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Rhossili bay beach at sunset

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Sunset at Rhossili Bay beach at the far tip of the Gower peninsula
Sunset at Rhossili Bay beach at the far tip of the Gower peninsula
Signpost at Rhossili Bay beach
Signpost at Rhossili Bay beach
Rhossili Bay, often voted as one of the best beaches in Europe
Rhossili Bay, often voted as one of the best beaches in Europe
Rhossili Bay beach, Worms Head Gower, Peninsula, Wales, UK
Rhossili Bay beach, Worms Head Gower, Peninsula, Wales, UK
Rhossili Bay beach, on the Gower Peninsula
Rhossili Bay beach, on the Gower Peninsula
Rhossili bay beach panoramic view
Rhossili bay beach panoramic view
Rhossili bay beach on a blisteringly hot and beautiful day
Rhossili bay beach on a blisteringly hot and beautiful day
Rhossili bay beach at sunset
Rhossili bay beach at sunset
Aerial drone view of the beautiful sandy Rhossili bay beach
Aerial drone view of the beautiful sandy Rhossili bay beach






Where is Rhossili Bay located?

With a variety of outstanding, beautiful locations, the United Kingdom is unique from many other countries. This is because these pleasing locations are a source of attracting a huge number of visitors who visit these places for the picturesque views that they offer along with the exciting and adventurous activities that they provide. It makes these places ideal vacation spots that huge groups of families come and visit. One such location in the United Kingdom is Rhossili which is a village located in Wales. The principal area that Rhossili is located in is Swansea which is known to be one of the first areas which were designated to have outstanding natural beauty. 

Best beaches Rhossili

Out of all the beautiful attractions in Rhossili, the beaches stand out as these beaches that Rhossili has to offer are clean and tidy. It is the beauty of these beaches that they remain fresh and pleasing throughout the year, no matter which season it is and they are a must-visit for the people who are in the United Kingdom. 

Rhossili Bay beach


One of the most prominent beaches of the town is the Rhossili bay beach which is named after the town. It stretches over a total of three miles. These three miles are of beautiful and pleasing sand and coastline. It is perfect for walkers as well as for the people who visit avail of the variety of activities and facilities that the beach has to offer. There is a little bit of everything for everyone which is not to be missed. 

Rhossili Bay activities

The Rhossili bay beach has continued to remain at the top among all the other beaches found in that area. This is because of the picturesque and pleasing views that the beach has to offer along with the adventurous water sports such as surfing. Another beautiful attraction at the beach is to experience the view of basking seals and dolphins playing in the surf. Do not forget to keep your cameras along with you to capture this beautiful scene which is not found everywhere but at the Rhossili bay beach. 

Rhossili Bay dog friendly

Other than this, this beach is also known as the number one beach in the United Kingdom to be dog friendly. Do not leave your pets at home when coming for Rhossili Bay beach as they are allowed and will add to more entertainment as well as adventure. 

Located near Rhossili village

Rhossili bay beach is only a few steps away from the Rhossili village therefore, all those who are residing in the Rhossili village for holidays can access the beach anytime and make the most of their holidays. 


However, one of the drawbacks of the Rhossili beach is that there is no service for wheelchairs because it is a few steps downwards. Therefore, it would be very hard for disabled people to access the beach. Other than that, it is an ideal place to go with your family and friends. Also, do not forget your camera or you will miss the beautiful scenery at the sunset and sunrise. 

Three Cliffs Bay

Another prominent beach found in a similar area is the Three Cliffs Bay which is also a huge and beautiful beach that would take the breath away from the visitors. This huge beach invites a large number of people to enjoy the beautiful scenery and ambience. There are clean and tidy toilets at the beach. 

Three Cliffs Bay Restaurants

Along with that, there are a number of spots closer to the Three cliffs bay that can offer a variety of snacks and refreshments. Some of these are Joes, Mumbles Coffee, and also the Gower Seafood hut. 

Three Cliffs Bay activities

It is closer to the Pennard Castle and can be easily accessed by moving a few steps down from the castle. There is a park as well which has a minimal fee but the activities that it has to offer are much more than that. It is an ideal spot for people to arrange picnics as well as games for the kids. 

The beach is very safe which means that it can be used adequately for swimming purposes in the summer season. Do not forget your swimming suits with you if you plan to visit the Three Cliffs Bay in summer. It is a complete family place so do not hesitate in bringing your entire family with you to make the most out of your holiday trip. 

Three Cliffs Bay walk

The most pleasing activity is to walk along the beach with beautiful scenery moving side by side. The view becomes even more beautiful at the time of sunset and sunrise. These beautiful views will compel you to come again and again. It is a dog-friendly beach but there are certain restrictions that are applied according to the seasons to provide a safe and comfortable experience to all the visitors. 

Gower Peninsula

Another beautiful beach in Swansea is the Gower Peninsula which offers a beautiful view of the clear sky and clear sea. It is one of those places that can be accessed in both the winter season as well as the summer season. When the sun shines, the view becomes so beautiful and pleasing that it will settle in your eyes and will make you come again and again to this beautiful place. 

This place must be paid a visit at any time of the year as the beauty of this place never diminishes. Make sure you capture the beautiful scenes that you come across because these scenes are rarely found in most parts of the world. The attractive sights along with the range of restaurants and cafes that surround this place will take your breath away and make an ideal place for you to visit with your friends and family for a perfect day out. 

Best time to visit Gower Peninsula

Although, it can be visited throughout the year because it is open in all the months and the temperature is also controlled but since summer is the holiday season, it gets very crowded. If being in a crowd does not matter to you, then the summer season will not be a problem for you. However, those who are looking for peace and comfort at the Gower Peninsula, they should visit in the Spring and Autumn season as they are much quieter as compared to winter and summer season. 

Places to visit in Swansea

Other than the beaches that are a highlight of Swansea, there are several other beautiful attractions that can be found in the city. They are also capable of attracting a huge number of visitors due to the beautiful sights and activities that they offer. 

Home of Dylan Thomas

One of the most famous places is the home of Dylan Thomas who was a welsh poet. If you are interested in literature and knowing about history then this is a very interesting place for you to visit and explore more about your favourite poet. Guided tours are offered and other than this, there are opportunities for the guests to stay there as well so it is possible for people to come from different parts of the world and stay at the house of Dylan Thomas. The bedrooms are well designed and they are perfectly restored which gives the feeling to the person residing as if he is back in 1914. 

Clyne Gardens

Other than this, another beautiful place is the Clyne Gardens which is a famous botanical garden that is spread over a total of 47 acres. This garden offers beautiful and pleasing picturesque views along with a huge variety of plants of different species that can also be found. 

Swansea Indoor Market 

Some of the other places include the Swansea market which is an indoor market. It allows the customers to shop freely without any fear of rain. These markets contain a variety of things from jewellery items to vegetables to grocery items. There are approximately 100 stalls in the market that offer almost everything that one may need. If you wish to buy something typical of Swansea then it can be easily found in the Swansea market as these stalls are set by the locals of the area. Also, it helps in building the economy of the area. 

Swansea Weather

The weather of Swansea is generally warm and temperate. It is 11 meters above sea level and the amount of rainfall that the area experiences are significant throughout the year. Even in the driest months, the amount of rainfall is sufficient. Although, there is sufficient rainfall in all of the twelve months, the driest month out of all is April which also receives approximately 66 mm of rainfall. 

The warmest month is usually July and the highest temperature is approximately 16.8 degrees Celsius while the lowest temperature is experienced in January and that is approximately 4 degrees Celsius. The ideal months to visit Swansea will be March and April as that is the time when the rainfall is the least as compared to the rest of the months and the temperature at that time is also controlled which will facilitate the trip. 


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