How tall are the Jonas Brothers? Jonas Brothers Height, Age, Weight and Much More

How tall are the Jonas Brothers? Jonas Brothers Height, Age, Weight and Much More
How tall are the Jonas Brothers? Jonas Brothers Height, Age, Weight and Much More


Have you ever wondered how tall the Jonas Brothers are? This trio of singers has been famous for a long time and a lot of people adore them and their music, but have you ever wondered about their heights? Which brother is the tallest and which is the shortest? How would you compare with them?

The estimates of the brothers’ heights can vary a bit when you look at different sources, which makes it hard to tell which of the brothers is the tallest. This isn’t helped by the fact that they look pretty similar in photos where they stand side by side. According to CelebHeights, Kevin Jonas is the tallest at 5 foot 7 ¾ inches (1.72 meters), followed by Joe Jonas at 5 foot 7 ½ inches (1.72 meters), and then Nick Jonas, who is 5 foot 6 ¾ inches (1.70 meters).

In this article, we’re going to learn more about the Jonas Brothers’ heights, ages, and weights, so you know all about this popular family!

How Tall Are The Jonas Brothers?

Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers

It’s difficult to get accurate heights for the brothers, and the oldest three stand within an inch of each other. Different sources list different estimates for their heights, and because they are so close together, it’s very challenging to determine which are the most accurate sources and which are incorrect.

However, CelebHeights has placed Kevin Jonas as the tallest of the group, at just under 5 foot 8 inches (1.73 meters). His brother Joe is only a quarter of an inch shorter than him, and Nick is only about half an inch shorter again.

Given how close their heights are, it’s simple to see why these three are so readily confused, and why fans can’t really make up their minds about which is the tallest and which is the shortest. It’s not easy to tell when you see them side by side, and of course even shoe style can make the difference imperceptible.

That’s why there is so much debate about it. It is interesting to note that there seems to be particular confusion surrounding the height of Kevin Jonas. Many sources state that he is 5 foot 9 inches (1.75 meters), but some erroneously state that he is the shortest member of the band, perhaps confusing him with his wife’s height, which is 5 foot 5 inches (1.65 meters).

The different reports make it difficult to determine exactly how tall the brothers are, particularly Kevin, but it is clear that the three brothers are close to each other in height, and not far off the average for an American man, which is 5 foot 8 inches (1.73 meters).

If you’re curious about the “bonus Jonas,” Frankie Jonas is listed by IMDb as being around 5 foot 11 inches (1.80 meters) tall. 

He may be the last of the brothers to win fame due to being younger, but this would place him as taller than any of his brothers by around an inch or two inches. It is worth noting that some sources state he’s only around 5 foot 8 inches.

As you can see, determining the exact height of any of these four brothers isn’t easy, but hopefully this gives you some sense of them.

How Old Are The Jonas Brothers?

Thankfully, this one is a little easier to get clear answers for. Kevin Jonas (whose first name is Paul) is currently 35 years old, and was born in 1987. He is listed as being active since 2005.

Joe Jonas is currently 33 years old, and was born in 1989. He is listed as being active since 2004. Nick Jonas is currently 30 years old, and was born in 1992. He is listed as being active since 2000.

Frankie Jonas, the youngest of the group, is currently 22 years old, and was born in 2000. He is listed as being active since 2008.

It’s interesting to see the age gaps between these famous brothers, and to see how they all started their careers at different stages of their lives – although notably all when they were young. Nick Jonas began his career when he was just 7 years old, acting on Broadway, and his debut single came out in 2002. 

Frankie Jonas started almost as young, beginning when he was only around 8 years old. With older brothers in the industry, perhaps it’s not surprising that the younger two began so early.

The gap between Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas is around 13 years, and there is an 8 year gap between Nick and Frankie, which might be why fewer people have heard of Frankie Jonas overall – though he’s catching up in terms of fame now!

How Much Do The Jonas Brothers Weigh?

There are only estimates available for the weights of the Jonas brothers, but these should give you some idea.

Kevin Jonas is said to weigh around 146 lb (66 kg), while Joe Jonas is said to weigh around 141 lb (64 kg).

Most sources say that Nick Jonas weighs around 156 lb (71 kg), although some say 150 lb (68 kg). Frankie Jonas is estimated at around 154 lb (70 kg).

Since all of the brothers also have dark hair and a similar build, it’s easy to see why they are often said to look alike. Although it is possible to tell the difference between the four of them, from a distance they manage to look remarkably similar.

There’s no question when you see them that they are brothers, and although Frankie Jonas may now be a little taller than his three older siblings, he’s very clearly a part of the group.


As you can see, the Jonas brothers all stand quite close to the national average, being either 5 foot 7 inches or 5 foot 8 inches, with the exception of Frankie Jonas, at 5 foot 11 inches. It’s surprising how similar the brothers appear to each other, in spite of the age difference between Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas.

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