Map of Henderson Nevada Area | What is Henderson Known For?

Sunset high angle time view of the Henderson cityscape at Nevada
Sunset high angle time view of the Henderson cityscape at Nevada

Map of Henderson Nevada Area


You may have heard of Henderson, Nevada, as one of the largest suburbs of Las Vegas, but it’s not like the gambling mecca at all. It’s known for its scenic views, cleanliness, safety and historical sites. As a vacation destination, it’s great for couples or families. 

Where is Henderson, NV?

Henderson is located 17 miles southeast of Las Vegas in the southwest part of the U.S. It’s nestled between southern California and northern Arizona. Being in that low-humidity, hilly section of the country, it’s an ideal place to enjoy fantastic weather virtually every single month and observe bright, twinkling stars in the night sky.

Most months are lovely, fairly dry with very little rain, and range from 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. But late May to early December it’s hot–usually, around 98 degrees F. So, if you’re going to travel there in the summer months, be prepared with lots of sunscreen and plan on some long days at the pool. 

How big is Henderson?

In terms of geographical size, Henderson is about 106 square miles which is only slightly bigger than Orlando, FL. Populated with roughly 341,000 residents, Henderson has seen a steady increase in its population for the last 15 years. It jumped from 280K to 341K people in just the last five years! 

The local governments in Las Vegas and Hendersons attribute the substantial influx of travelers and new residents to factors including strong quality of life, low taxes, family-oriented entertainment but close to Las Vegas for adults, and well-kept, pretty public areas and roads. 

Though the population is increasing, the city is large enough to keep it from being “crowded” like the feel of New York City, Chicago, or Boston. It’s a great place to visit and relax among the locals and the vacationers without too much hustle and bustle, but enough energy to feel excited to be there. 

What is Henderson known for?

For those looking for vacation destinations, here’s what Henderson has to offer:

  • Close to Las Vegas for over-the-top live shows, five-star dining, and tons of fun gambling;
  • The River Mountain Loop Trail, a gorgeous nature stop, is made up of different sets of biking and walking trails. Part of the trail is paved for horseback riding as well!
  • Its Clark County Museum is packed with local history including items related to Native Americans, mining objects and photos, collections of gaming machines like the 1898 Dewy slot machine, and even classic cars from the early 1900’s;
  • For animal lovers, check out The Lion Habitat Ranch which is dedicated to caring for and sheltering lions. 26 years ago, the animal ranch focused its attention on educating people about lions. Since then, it’s added other animals in support of Conservation International Kenya. The habitat created is healthy and safe for the precious wildlife. Head on over and feed the lions and some giraffes while you’re there!
  • Want to relax and be pampered in luxury? Book a treatment or two at the Lake Las Vegas Resort in Henderson that overlooks a scenic lake. Experience professionals offer a variety of services like facials, massages, and nail treatments. Afterwards, stay on site for a delightful lunch on the outdoor veranda.
  • Besides the above, the city offers wild west tours, beautiful golf courses, artisan distilleries, helicopter rides, authentic Mexican cantinas, and many other unique dining spots.

Is Henderson a good place to live?

You bet it is! As if the continually growing population isn’t proof enough, there’s even more evidence to persuade those seeking a new home to settle down in Henderson.

Ironically, Henderson, though near Las Vegas (a/k/a Sin City), is ranked number one in Goodall’s list of the “Safest Cities in the USA to live and raise a family” and number two in Forbes. Forbes ranked it so high due to its low  thanks to it’s low car-related deaths, poverty rate, and violent crime rate. So, if safety is important to you, move to Henderson.   

The FBI reports that the town also has very low rates of larceny, robbery, burglaries and home invasions.

Beside safety, enjoy the peace of mind of having highly rated, state-of-the-art medical facilities and sports/health centers and gyms. The town’s mayor and council people take pride in making the city safe, beautiful and conducive to living a healthy lifestyle. 

As far are homes, choose from condos, townhomes or single family residences near parks and a great public or private schools. Many of the residential communities with homeowners associations offer and maintain party rooms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and other fun, clean amenities for their families, old or young. 

The schools in Henderson are ranked 8/10 (or top 30% of all the public schools in the state). They also offer plenty of extracurricular activities for students both before and after school like community theater or fundraisers. 

Looking for a church family? No problem, Henderson boasts over 30 churches to nourish the faithful segment of the population. There are many private faith-based schools for children and teens as well if that’s what your family needs. 

While Henderson’s cost of living index is slightly higher than the average among American cities, it’s completely worth the extra cost. Between the gorgeous weather, beautiful surroundings and friendly residents, it’s really hard to beat a place to live and work. Given its booming economy, finding a job there or in the surrounding areas is a breeze. 

What are the best areas to live in Henderson?

According to both real estate professional and resident reviews, the top five places to live in Henderson are:

  1. Anthem: Median home value $426,000; unemployment rate 2.7%; safety rating 8.5/10  
  2. Paradise Hills: Median home value $250,000; unemployment rate 4%; safety rating 8/10  
  3. Green Valley Ranch: Median home value $302,000; unemployment rate 5.5%; safety rating 8/10  
  4. MacDonald Ranch: Median home value $339,000; unemployment rate 3.2%; safety rating 8/10  
  5. Westgate: Median home value $291,000; unemployment rate 4.5%; safety rating 8/10  

All of the above subdivisions offer single family homes or condos/townhomes, so whether it’s just you or you have a big family, there’s a place for everyone!

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