Map of Baltimore Maryland Area | What is Baltimore Known for?

Fort McHenry from the air, Baltimore
Fort McHenry from the air, Baltimore

Map of Baltimore Maryland Area | What is Baltimore Known for?







Baltimore, Maryland, is full of modern wonder as well as American history. It bridges both the past and future just as it bridged the North and South.

Where Is Maryland Located?

Maryland is in the hub of action in the mid-Atlantic area of the United States. Known as the border state that separates Northern from Southern states, Maryland is surrounded by Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. It also borders the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

Where Is Baltimore Located?

Baltimore is in the center of this hub as it is only 30 minutes to an hour away from Washington, D.C., depending on the time of day and the traffic. It is around 45 minutes away from Wilmington, DE, and around 1.5 hours from Philadelphia.

How Big Is Maryland In Size And Population?

Maryland covers approximately 12,406 miles and is the 9th smallest state in the United States in landmass. The majority of Maryland is shoreline as 23 counties border the Chesapeake Bay and all the waters from it. That is 4,000 miles of shoreline!

Besides that, Western Maryland has mountains that are the place to be in autumn when all the leaves turn.

Maryland’s population is just over 6 million, according to an estimated number from the U.S. Census.

How Big Is Baltimore?

Baltimore is Maryland’s largest city and is urban, stretching 92.28 square miles. It has a population of just over 609,000. It is one of the cities that lie along Maryland’s coast, adding to the seafaring image of the city.

Is Maryland a Good Place to Live?

Maryland, called the Old Line State, has a lot to offer those who love waterways and classic charm. It is known for its seafood, especially its crabs, and has some of the freshest seafood offered anywhere. There is an oyster trail around the greater Baltimore area where visitors can taste the variety to their heart’s delight.

The education system is excellent with some of America’s best schools, such as Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland, and Towson University, among those located there.

Maryland’s location is perfect for those who love day trips. It is close to a wealth of museums in D.C. and neighboring states, Amish lands in Pennsylvania, and beaches in Delaware.

Maryland is filled with small bay or mountain towns that are postcard-ready providing for many grand adventures. These towns have local events from farmer’s markets, craft fairs, and lots of concerts.

What About Baltimore?

Baltimore, known as the Charm City, has busy neighborhoods and lots of employment options that make it a good place to live, even though the cost of living is 17 percent higher than the rest of the country on average. Most of that increase is in housing. 

One of the distinctive things about Baltimore is that it has more than 200 communities that have their own identity. 

How is Work in Baltimore?

However, Baltimore Magazine reported the city was voted by Kennedy Krieger Institute as one of the best places to work in 2013. The climate is moderate.

One of the things helping Baltimore’s employment is the proximity to Washington D.C. Many people live in Baltimore and work in D.C. with many of those being government jobs.

What is Baltimore Known for?

Baltimore has a ton of things to keep you busy and you should start with the Inner Harbor. This is where shops, restaurants, and museums collide for fun. Among those attractions is the Port Discovery Children’s Museum, considered to be a top museum in the country.

The most prominent thing in Baltimore is the National Aquarium on the harbor. You can spend an entire day there and, truthfully, it takes about that long to see all there is in it.  

Waterside Fells Point, a Baltimore neighborhood, allows you to enjoy seafaring ways with pubs, live music, smaller art galleries, lots of retail, restaurants settled among cobblestone streets along the harbor and town square. 

Baltimore also hosts the nation’s largest free arts festival called Artscape which is attended by more than 350,000 people annually over its 40 years. 

If you love history, the place to visit is Fort McHenry where Francis Scott Key penned the Star-Spangled Banner after patriots endured a horrific battle with the British.

Baltimore is a city that loves its sports as the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl XLVII. There are the Baltimore Orioles for baseball fans. Some local fan spirit is divided as some root for the Washington Nationals in D.C. 

Those who travel a lot will find Baltimore a great place to be as it is close to three airports, BWI Airport in Hanover, Maryland as well as Dulles International Aiport and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in D.C. 

Baltimore is also known for health care as it is the base for Johns Hopkins Hospital, ranked number one by US News on its Honor Roll of Best Hospitals for 2013-14.

What Are The Best Places to Live In Maryland?

Residents living in the area name several spots that are worthy of the title of best places to live in Maryland. Number one is the North Potomac, which is safe and welcoming. It has a population of around 24,000 and great public schools. 

Second is North Bethesda, which is one of the more expensive areas of the state. It has more than 43,000 who live there, giving it an urban feel with lots of restaurants, parks, and coffee shops.

South Kensington is third on the list. It is a smaller suburb with around 9,000 residents. Its higher rating comes from its excellent public schools, good housing, family atmosphere, awesome nightlife, and diversity.

What Is Maryland Known For?

This major trading port state is the birthplace of the national anthem but it is also known for its blue crabs caught in Baltimore. 

Bizzare Baltimore

Baltimore sprouted its share of odd creative talents including Edgar Allen Poe, Frank Zappa, and Jon Waters, who wrote “Hairspray,” a musical tribute to the city.


Baltimore is a place for education, culture, and inspiring the creative spirit. It is a testament to the harbor and life intermingled and those who visit will quickly catch that spirit.

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