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Most of the tourist attractions in England consists of beaches of different types. Beaches are a source of entertainment for tourists who spend their time relaxing, walking or performing different activities with their family and friends. Some of these tourist attractions are also located in one of the towns of England known as Skegness. There are spectacular beaches in Skegness that are some of the most famous tourist spots. Other than that, there are also many other places that tourists love to visit.  

Beaches in Skegness

Just like other places in England, Skegness also consists of a variety of beaches in and around the area. The people of England are fond of visiting the beaches. Not only the residents of England but also people from all parts of the UK look forward to the beaches in England on vacations. There are several beaches in Skegness. One of these is the Skegness beach.

Skegness beach


The Skegness beach located in Skegness is an award-winning beach. It is a widespread beach with a long stretch of sand. This place is an ideal spot even for those who are not big fans of beaches as the ground is covered in shingle or pebbles but those that are sandy. The beach was renovated in 2006. It was closed for a short period until the renovation was complete. After that, the beach was opened again and it started receiving a greater number of visitors than before. Skegness beach is capable of providing lifeguard service as well. Therefore, there is no fear is letting your children play with the water. They can carry out activities like bathing or swimming as the lifeguards are available for their protection. 

Can you bring your pets?

Other than that, the beach also allows the entry of dogs throughout the year except between 1st May to 30th September. Since this is the peak season and the beach is also very crowded during this time, the beach authorities ban the entry of the dogs so that there isn’t any kind of disturbance in the area. Other than these three months, you are welcome to bring your pets along with you to the beach. 

Skegness beach Awards

The beach is regarded as one of the best beaches in the United Kingdom as it has received several awards. First of all, it is the blue flag holder beach. Secondly, it has also been given an award by the Marine conservation society and it has also been given the quality cost award. This is one of those beaches where the water quality is carefully monitored and is one of the reasons that the quality of the water here is amazing. Not to mention the entire beach is also very hygienic. There is a cafe and a restaurant at the beach to serve snacks and refreshments for the visitors. Furthermore, there are many other activities to cheer up the kids who accompany their parents and there is much to do for them.

There are donkey rides for the children. The donkeys are well trained and friendly. They give a ride to the kids at the beach. The donkey ride experience is fantastic for the children. The beach also offers a paddling pool. A short walk from the beach is a railway station which is perfect for exploring nearby surroundings.

Central beach Skegness

Other than the main Skegness beach, there are several other beaches in the area. One of these is Central beach Skegness. It is famous and is a family-friendly seaside resort. It is accompanied by a pier that offers a variety of activities for adults as well as for kids. All the beaches at Skegness are long, clean and sandy. Just like the main Skegness beach, the central beach is also a blue flag holder known for its cleanliness and the high quality of water. Also, it is known for the picturesque views that it offers. Furthermore, Central beach allows a clean and safe environment for swimming and bathing. However, it is advised that before visiting the central beach or any other beach where swimming is allowed, the tide level and the time of tide must be checked for safety considerations.

The great thing about central beach Skegness is that it also offers lifeguard service during peak season from June to September. This way, the parents can enjoy their own time without worrying about their children as they are also monitored by the lifeguard. Other facilities that the central beach features is a restaurant and a café. Rest rooms are also available, the wheelchair facility is available and the beach also provides a car parking facility. All the activities that are provided at the beach result in a fantastic experience for the visitors.  

Places to visit in Skegness

Diamond Jubilee clock tower

One of the most famous tourist spots in Skegness is the Diamond Jubilee clock tower. This clock tower is known for its historical significance in the eyes of the people. The Clock Tower was built in 1899 for the event of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. It took place in 1897 and the tower was built two years later to mark the historic event. It is because of this tower that Skegness has appeared on the map because the tower is an important building therefore, the town should also be given some significance. The diamond jubilee clock tower connects the Grand parade and Lumley road. Over the years, a transformation has been noticed there because the ground has subsided a bit therefore, the tower now leans a bit towards the town. Previously, it was straight but now because of the unevenness of the ground, it is slightly tilted. 

Village Church Farm

Another major attraction is the Village church farm. This is also a very historical building as the farmhouse in the area was built in the 18th century. All of these locations have a great connection with history, therefore, all those who hold great interest in history and are increasingly interested in learning about the story of these buildings should not miss a trip to these beautiful, antique locations in Skegness to revive the old world charm and to move down the memory lane. 

There are exhibitions of antique things like home interiors as well as machinery of domestic life and the agricultural life in the 19th and 20th century. It will of interest to all the history lovers who love to witness all of these things.  Different activities are also carried out like painting classes and archery however, bookings are required for these activities. If anyone  is interested in attending painting or archery classes at the village church farm can book a slot for themselves according to the dates of their trip. This experience is not to be missed as it will not only offer a fantastic experience of past events but also will provide you the opportunity to learn new activities and skills like archery. It is worth visiting to have a look at all the old objects and souvenirs that have been preserved for centuries. 

There is a tea room as well that offers a variety of home-baked cakes and  home-cooked items. The tea room can be visited for refreshments in the middle of the exhibition to keep your energy levels up. Other places to visit include the nature reserve and the tower gardens that provide visitors’ opportunities to explore nature and enjoy the beautiful and picturesque views that these attractions have to offer.

Climate of Skegness 

The temperature in Skegness is usually cold and chilly. Skegness experiences a lot of rainfall throughout the year. The rainfall remains significant even for the hottest month of the year. The temperature remains between 2-20 degrees Celsius throughout the year in Skegness. The month with the highest temperature is in July which is approximately 20 degrees. The month with the lowest temperature is January which is 2 degrees Celsius.

The average temperature throughout the year is 9.7 degrees. The temperature remains low in the town with clouds in the sky and sometimes light showers. It is advised to check the weather forecast before planning so that you have an idea about the months when there is slightly less rainfall. It is the best time to visit the area when there is less rainfall as you will be able to enjoy the day at the beach and also you will be able to enjoy all the outdoor destinations. 

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