How Tall Are Caillou’s Parents? Height of Caillou’s Parents

How Tall Are Caillou's Parents
How Tall Are Caillou's Parents





If you have young children or just enjoy a high-quality cartoon, chances are you’ve enjoyed Caillou! It can be fascinating to learn more about such a popular cartoon, especially if you identify with the parents of the title character. For example, you may find yourself wondering, how tall are Caillou’s parents?

Though there is no known official measurement for the height of any character in the Caillou continuity, it is estimated that Caillou’s father is 6 feet and 2 inches tall, while Caillou’s mother is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. The height of the actress who provides the voice for Caillou’s mom, Jennifer Seguin, is 5’2, while the height for Pat Fry, his father, is unknown.

In this article, we will cover not only the answer to the question “how tall are Caillou’s parents,” but cover some frequently asked questions and provide some trivia about these popular animated characters. Let’s begin!

How Tall Are Caillou’s Parents?

It is difficult to measure how tall a cartoon character is, since everything in their world is usually drawn in a stylized manner that does not quite match up with the proportions of our world. For example, an artist, such as the ones hired to design Caillou and his parents, is taught to measure character height in “heads.”

What this means is that the size of the character’s head is the standard for measuring a character. For example, even in real life, an adult is typically seven to seven and a half heads high. Toddlers like Caillou, on the other hand, are around four heads high! 

The main point here is that we can’t really measure Caillou’s parents by anything but a guess! It is certainly true that Caillou’s father is a few inches taller than his mother, but other than comparing them to one another, there is no way to measure their height. 

Roughly, it is estimated that Caillou’s mother is 5’9 and Caillou’s father is 6′ 2, or would be if they lived in the real world with us!

Who is Caillou’s Mom and Dad?

Since most of the popular Caillou cartoons are seen from the point of view of Caillou himself, who is only 4 years old, a lot that can be known about Caillou’s mom and dad is a mystery. Frequently, they are only referred to as “Mommy” and “Daddy,” so it takes a while to even learn their real names!

Caillou’s dad’s actual name is Boris, according to the book and television franchise’s official website. The voice actor who first played Boris in the original cartoon was named Pat Fry, who also starred as a minor voice in bigger animated films such as Shrek (2001,) The Lion King (1994,) and even Antz (1998.) 

Later on, Boris was voiced by Mike Pollock in the reboot of Caillou entitled “Caillou’s New Adventures.” Mike Pollock may be known to animation fans as the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman, in various aspects of the franchise. He has also voiced Professor Arthur Hawkins in Yu-Gi-Oh!, as well as characters in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Finally, one of the other voice actors for Caillou’s dad was Eric Alejandro Reis, one of his first-ever animated series voice acting roles.

Caillou’s mom’s actual name is Doris, and she is voiced by Jennifer Seguin! Jennifer Seguin has also provided voices for children’s shows like Arthur and Winx Club.

In the reboot, Caillou’s New Adventures, Doris or Caillou’s Mom is voiced by both Kaylin Lee Clinton and Monica Steuer. Monica Steuer is known for her role in “Looking for Maria Sanchez.” Meanwhile, Kaylin Lee Clinton is better known for her involvement in the Strawberry Shortcake 2018 series or Hello Kitty: Super Style!

What is Caillou’s Real Last Name?

When thinking about the identity of the main grown-up characters in the Caillou series, it can be tempting to try and figure out what the family’s last name is. However, the author who created the Caillou book series, upon which the successful television shows are based, has never revealed the last name of either Caillou or his family members!

What is Caillou’s Backstory?

Caillou was originally created by author and self-publisher Christine L’Heureux and her illustrator, Helene Desputeaux. Christine L’Heureux is a Canadian teacher and publisher who wanted to make the theories of Dr. Francoise Dolto on child development accessible to public readers, so she created stories about Caillou.

All of Dr. Francoise Dolto’s theories revolve around the idea of respecting a child as an individual person. Christine L’Heureux has stated that she began writing Caillou’s books, which eventually became successful television shows, to open up communication between parents and children as humans with real struggles, first and foremost.

In 1997, Caillou’s books were turned into five-minute episodes for France and Canada, which were later dubbed and translated into English-speaking episodes. It ran for 5 seasons, starting in September of 1997 and wrapping up in September of 2010. 

The original show was popular, but sometimes drew criticism from audiences because Caillou never seemed to face consequences for doing anything wrong. 

In 2016, Caillou briefly reappeared as a YouTube web series, which was later picked up by Amazon Prime streaming service. Then, WildBrain Spark Studios continued creating more episodes in a kind of reboot for the show.

Currently, Peacock, the streaming platform of Comcast, is developing a new series for Caillou which will run for 52 episodes, each of which will be about 11 minutes long. This should premier in the year 2023.

Why is Caillou Called Caillou?

The name “Caillou” may not be easy for English-speaking audiences to understand. This is because the word is actually French, the original language of Caillou’s creators. It means “pebble,” which was an item that was commonly used in one of child psychoanalyst Dr. Francoise Dolto’s rituals.

Since the creation of Caillou revolved around the children’s book author’s respect for Dr. Dolto’s theories on child behavior, it makes sense that he would be named after this ritual!

 In Conclusion

To sum it all up, Caillou’s parents have no official measurement of height; however, by comparing their heights to Caillou’s and guessing, most people believe them to be between 5 and 6 feet tall.

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