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Columbus is Ohio’s capital city and Ohio’s most populous city. It is the second most populated Midwestern city after Chicago and the fourteenth most populated city in the United States. Also, the city is an economic, historical, and cultural hub.

Columbus has a GDP of $134 billion, and the city has a diverse economy, including banking, aviation, and technology sectors. In 2016, the city was voted one of America’s best cities for young professionals because of the economic diversity.  

Visitors love Columbus because it has America’s largest university, delicious cuisine, and colossal sporting culture. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the city!

Where is Columbus located on the US Map?

Columbus is in Central Ohio, and the city is 170 kilometers northwest of Cincinnati and 230 kilometers southwest of Cleveland. Driving to Cincinnati takes around 90 minutes, and Cleveland is a 2-hour drive.  

You can drive to many other major cities from Columbus. Detroit is a 3 hour 30 drive away from Columbus, Chicago is a 5-hour drive from Columbus, and Indianapolis is a 2 hours and 30 minutes drive from Columbus.  

Columbus is home to the John Glenn Columbus International Airport, allowing you to get around the US with ease.

How big is Columbus? Size and Population?

Columbus has a population of 878,553 (2019), but the Columbus metropolitan population is 2,112,271 (2019). Also, Columbus has a size of 583 square kilometers.

Is Columbus a good place to live?

Columbus is one of the Midwest’s best cities to reside in because of the job opportunities and great location. Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of living in Columbus.

Lower cost of living 

If you live in Columbus, you live in a big American city without the high living costs of New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The cost of living in Columbus is 10 percent less than the United States’s national average.

A mixture of city life and the outdoors

Columbus has a vibrant downtown area and all the great things that come from that. However, vast green spaces, parks, and nature preserves fill Central Columbus. Popular parks include Schiller Park, the Park of Roses, and Franklin Park Conservatory.  

Also, the city is only 30 kilometers away from natural wonders like Indian Run and Hayden Falls.

Fantastic Cuisine

Columbus is home to some of the Midwest’s most refined food options. There are great high-quality restaurants inside downtown and scattered around the city. Popular neighborhoods include the German Village and Short North because they have unique cuisine.  

Also, Columbus is a cosmopolitan city, and you’ll find worldwide international cuisine.


Lots of traffic

Every major global city with a high population has traffic issues, but if you’re looking to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams, you’ll prefer to live elsewhere. Although the city doesn’t have the heavy traffic of New York City or Los Angeles, you may get stuck in traffic during rush hours.

The cold winters

Columbus has hot summers with lots of beautiful sunshine, but the temperatures can get cold during the winter. It is not unusual for temperatures to drop below 30 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. And during the winter nights, it regularly drops under 15 degrees Fahrenheit

Difficulty buying houses

Columbus is a fast-growing city with a good economy, but it can be tough to buy a house. There are many higher education institutions in the city, so there is a lack of inventory. It is often difficult to buy a home in a neighborhood that you like due to heavy demand.

What are the best areas to live in Columbus?

Grandview Heights

You will find Grandview Heights 7 kilometers west of the downtown area, and there are many excellent benefits from living there. The site is very close to Columbus’s best attractions, such as the bars, shopping malls, and restaurants. Also, you can escape a lot of the hustle and bustle in this quiet area. 


If you want to be next to the city’s heart, look no further than Downtown. You will find a wide array of nightlife, job opportunities, bars, restaurants, and a vibrant retail scene. You can also find top attractions such as the COSI Science Museum, the Book Loft, and the Shadowbox Live Theatre.


Cliftonville is one of Columbus’s most loved neighborhoods, and you can find Cliftonville only six miles north of the downtown area. Therefore, you’re always very close to the city’s main attractions and job opportunities, but you are also in a relaxed place with bike trails, libraries, and parks.

Victorian Village 

The Victorian Village is one of Columbus’s most laid-back areas and offers picturesque surroundings with Victorian houses. A popular place to relax is Goodale Park, a superb place to have a picnic and bring the family. Also, the area is only a short drive to the Downtown and Short North areas.

What is Columbus known for?

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens 

Ever since 1993, the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens have been Columbus’s leading natural attractions. You can find the gardens 2 miles from the Downtown area, and it is a fantastic place to relax with the family. The gardens span 13 acres and include art exhibitions and special horticulture exhibitions.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium are home to many animals worldwide, including 800 animal species and over 7000 animals. The zoo includes an 18-hole safari golf club and the Zoombezi Bay. Also, the zoo hosts business meetings, school trips, and weddings.

Columbus Museum of Art

The Columbus Museum of Art dated back to 1878 and was the first fine art museum to register in Ohio. You can find exhibits from all over the globe, including modern American and European exhibitions. Furthermore, visitors love the collection of folk art, glass art, photography, and contemporary art.


Columbus is one of the best cities in the Midwest, and it offers excellent travel opportunities. Visitors love the array of fantastic restaurants, museums, and outdoor spaces. It remains a fantastic spot for young professionals, families, and people of all cultures.

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