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Barmouth Beach






United Kingdom is known for the variety of beaches that are located there. All the towns consist of a few of these that offer beautiful and spectacular views for the tourists. The British beaches are on the top list of the tourists as they are worth visiting. One particular region we will talk about today is the Mid Wales that also consists of beautiful beaches that provide a range of opportunities to the visitors to enjoy the day with friends and family. Apart from the beaches, there are several other places as well in Mid Wales that are worth exploring. 

Beaches in Barmouth

There are several beaches in and around Mid Wales that are visited by people in huge groups because of the beautiful views that they provide along with the different activities that are there for the families. One of these beaches is the Barmouth beach which is also known as Abermaw. 

Barmouth beach

Barmouth beach and sand dunes
Barmouth beach and sand dunes
Barmouth - view of the town
Barmouth – view of the town


Barmouth beach is a long stretch of sand. It is also the most famous beach in the whole of the South Snowdonia area. The individuals who love to visit beaches should not forget to visit Barmouth beach as the sandy surface is perfect for beach goers. Also, the waves here are usually large which are ideal for surfing. The size of the Barmouth beach is huge. This is evident from the fact that even if there are a lot of visitors at the beach in the peak season, it still does not look crowded.

Donkey rides 

The peak season is usually in summers when there are a lot of visitors because the temperature in Mid Wales is temperate. It is not very hot so it is easy for the visitors to lay down and soak the sun. The beach is also famous for the traditional charm that it still retains through the activities that it offers. One of these activities is the donkey rides for adults as well as for children. The donkeys are well trained for this purpose. The children feel very exciting to experience the donkey ride. If you ever visit the Barmouth beach, do not forget to let your child experience the donkey ride to avail of a fantastic experience that may not be possible anywhere else.

Things to do near Barmouth Beach

Barmouth beach also offers swing boats and different games that can be played for extra fun. Other than this, many restaurants and cafes are only a short walk away from the beach. After playing all the games and relaxing at the beach, these restaurants can be visited for refreshments or snacks. Another brilliant idea is to bring food from these restaurants and organise a picnic at the beach to enjoy the scrumptious food along with spectacular views of the beach. 

Harlech beach 

Another beach in the area is the Harlech beach which is 4 miles long stretch of golden sand. It is an ideal spot to lay down on the golden sand and soak the sun or to dip your feet in the soft, warm sand and have a short walk along with the beautiful views of the sea. Many activities are offered such as kite surfing, bathing and also beach combing. There is one thing to be careful about that there is no lifeguard at the Harlech beach. It is an advice for all the bathers to be extremely careful and for the parents to supervise their children and keep them at a safe distance from the sea. 

The dunes at the Harlech beach are so strong that they are capable of pushing the Harlech castle away which was built right by the sea but it is because of the radical movement of the dunes that it has moved a mile away from the sea. It offers toilets, restaurants, snacks and also a wheelchair facility as well. Close to the Harlech beach is a Harlech nature reserve which offers a huge variety of different plant species along with a variety of species of birds.

 It is a fantastic experience to witness the beautiful birds and plants enclose in a nature reserve. The good thing is that it is very close to the Harlech beach, therefore, when you visit the Harlech beach, do not forget to visit the Harlech nature reserve as well as it will be a great attraction and entertainment for the adults and for the kids too who will be excited to see the different plants and animals. There is a little bit of everything at the Harlech beach and it is worth visiting. It will be a fantastic experience for all those who visit the Harlech beach.

Places to visit in Mid Wales

The magic of life butterfly house

There are a variety of places to visit in Mid wales for both the adults and kids. One of these places is The magic of life butterfly house. This is an indoor enclosure where hundreds of butterflies are flying around. These butterflies are of different colours and patterns and also of different sizes that are flying freely in the area. Not only butterflies, but there are many other caterpillars and unusual insects as well that are usually rare to find but here they exist in abundance. This is open for everyone.

 Adults are excited about finding more about the different butterflies and other species of insects while the kids love to spot the colourful butterflies and trace their way. Not only is this view beautiful but the environment is so relaxing. It feels so peaceful to view such beautiful creatures moving here and there around you. All those who wish to see this beautiful environment should visit the magic of life butterfly house. Also, if you are wearing bright coloured clothes and are standing still, there is a great chance for the butterfly to sit on your clothes. Before coming to The magic of life butterfly house, dress your child in bright-coloured clothes so that the butterfly sits on your child’s clothes. This will make him extremely happy.

Gigrin Farm

Other than the magic of life butterfly house, another exciting place to visit in Mid Wales is the Gigrin Farm which is both indoor as well as outdoor. If you are looking for a place where you can take your children to spend the day, then do not forget to visit Gigrin farm as it is a children’s farm and is suited for all ages from young children of 4 years to teenagers of 18 years. It is an amazing experience for the children who can see a range of birds and red kites at a single place. This fantastic experience is worth availing. If you wish to plan a trip to Mid Wales, then do not forget to take your children to the Gigrin farm as it will give you the true thrills of nature. 

You will be able to witness nature from so close that you had never done before. There are many other places in the area as well such as the fantasy farm park. It also offers a lot of fun for the kids as they can spend their time watching their favourite animals. It will also be a good opportunity to spread the day outdoor with your children. Animals make the children happiest and if your children love animals, then a fantasy farm park is the ideal place for you to take them along. Do not miss the chance and visit the fantasy farm park whenever you come to Mid Wales. 

Climate of Mid Wales

The climate in Mid Wales is temperate. Generally, it is warm. Instead of experiencing a very extreme climate, the temperature remains controlled throughout the year. Neither does it get extremely cold nor it gets very hot. The hottest month of the year in Mid Wales is July and the coldest month of the year is January. Rainfall also varies throughout the year. The month that experiences the most rainfall in October and the month that experiences the least rainfall in April. Since the weather of the United Kingdom is very unpredictable, it is hard to determine what weather it will be the next day. 

The weather is unpredictable to the extent that sometimes one can experience the elements of all four seasons in one day. However, in Mid Wales, the temperature is fairly controlled. Before planning your trip, do check the weather forecast to decide the clothes that will be suitable for the trip. The average high temperature that is recorded in Mid Wales is 13 degrees and the average low temperature in the area is 6.39 degrees. The precipitation that is recorded on an average every month is 92.73 mm. The days in winter are short and cool while in summers, the days are long, also the temperature is warm and not very hot. It is advised to visit Mid wales at the start of the summers so that there is not much precipitation and you can easily visit the places that are outdoors. Also, the days will be fairly long therefore, there will be plenty of time to spend with family.


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