Which Country’s Flag Featured a Red Circle On a Green Background?

Which Country's Flag Featured a Red Circle On a Green Background?
Which Country's Flag Featured a Red Circle On a Green Background?

There are so many national flags all around the world. It’s not always easy to recognize where a flag comes from.

A flag with a large red circle in the middle of a green background is the national symbol of Bangladesh. The red circle represents the sun, while the green background is meant to be the landscape.

This is an article about the Bangladesh flag and its meaning. Read on to find out when it was adopted and what it represents.

The Flag of Bangladesh

The Bangladesh flag has a red circle or disc that’s almost centered on the green background. The position of the circle is actually slightly off center because it allows it to look centered when the flag is flying on a flagpole.

This flag was officially adopted at the beginning of 1972. 

What Does the Flag Represent?

Flag designs are typically interpreted to mean different things to different people. The Bangladesh flag is supposed to be a sun sitting over a landscape. 

The significance of the sun and land is it was meant to symbolize the end of an era of oppression in the country. It was to be the dawning of a new day.

What Do the Colors Mean?

There is also symbolism in the colors used in the flag. The green background represents the landscape. The hue chosen for the background is meant to show the lushness of the landscape in Bangladesh. 

The red circle, which we mentioned above symbolizes the sun represents the dawning of the new day. The red of the sun disc was chosen to represent blood. Its significance was in showing there was much blood shed by the people of Eastern Pakistan to gain their independence through the Liberation War.

Who Designed the Bangladesh Flag?

The original version of this flag was created by student leaders. They were students involved in activism at the time who were interested in the liberation of their country from the rest of Pakistan. 

Bangladesh was formerly the Eastern part of Pakistan. The goal of the liberation supporters was to break away from the oppression brought by Western Pakistan. The flag originally included an outlined mapped area within the red circle that traced East Pakistan, which is now Bangladesh.

The map outline was eventually removed from the flag design because it was too difficult to get it right from both sides of the flag. 

How Is the Bangladesh Flag Flown?

The flag is flown much like that of the American flag. It’s flown throughout the year on all working days. It’s also flown at all official government buildings and military establishments. The flags fly on vehicles transporting government officials and other important representatives, as well.


The Bangladesh flag has a red circle on a green background that represents the sun over a lush landscape. This flag, which was adopted in 1972 when the country gained its independence from Western Pakistan symbolizes the dawning of a new day in Bangladesh.

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