How tall is Tom Hardy? Tom Hardy Height, Age, Weight and Much More

How tall is Tom Hardy? Tom Hardy Height, Age, Weight and Much More
How tall is Tom Hardy? Tom Hardy Height, Age, Weight and Much More


Tom Hardy is a very famous actor, and you might be wondering how tall he is, especially compared with other individuals he commonly shares the stage with.

Tom Hardy is approximately 5 foot 9 inches (1.75 meters). The average height of a British man is 5 foot 9 inches, so he’s exactly at this average. He’s had an interesting and impressive career so far, and has become an icon of the world of film.

We’ll be using this article to look at Tom Hardy’s physical characteristics, as well as learning a bit about his career so far, and what he’s particularly famous for.

How Tall Is Tom Hardy?

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is 5 foot 9 inches, which is exactly the average height for a British man today. Tom Hardy is taller than many other famous actors, but a lot of people are surprised to realize he’s 5 foot 9. 

It’s also important to remember that it can be difficult to tell how tall an actor is just from watching them in films, because camera angles and many other factors can play into this.

He has done extremely well as an actor, with a vast number of fans, and is popular in both Britain and America. He has been nominated for many awards, and he’s played a very wide range of roles.

How Tall Is Tom Hardy Compared With Other Actors?

Depending on who you compare him to, Tom Hardy looks very tall. For example, he’s around 4 inches taller than Daniel Radcliffe, who is only 5 foot 5 inches (1.65 meters), and few people think of Daniel Radcliffe as short – perhaps surprisingly, given that he is under the average height for men in Britain.

Tom Hardy is also taller than Jack Black, who’s around 5 foot 6 inches (1.68 meters); Martin Sheen, who is 5 foot 7 inches (1.70 meters); and Tom Cruise, also 5 foot 7 inches. That’s a significant difference, giving him at least 2 inches on the latter two, and 3 inches on Jack Black.

Of course, there are plenty of actors who are taller than him, too. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio is around 6 feet (1.83 meters), although some people do dispute this and say that his height has been overstated. Chris Pine is also around 6 feet tall, and Christian Bale is almost 6 feet as well.

Standing next to these people, Tom Hardy may not look tall, as he’s about 3 inches shorter than them. However, he’s still not a short individual, and definitely shouldn’t be considered small.

How Old Is Tom Hardy?

Tom Hardy is currently 45 years old, having been born in 1977. In 1998, he won a televised modeling contest, which gave him his first taste of the film industry, although this was relatively short-lived. He went to the Drama Centre London to study, but was unfortunately expelled. However, he continued to pursue an acting career. 

He made his first film debut in 2001, when he was in his early 20s. He appeared in Black Hawk Down and Star Trek: Nemesis, but started to gain fame when he starred in Bronson in 2008. From there, he has enjoyed a rich and varied career.

Some of the movies that Tom Hardy has played in include:

  • Dot the i
  • Marie Antoinette
  • WΔZ
  • The Inheritance
  • Thick as Thieves
  • Inception
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Child 44
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Dunkirk
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home
  • Gideon’s Daughter
  • Wuthering Heights
  • Oliver Twist
  • Peaky Blinders
  • All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur

As you can see, that’s a pretty varied list, demonstrating Tom Hardy’s skill and versatility as an actor. He has played both villains and heroes, and has also appeared on the stage, in both London and Chicago. There’s no doubt that he’s a very talented individual!

It’s likely that Tom Hardy has a long and prestigious career ahead of him. There’s no reason to think he’ll slow down for several years yet, and he’s likely to go from strength to strength. He has branched into screenwriting and production, and in 2017, he created, co-produced, and starred in an 8-part historical fiction series called Taboo, which got great reviews.

How Much Does Tom Hardy Weigh?

Tom Hardy weighs around 165 lb (75 kg), which is about average for a man of his height. However, he underwent a lot of criticism when he played Bane in The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, as people said he was too small and too light to fulfill the role properly.

This was difficult for Tom Hardy to hear, as he had put a lot of effort into gaining size for the role. He gained around 30 lb (13 kg) for the role, bringing his total weight up to almost 200 lb (90 kg). He claims to have eaten a lot of pizza to achieve this, but he also followed a workout routine aimed at building muscle very fast.

He packed on a lot of size for this role, which made the criticism from fans difficult. As he says, he put everything he could into the role, and many others have praised his work and dedication to it.

Regardless of his size, he has proven himself a fantastic actor, capable of taking on a wide range of roles, and showing enormous dedication to looking the part where possible. Nobody wants actors to destroy their bodies just to satisfy the appearance of a role – so Tom Hardy’s weight shouldn’t be considered a particularly important aspect of who he is.


As you can see, Tom Hardy is the exact average height for a British man, and about 1 inch taller than the average American man. He is shorter than some celebrities he’s worked alongside, but taller than others. At 45, he’s got plenty of acting years left ahead of him, and his fans are already eagerly awaiting his next movie.

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