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Sands Dunes on Holkham Beach, Norfolk, on a Winter's Day
Sands Dunes on Holkham Beach, Norfolk, on a Winter's Day

Holkham beach Photos

Windy day at Holkham Beach, Norfolk, UK
Windy day at Holkham Beach, Norfolk, UK
Sandy beach at Holkham bay
Sandy beach at Holkham bay
Sands Dunes on Holkham Beach, Norfolk, on a Winter's Day
Sands Dunes on Holkham Beach, Norfolk, on a Winter’s Day
Path down to Holkham Beach
Path down to Holkham Beach
Holkham beach huts
Holkham beach huts
A panoramic of Holkham bay at sunset
A panoramic of Holkham bay at sunset
Black Labrador at Holkham beach
Black Labrador at Holkham beach
Holkham beach and sand-dunes Norfolk in August
Holkham beach and sand-dunes Norfolk in August





England is one of those places that is surrounded by some of the most beautiful places in the world. This is primarily because it is home to a variety of beaches that are of different kinds, offering exciting adventures and picturesque views. One of the places in England is Holkham which is a village that is located in the north of Norfolk that is a county in England. This village is visited by several tourists because of the variety of beautiful and pleasing attractions that it has to offer that can not be resisted by the tourists.

Holkham Beach Information Guide

This picturesque and pleasing beach is known as the jewel of North Norfolk. This is because it is the only beach that is the most unspoiled one in the whole country. It is a long stretch of sand which is visible in the low tide when the beach spreads for miles and miles. It is the ideal time for a peaceful walk at the beach when it is just you, the sea, sand, and the sky. If you are looking for a place where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones, then Holkham beach is the best place to go as the ambience of this place is suitable for people looking for peace and comfort. 

If you have watched the movie, “Shakespeare in Love” and are trying to find out the name of the beach shown in the closing scenes, then you must stop wondering as the scene was recorded at the Holkham beach. To see the best view of the sun and the sand, it is advised to visit the beach at the time of sunset or sunrise. The picturesque view will be worth watching as well as capturing. There are pinewoods planted at the beach as well which are a source of offering shade on extremely hot days. 

Holkham Beach and Holkham National Nature Reserve

Since Holkham beach is a part of the Holkham National nature reserve, it is home to a variety of wintering birds that are a source of welcoming tourists as well as wildlife photographers from different parts of the world to capture the beautiful scenes of these birds as they are rarely seen. For people especially the photographers, who wish to capture these birds must plan their trip in the autumn season as that is the time when they migrate to the reserve. This place is rich in wildlife as in the winter season, a variety of shorebirds can be seen near the shore edge. 

Along with the wildlife, there are beautiful yellow flowers planted at different places at the beach which is a source of attracting colourful butterflies. The beach is open throughout the year therefore, you can visit it any time of the year. However, it is important to check the forecast before planning your trip so that you arrive at this place when the weather is favourable for you so you can enjoy the most with your friends and family. 

Holkham beach walk to wells

Since the beach is widespread in a huge area, it will take approximately two hours for one to complete a walk of the beach. Since the place is so peaceful which will enhance the pleasure of walking at the sandy beach, you may want to never stop walking. Approximately two miles from the Holkham beach, there is the lifeboat station of the Wells next to the sea. This place provides beautiful views of the Wells harbour that are not to be missed. 

Holkham beach activities

The beach connects a number of places that can only be accessed by walking such as Lady Anne’s drive, a small saltwater lagoon, George Washington Hide, Holkham park, and the Meals house. All of these places are known for their respective qualities, therefore, if you plan to visit Holkham beach, try to reserve a complete day for this trip as there are so many other places near the beach that you would like to visit also. 

All of these places can be accessed by walking therefore, be prepared and explore the beautiful attractions of Holkham to the fullest.  It should be known that this place is child friendly so do not leave your children behind. Come as a family and make the most out of your day. 

Holkham beach disabled access

There is access available for disabled visitors as well. The disabled visitors should not think that they will not be able to explore the nearby attractions because the places that are in the reach of one mile can be easily accessed by them. They can even go further if they wish to.

Holkham beach dog friendly

It is a dog-friendly beach so you can bring your pets along with you. Other than this, there are guides available to guide individuals as well as groups who visit the Holkham beach for the first time to make their experience worth a while. 

Holkham tourist information

The small village town of Holkham spreads over an area of 23.92 kilometres square only. 

Holkham Hall

One of the most famous places of Holkham is the Holkham hall which is a country house that was built in the eighteenth century. This is a very old monument and the architecture was specially designed in the Palladian style by a well-known architect of that time, William Kent. This house has its significance as it was specially built for the 1st Earl of Leicester.

 If you are a fan of history and wish to see a beautiful, picturesque architecture then Holkham hall is the best place to go as it is one of the finest pieces that was built and is known to be built as the revival of the Palladian style of architecture. This historical monument must be witnessed at least once in a lifetime. 

The interior of the hall is as opulent as a picture. It is completely furnished and decorated. The entire hall is beautifully designed with complete symmetry. This means that all the staterooms are designed in a similar way. The layout and design are the same for all the rooms. Moreover, the most beautiful room of the entire house is the saloon which has its walls lined with velvet. 

Holkham National Nature Reserve

Another beautiful place located in Holkham is the Holkham National Nature Reserve. This is the largest nature reserve of England that is located in Holkham. It is home for a number of species of animals and beards that are rarely seen in the rest of the world. The national nature reserve located in Holkham is famous for its wintering wildfowl. There are a number of migrating birds that visit the natural reserve in Autumn and it is a rare sight for the visitors. 

Other than this, there are different varieties of invertebrates and plants that can be found in the dunes. The reserve is very famous in the entire world and it receives approximately 100,000 visitors every year. These consist of the bird watchers and the horse riders. The national nature reserve is of utmost importance for the local economy. 

Moreover, there are a lot of pines in the natural reserve that was planted by the third Earl of Leicester. It is because of the personal involvement and love of the Earls of Leicester for the plants that the significance of this place was enhanced. 

Holkham Weather

The highest temperature in Holkham is expected between the May to August which is from 17 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius. While the lowest temperature is expected between November to February that is from 2 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to check the forecast and the daily mean temperatures before planning the trip so that it is worth a while. 

The precipitation is the same throughout the year that is approximately 50 mm every month. Although the mean higher temperature is usually up to 22 degrees Celsius in the months of June to August, it can also rise to 30 degrees Celsius. Similarly, the mean lower temperature is usually as low as 2 degrees Celsius but in December to February, it can also fall as low as -3 degrees Celsius. 

The number of visitors in Holkham exceeds in the summer season as the weather is also favourable. If you are looking for a time when the attractions especially the beaches are not very crowded, then the ideal time to visit is in May as the temperature is also moderate. It is usually as low as 8 degrees Celsius and as higher as 15 degrees Celsius. However, if the crowd does not matter to you, then July is also satisfactory. 

The visitors are the highest at that time but the temperature, as well as precipitation, is controlled. The temperature is as low as 13 degrees Celsius and as higher as 20 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the precipitation during July is 27 percent which will not act as a hindrance in your trip. 


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