Where is Montana, MT Located? Where is Montana on a US map? Fun Facts

Drone view of the Montana State Capitol, in Helena
Drone view of the Montana State Capitol, in Helena

Where is Montana, U.S.A?

Where is Montana, MT Located - Where is Montana on a US map
Where is Montana, MT Located – Where is Montana on a US map

Montana. The Big Sky Country. The treasure state. Located almost entirely in the Mountain West region of the US, Montana is the fourth largest state and also one of its least populous. 

You’ll find Montana on the map between the northern tip of Idaho to its west, Wyoming to the south, and the Dakota’s to the east. Canada lies entirely along its northern border. 

Even though it’s sparsely populated, there is plenty to do in Montana, both indoors and out. But its nature and unique landscapes are where it’s true beauty lies.

Home to Glacier National Park, Beartooth Highway, Big Sky Resort, and of course, Yellowstone National Park, Montana is a remarkable place to visit. 

What’s the capital city of Montana? 

The state capital of Montana is Helena. It’s one of the least populated state capitals in the US and only the 6th most populous in the state!

But Montana’s couldn’t imagine their state capital otherwise. It’s frequently rated a great place to live.

What is there to do in the state of Montana?

What exactly is there to do in the state of Montana? What secrets are the guidebooks keeping from you? And what are the top attractions today?

We’ll get into all those details and more below. 

1. Flathead Lake

Montana is home to one of the largest natural lakes in the US: Flathead Lake

Two hundred square miles of crystal clear water, part of which is on tribal reservation land. But visitors can purchase passes to fish and boat along its 185 miles of shore. 

It’s the perfect place to spend the afternoon.

2. The Museum of the Rockies

An extension of the Smithsonian, this Bozeman, MA located museum has all things dinosaurs. 

The Museum of the Rockies is filled with skeletons, eggs, realistic models and plenty of interactive fun for the whole family. 

Want to see one of the largest T-Rex skulls ever found? You’ll find it here in Bozeman.  

3. The Gardens of One Thousand Buddhas

Who knew you could find such beautiful monuments to Buddhism in Montana. But that’s what makes the scene so striking. 

Located on American Indian reservation land, this centre for peace is nearly 750 feet of concrete Buddhas placed in a circular wheel of dharma. Against the backdrop of Montana’s “high, wide, and handsome” setting.

4. Big Sky Mountain

If you love skiing, then Big Sky, Montana is the place for you. 

It’s one of the biggest – and most popular – ski resorts in all of the United States. Thanks to an average of 400 inches of snow and almost 6000 acres, Big Sky is a busy place during its peak season. 

The town of Big Sky itself is also worth visiting. It’s the perfect blend of modern and rustic. Many who come there never leave.  

5. West Yellowstone 

West Yellowstone is the pride of Montana. When Congress created the National Park – the very first – tourists from all over began flocking to its undiscovered beauties. 

West Yellowstone receives over 4 million visitors annually. At the Wolf and Grizzly Discovery Center, you can see birds of prey, grizzly bears, and, yes, wolves. 

West Yellowstone also has tons of local crafts, outdoor gear, fine dining, and tours during all times of the year. It’s one of the best places in the world to spot wildlife. 

What’s the number one attraction in Montana?

What’s the number one attraction in the state of Montana? Glacier National Park. Not only is the Crown of the Continent, but it’s also an outstanding scenic area.

Hike and see alpine meadows draped by snow-topped mountain ranges, waterfalls, forests, and countless lakes sparkling with water from Montana’s many glaciers. 

Beautiful Landscape photography of Glacier National Park in Montana USA
Beautiful Landscape photography of Glacier National Park in Montana USA

What is there to do in Helena, MT?

Helena may be one of the smallest capital cities in the States, but it does not lack charm, and it certainly isn’t lacking in things to keep you, your family, and your dog busy any time of the year. 

1. Montana State Capitol

Drone view of the Montana State Capitol, in Helena
Drone view of the Montana State Capitol, in Helena

Manicured hillsides and stately buildings surround this State Capitol. Proudly overlooking Helena for the past 100 years, it’s tall and has Lady Liberty overlooking Helena’s residents. 

The building is open to the public to tour. There are many interesting architectural features, paintings, and areas of interest within the building. 

2. Pedestrian Mall

Last Chance Gulch – That’s the name given to this prosperous area of Helena. It’s rich with culture, history, and, well… riches. 

In 1864 prospectors found gold in the nearby gulch, thus beginning the city’s history. Today you can discover storefronts festooning the streets of Last Chance Gulch. It’s a unique opportunity to shop at some of Montana’s best stores. 

The area is full of historic buildings. And it goes without saying, it’s a pedestrian mall. That means no cars. 

3. Reeder’s Alley

You can step back into Montana’s history at Reeder’s Alley. With architecture and buildings going back to the mid-1800s, Reeder’s Alley is full of stores, restaurants, and more. 

From the moment you step on that red brick walkway, it feels like you’re stepping back in time. You can also check out the Reeder’s Alley Pioneer Cabin next door. 

4. Cathedral of Saint Helena

Located near the Old Governor’s Mansion near downtown Helena, this Gothic cathedral has been an architectural symbol of the city since its first mass in 1914.

What’s the number one attraction in Helena, MT?

What’s the number one thing to do in Helena, MT? Without a doubt, it’s Mount Helena City Park. There you can take a hike through iconic Helena.

Mount Helena is a city park with lots of hking trails in Helena, Montana.
Mount Helena is a city park with lots of hking trails in Helena, Montana.

Trailheads lead into hillside neighbourhoods directly above Reeder’s Alley. The entire park is over six hundred acres. There are several miles of hiking trails for the whole family to enjoy. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a vastly underrated location to see some of North America’s greatest scenery, head to “The Last Best Place” on earth. 

West Yellowstone and Big Sky mountain boast the best places to hike and ski in all of America. And Helena has plenty of things for the whole family to see and do. 

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