Why Is George Town The Capital Of The Cayman Islands?

Why Is George Town The Capital Of The Cayman Islands?
Why Is George Town The Capital Of The Cayman Islands?


Have you ever wondered what the capital of the Cayman Islands is? These Islands are a popular tourist destination, but how much do you know about their capital and how it was formed? 

George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands, and it’s located on the largest of the three islands, Grand Cayman. It’s the largest city on the island, and it contains the main airport and seaport. It is about double the size of the next largest town in terms of its population.

In this article, we’ll be looking at George Town and learning more about its creation, its history, and what activities you can enjoy if you visit it today!

Where Is The Capital Of The Cayman Islands Located?

Where Is The Capital Of The Cayman Islands Located?
Where Is The Capital Of The Cayman Islands Located?

George Town is found on Grand Cayman, which is the biggest of the Cayman Islands. It’s located on the southwest of the island, at the bottom of the pincer shape formed by the landmass. There is a tourist stretch known as Seven Mile Beach along one border, which is a major visitor attraction.

The west side of the island is more populous and thriving than the east, and Grand Cayman is by far the most lively of the islands. The other two, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, are sparsely populated and mostly rural.

The Cayman Islands are warm and experience rainy summers and fairly dry winters. They are somewhat vulnerable to hurricanes, and Hurricane Ivan wreaked devastation on all of the islands – especially Grand Cayman, in 2004.

Brief History Of George Town

Beautiful view of some of the most beautiful beaches in the Cayman Island in George Town
Beautiful view of some of the most beautiful beaches in the Cayman Island in George Town

In 1700, George Town is thought by some to have become the first permanent settlement on the Cayman Islands. A Legislative Assembly was created there in 1831, and this now governs the Cayman Islands, with authority over local issues. 

So far, no evidence has been found of indigenous presence prior to the arrival of the Europeans. The Cayman Islands were first sighted by Europeans in 1502, when Christopher Columbus made his final voyage. He named all 3 islands “Las Tortugas,” because there were so many turtles there.

Later, they were renamed the Cayman Islands for the crocodiles that inhabit the land. Sir Francis Drake explored the land in 1585, and Britain took possession of the Islands in 1670. 30 years later, George Town was established.

Today, George Town enjoys enormous diversity, with over 100 different nationalities living in the city. It has plenty of visiting tourists, and an excellent level of education for its residents. Many cruise ships visit the town.

When Did George Town Become The Capital Of The Cayman Islands?

George Town
George Town

George Town was not always the capital of the Cayman Islands. First, there was Bodden Town, which some people say was the first settlement on the Cayman Islands (which contradicts other peoples’ views that it was George Town).

Bodden Town is located on the coast and has a natural harbor. However, George Town also features a natural harbor, and has deep waters that allow ships to come in. Because of the nature of winds and currents surrounding the island, it was very common for ships to naturally come to this shore as they passed toward other destinations.

This made George Town a popular city, and it is thought that it became the capital sometime around 1800. However, there are no exact records to tell us when George Town was relocated and unfortunately, nobody knows when it became the capital.

Why Is George Town The Capital Of The Cayman Islands?

It is very likely that George Town became the capital for geographical reasons. The town is located on the largest of the islands, which is a logical place for a capital, and it has access to the sea. For the Cayman Islands, connections to sea trade and passing vessels would have been absolutely crucial.

George Town likely became the capital as a natural result of being the center of official business, because its connections with Britain would have meant constant naval communication. Without any official records, it’s impossible to say for sure why it was chosen, but it is probably the place that made the most sense. Even today, George Town is the most obvious place for a capital.

Best Places To Visit In George Town

If you are fortunate enough to be visiting the Cayman Islands, you’re very likely to be going to George Town at some point. There are lots of things to do if so!

One of the top attractions is Stingray City, which gives you an amazing opportunity to get up close to these beautiful, unique creatures. It’s an unforgettable experience that you are bound to love, and it attracts visitors from all over the world.

Another wonderful place to check out is the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, which is packed with art from both the Cayman Islands and international artists. There’s a lecture theater, a cafe, a sculpture garden, and an education center. This is a wonderful place to spend a day, and you can pick up locally-made jewelry there.

You should also check out Seven Mile Beach, which thousands of tourists visit every year so they can admire the beautiful scenery. It has soft white sand, stunning waters, and lots of wildlife. It’s kept clean and tidy, and you can rent an umbrella and two chairs. There are food and drinks sellers, so you can spend all day on the beach.

You might want to see Governors Beach too, which offers opportunities to swim off-shore and see some incredible fish. A short swim will take you to a reef where you can snorkel and dive. The waters are warm and very clear, making them perfect for swimmers. You do need to be careful of nearby boats, however.


The capital of the Cayman Islands is George Town, and has been since sometime in the 1800s. It is situated on the coast on the largest island, and is easily accessible from the sea because it has a natural harbor. George Town enjoys a lot of tourism each year, and has a great deal to offer to the people who go there.

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