazy and full of excitement!

Windsurfing and Kite surfing

Are you a sports lover? Then you are surely an adventure freak. The beauty of Hayling island and its watery access will not only impress you but also call you with open arms for enjoying Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. Are you afraid? Then you should know that this is a perfect place to experience these sports games even if you are a novice. You can get some training before pushing yourself to experience these exciting sports. In short, you should not miss the lifetime experience of Langstone Harbour windsurfing. You will be happy to know that windsurfing was actually invented on Hayling island. So what would be better than enjoying this game in a place where it was originally invented?

Donkey Sanctuary

Although we often hear the news of animal cruelty, this sanctuary is a heaven for donkeys that need help. These sick animals are offered their daily requirements with love and care. If you are an animal lover, you will be impressed by the staff affection and tenderness towards them. The local people of this Island often visit this sanctuary to spend some time here. If you visit this place, you’ll inevitably fall in love with these beautiful creatures.

More activities

West Wittering is surrounded by natural views and great activities. You can undoubtedly explore the foot of South Downs. Taking your car will be a convenient option. Apart from that, how can we forget the Peaceful rural areas of idyllic villages? Additionally, don’t forget to taste the mouth-watering local dishes. First-time visitors can always take home many beautiful gifts for their loved ones with a lot of wonderful memories.


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