How Tall Is Kim Walker-Smith? Kim Walker-Smith Height, Age, Weight And Much More!

How Tall Is Kim Walker-Smith? Kim Walker-Smith Height, Age, Weight And Much More!
How Tall Is Kim Walker-Smith? Kim Walker-Smith Height, Age, Weight And Much More!

Born on 19 December 1981, Kim Walker-Smith stands as an influential figure in the Christian music landscape. With a height of 5’4″ and weighing approximately 115 lbs, this worship leader, singer, and songwriter has more to her persona than just physical attributes. She is a mother of three, who despite a multitude of responsibilities, has left an indelible mark in the world of Christian music.

How Tall Is Kim Walker-Smith?

Who is Kim Walker-Smith?

Walker-Smith was born in Albany, Oregon but moved around a lot with her family. Always feeling like the new kid on the block, she became withdrawn and shy. However, she always had a love for music and was on the stage since the age of three.

She said her family were very musical for generations and she was very involved in musical theater in her younger years. She has publicly talked about her struggles before giving her life to God when she was eighteen years old after a vision about the love God had for her.

Kim Walker-Smith’s Career Beginnings

Walker-Smith moved to California in early adulthood to attend a Christian College. She wasn’t happy and as a result struggled with grades. She then founded the Bethel Church and later joined BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry).

Walker-Smith was hired as a worship pastor two years after completing their program, revealing her greatest desire to be able to “see God’s Kingdom and power manifest for people to be set free, healed, and radically changed as they encounter God in worship”.

Walker-Smith won the show Show You Want to Be a Star back in 2005, bagging the $25,000 prize. In 2008 she released her first solo album Here Is My Song through the Jesus Culture record label. Her 2013 solo album “On My Side” reached number 1 on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums Chart.

She is also a member of the Jesus Culture band which started as a youth band during her time at Bethel. The Jesus Culture band describe themselves as “not a band, but a family” with the sole purpose of reflecting what God does in their church and their lives (

The band was nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards for their album “Living With a Fire”.  Kim Walker-Smith has previously cited Misty Edwards and Suzy Yaraei as her greatest musical influences.

Kim Walker-Smith’s Rise on Social Media

Kim Walker-Smith has over 246,000 followers on Youtube with her rendition of “Jesus Paid It All” racking up a whopping 27 million views (Jesus Paid It All). She also has over 614,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and Jesus Culture having more than 1.3 million monthly listeners.

Kim Walker-Smith & The Worship Circle

As well as a successful artist, Kim Walker-Smith is also an active Worship Leader and frequently travels globally running retreats as part of the Worship Circle. She can also be found on a wide range of podcasts both as a worship leader and a musician. Walker-Smith has repeatedly said she has a huge passion for raising up other worship leaders and encouraging other women to pursue their dreams, as she did.

Kim Walker-Smith: A Philanthropic Heart

In addition to her extraordinary musical career, Kim Walker-Smith also distinguishes herself through her philanthropic efforts, leveraging her influence to drive change and support causes close to her heart.

She is a prominent advocate for numerous charitable initiatives and non-profit organizations, focusing particularly on issues such as poverty alleviation, education, and mental health. Walker-Smith believes in the power of community service and strives to inspire her followers to contribute towards building a better world.

Walker-Smith has also actively supported humanitarian causes internationally. Notably, she has been involved with outreach programs in developing countries, extending her support to provide education and healthcare facilities to underserved communities.

Kim Walker-Smith’s Books

In 2019 Kim Walker-Smith released her book Brave Surrender, telling her story of an abusive childhood to finding the unconditional love of God. She aspires to give others the strength through tough times and how to find their relationship with God when they are lost.

The book has over 380 five star reviews on Amazon. She is described in it as being one of the most influential female voices in Christian music with fans from around the world captured on her live recordings.

Kim Walker-Smith’s Children

Walker-Smith married fellow worship leader, Skyler Smith in 2009. In 2013 the couple released their first joint Album “Home”, before welcoming their first son, Wyatt, in the same year. Their second son, Bear, was born in 2014 and they later welcomed a daughter, Maisie, in 2016.

As well as juggling her professional life, she homeschools her children from their home farm in Montana, moving from Sacramento, California.  Walker-Smith has said she was content with her two sons, but God told her and husband Skyler they were to have a third baby and were blessed with their daughter and she is grateful everyday for her children.

Where can I follow Kim Walker-Smith?

Walker-Smith is on many of the usual social media sites. Her Facebook and Instagram often feature her family and keep her followers updated on what she’s been up to as well as what she has planned for the future.

Kim Walker-Smith also often treats her followers with snippets of her music, showcasing her powerful voice. Fans can follow her travels with her snaps prompting guessing games of where she is or has been.

Fans interact with her and she has a solid following across social media. She also has her own dedicated website with information on her upcoming retreats and music.

She also uses her social media to share and encourage her followers to support her fellow artists and worship leaders, showcasing her beliefs in helping others to reach their dreams.

Fans are also rewarded with her quick-witted humor and she often shares real life posts, rather than the “insta perfect” shots. She is praised by her fans and followers for not being afraid to share real life dramas and life struggles.

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