Where is Rhode Island Located in the US? Is Rhode Island worth visiting?

Block Island North Light Lighthouse in New Shoreham Rhode Island
Block Island North Light Lighthouse in New Shoreham Rhode Island





Rhode Island is a New England state that is bordered by Connecticut to the west, Massachusetts to both the north and the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the South.

Where is Rhode Island on a US map?

Where is Rhode Island Located in the US
Where is Rhode Island Located in the US
Where is Rhode Island Located
Where is Rhode Island Located

Rhode Island is very easy to miss on a map of the United States because it is so small. It is a tiny cut-out between Connecticut and Massachusetts. It is usually seen magnified due to its small size.

Interesting Facts about Rhode Island

Rhode Island, one of the original 13 colonies, is officially named the “State of Rhode Island.” The full name used to be “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” but the “and Providence Plantations” was dropped in 2020 after voters approved an amendment to the state’s constitution.

It is the smallest state by area, but actually only the seventh-least populous. However, because it is so small, it is the second-most densely populated US state after New Jersey.

Rhode Island is nicknamed the Ocean State because it has 400 miles of coastline with large bays and inlets that make up roughly 14% of the state’s total area. The bays and inlets are what makes so many miles of coastline possible considering the state is only 48 miles long and 37 miles wide.

Rhode Island’s Capital

Providence is Rhode Island’s capital and also the most populous city in the state. The city advertises itself as one that has both the accessibility and friendliness of small towns but with the culture and sophistication of big cities.

It is one of the oldest cities in the United States, founded by Roger Williams in 1636. That is more than 100 years before the American Revolution.

Providence was one of the first industrialized cities in the country, becoming known for machine tools, jewelry, and silverware. In more recent years, most of Providence’s economy comes from service industries, though manufacturing has not gone away.

Providence is the third-most populous city in all of New England, after Boston and Worcester, both of which are in Massachusetts. For such a small city in a small state, that is quite a feat.

Providence is also a walkable and relatively safe city.

Reasons to Visit Rhode Island

The historic Blackstone Valley region is full of old towns that speak to America’s industrial history. There is also loads of ethnic dining, full of French Canadian, Irish, Italian, and Portuguese restaurants founded by immigrants. There are also loads of venues with live music and performances and plenty of outdoor recreation.

Blackstone Valley in Rhode Island
Blackstone Valley in Rhode Island

The Block Island region is full of beaches, historic lighthouses, and stunning views. This is a great place for almost any outdoor activity: biking, bird watching, paddling, walking.

Block Island North Light Lighthouse in New Shoreham Rhode Island
Block Island North Light Lighthouse in New Shoreham Rhode Island

The Newport region sports Gilded Age mansions that are open for special events and tours. Houses are often Colonial-period inspired and there is a lot of sailing and tennis. Cliff Walk is an amazing place to stroll along and see the Narragansett Bay.

Newport Rhode Island
Newport Rhode Island. Editorial credit: George Wirt / Shutterstock.com

The Providence/Warwick region is home to the state’s capitol. Much of the lifestyle is downtown at WaterPlace park. Little Italy in Providence has amazing dining. Brown University is also in Providence and has been for nearly four centuries.

Providence also has an amazing Riverwalk full of celebrations year-round. There are street performances and family friendly music to keep the riverwalk a great and entertaining place for everyone.

Providence, Rhode Island, USA park and skyline.
Providence, Rhode Island, USA park and skyline.

Narragansett Bay has many amazing restaurants, some right up on the water’s edge or by marinas. There are also many public parks nearby and places to swim.

Narragansett Bay Rhode Island
Narragansett Bay Rhode Island

The South County Region has loads of beaches. Sandy beaches are full of dining, shops, services, entertainment, and plenty more. Westerly features a Victorian-era central park. South County also has many nature preserves with activities such as fishing, hiking, and paddling.

South County Rhode Island
South County Rhode Island

Reasons to Move to Rhode Island

If you like beaches, Rhode Island has hundreds of miles of them. The overall landscape of Rhode Island is beautiful and stunning. There are cliffs, walks, trails, old roads, inlets, coves, bays, and plenty else to explore and discover.

There are also many different types of living to choose from. Despite being such a small state, you can live somewhere positively urban or in a very small town. There are rural places, coastal places, and plenty others.

Rhode Island has an amazing education system, and many higher education options situated inside its state borders. K-12 in Rhode Island is consistently ranked high compared to other US states, especially in towns like Barrington or East Greenwich.

Additionally, because Rhode Island is so small, you are effectively close to everything. It is relatively easy and most of the time quick to travel anywhere you want to go in the state. You can get most places in less than an hour.

The overall location in the country matters too. Rhode Island is close to places like Boston and New York City, where you can easily set yourself up for a weekend getaway.

Rhode Island prides itself for having the T.F. Green International Airport being a convenient and accessible airport. Plus, a high speed rail connects Providence to cities like Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington D.C.

For people who love seeing snow, Rhode Island sees about three feet of it annually. Now, that can absolutely be a turn off for some, but others find that absolutely amazing.


Rhode Island is a very small state but it packs a lot within its borders. There is plenty to do and all can be reached in a short amount of time and distance because of the state’s overall size.

The state still has a lot of historic charm from Gilded Age and Colonial era houses to century’s-old universities and factories that have been modernized. Providence, the capitol, still has a lot of old-time charm from centuries past.

Rhode Island considers itself a diverse place to live and having the best of many worlds. From small towns to big cities, rural to coastal, Rhode Island wants to offer something to everyone.

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