How tall is Eren Yeager? Eren Yeager Height, Age, Weight and Much More

How tall is Eren Yeager? Eren Yeager Height, Age, Weight and Much More
How tall is Eren Yeager? Eren Yeager Height, Age, Weight and Much More


Eren Yeager is one of the most popular characters in the Attack on Titan manga, and yet a lot of people have no idea how tall he is. It can be confusing, since no specific heights are given for the characters, but there are things that can be done to help us estimate Eren Yeager’s approximate height.

It’s thought that Eren Yeager is about 5 foot 7 inches (1.70 meters) in season 1, but that he grows during the time skip that follows season 3. By the time season 4 starts, he is probably around 6 feet (1.83 meters) tall, which means he’s gained about 5 inches in height during the interim years. Other characters also grow at this time.

Pinpointing the height, weight, and age of fictional characters can be really challenging, but it’s often possible by using clues in the series – so we’re going to be using this article to figure out all these facts about Eren Yeager!

How Tall Is Eren Yeager?

Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager

In season 1, Eren Yeager is somewhere around 5 foot 7 inches tall, and this remained fairly constant throughout seasons 1 to 3. However, some fans state that he only reaches 5 foot 7 inches in season 3, and he’s about 3 inches shorter than this in season 1, which would make him 5 foot 4 inches (1.63 meters).

There’s no particular explanation for this discrepancy, but by the time season 4 starts, Eren Yeager is a full 4 years older than at the start of season 1, and it therefore makes sense for him to have gained some height. That places him around the 6 foot mark. He’s 19 years old at this stage, which means that he could feasibly have reached his full height, although some people do continue to grow after this age.

To put Eren Yeager’s height into some perspective, the average height for an American man is 5 foot 8 inches (1.73 meters). 

That means that in seasons 1 to 3, while he’s still a teenager, Eren Yeager is about an inch shorter than the average male adult, while in season 4, he’s about 4 inches taller. Of course, this is an estimate, but they should give you some idea of his height.

How Tall Is Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan State?

In his Attack Titan state, Eren Yeager is approximately 49 feet 3 inches (15 meters) tall. That is hard to imagine, but it means that this form would be more than 8 times the height of the average person.

For a little more perspective, the average two-story house is somewhere around 20 feet (6.10 meters). That means that Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan mode would be more than twice the size of a two-story building. 

Obviously, these are only estimates based on rough calculations, but it should give you an idea of just how tall this character is in this state. It’s otherwise challenging to imagine!

How Tall Is Eren Yeager Compared With Other Characters?

Comparing Eren Yeager’s human form to the other characters can also help you to understand his size. For example, Commander Erwin is around 6 foot 1 inch (1.85 meters), meaning he’s about 4 inches taller than Eren Yeager’s young self, but only about 1 inch taller than him at 19 years old.

Jean Kirkstein is taller still, at 6 foot 2 inches (1.88 meters), and this makes him the tallest hero (who does not shift).

Connie Springer is a little shorter, at 5 foot 9 inches (1.75 meters), but still taller than the average American.

In terms of the females, Mikasa Ackerman is 5 foot 7 inches (1.70 meters), which makes her the tallest woman in the show. This adds to her impressiveness as a character, and backs up her physical strength and prowess.

The shortest character is probably Christa Lenz/Historia Reiss, who is 4 foot 7 inches (1.40 meters). This makes her a very short individual, although she’s still a powerful character.

How Old Is Eren Yeager?

This depends on what point of the series you consider. Eren Yeager is 15 years old in season 1, and his age remains somewhat fuzzy in the following two seasons, with no exact statements being given.

Most fans say that between seasons 1 and 3, he is about 15 to 16, and doesn’t age significantly. However, there is said to be a 4 year gap between season 3 and season 4, and he is supposed to be 19 years old at the start of season 4.

This would suggest that he remains 15 throughout the events of seasons 1 to 3, rather than turning 16. However, there are no direct statements about this in the show, so it’s hard to know for sure. It is clear that he is 19 years old by the time season 4 starts, however, and this is reflected in his increased height.

It’s also worth noting that Eren Yeager was supposed to be 10 years old when the Titans attacked and he made his vow to kill them, but he can’t actively start pursuing this goal until he turns 15 and can join the Survey Corps.

How Much Does Eren Yeager Weigh?

There are no official sources to tell us how much Eren Yeager is supposed to weigh, unfortunately. Some fans have guessed his weight to be around 139 lb (63 kg) in the first 3 seasons, and around 181 lb (82 kg) at the start of the 4th series. This makes allowances for his increase in height.

Both estimates are reasonably close to what he should weigh for his height at the time, although the second estimate is a little heavy for his given height.


As you can see, getting the height, age, and weight of Eren Yeager is somewhat challenging, and there’s no easy way to do this accurately. However, fans have risen to the challenge and done their best to put together information based on the source material and their best estimates.

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