How Tall Is Kelly Ripa? Kelly Ripa Height, Age, Weight And Much More

How Tall Is Kelly Ripa? Kelly Ripa Height, Age, Weight And Much More
How Tall Is Kelly Ripa? Kelly Ripa Height, Age, Weight And Much More


Have you ever wondered how tall Kelly Ripa is? The famous talk show host and actress invites a lot of attention, and many people are curious about her height, because she looks pretty short on the screen!

The estimates for Kelly Ripa’s height vary quite significantly, but 5 foot 2 inches (1.58 meters) is the commonest number you’ll see. Some sources say she’s 5 foot 3 inches (1.60 meters), others say 5 foot 4 inches (1.63 meters), and still others say 5 foot 5 inches (1.65 meters). However, it seems likely that she is close to 5 foot 2 or 5 foot 3.

We’re going to learn more about Kelly Ripa’s height, plus her age and her weight in this article. It will answer all the questions you have about her physical appearance!

How Tall Is Kelly Ripa?

How Tall Is Kelly Ripa?
How Tall Is Kelly Ripa?

This question is a little tricky to answer because the estimates vary so much. While some sources estimate that Kelly Ripa is as tall as 5 foot 5 inches, the more common number you will see quoted is 5 foot 2 inches. Celebrity Heights has quoted Kelly Ripa as saying that she is 5 foot 2 and a half.

Although some people do exaggerate their heights, especially if they are under the average height, it’s likely that 5 foot 2 is a fairly accurate estimate. She is a pretty short woman, although not tiny, and if you see her next to other actors and actresses, you’ll notice her stature.

Most fans seem to agree that Kelly Ripa is around 5 foot 2 or 5 foot 3, as she does look small when you see her on the screen. The average American woman is around 5 foot 4 inches (1.63 meters), so Kelly Ripa is probably about one or two inches shorter. It’s not surprising that she looks quite small, especially given that she is also slender.

Is Kelly Ripa Shorter Than Other Stars?

Since she’s shorter than the average height for American women, Kelly Ripa is definitely shorter than quite a few other stars, yes.

She is often seen alongside Ryan Seacrest, who served as a co-host on Live! with Kelly and Ryan. He is about 5 foot 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall, meaning that he’s around 6 inches taller than Kelly Ripa. That’s an amazing half a foot, and it’s very noticeable when you see the two of them standing together.

You might also be wondering about her husband, Mark Consuelos, who she worked alongside in the 1990s. He is also 5 foot 8 inches, which means he’s considerably taller than his wife, even if she wears heels.

You can see this if you look at pictures of the couple together; he is obviously taller than her. Even when the two are seated side by side, Mark Consuelos tends to look taller.

Many people are awed by the lengthy and loving relationship that the couple have enjoyed, as they have been together since 1996, and had their first child in 1997.

Kelly Ripa is not the shortest woman on television by a long way, but she certainly is below the average, and many fans have noticed her height. However, it hasn’t done anything to dampen her popularity, and her skill as an actress and presenter is unquestionable.

How Old Is Kelly Ripa?

Born in 1970, Kelly Ripa is currently 52 years old, and will turn 53 in October of this year. She first appeared on national television in 1986, as a dancer on Dancin’ on Air. She became a regular on this show, and did many cast news reports, furthering her goal of becoming a newscaster.

Her acting career really got launched in 1990, when she began a role as Hayley Vaughan, appearing in All My Children. She would remain in this role for a full 12 years, and also made a couple of guest appearances later.

She began on Live! in 2011, taking over from the previous host Kathie Lee Gifford. Her new co-host was Michael Strahan, and they ran Live! with Kelly and Michael from 2012 to 2016, when Strahan left. In 2017, Ryan Seacrest moved into the role, and it became Live! with Kelly and Ryan.

This continued until 2023, when Seacrest announced he would be leaving the show, with Mark Consuelos as his intended replacement.

Kelly Ripa is known for her work on TV, but she has also appeared in films, and she and her husband have a production company called Milojo, which has produced some shorts and series, and is doing well so far.

The actress has achieved a lot throughout her career. She has received multiple awards and nominations, and she has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in recognition of her efforts and accomplishments in the world of television and film. She has also won 6 daytime Emmy awards and appears in The Broadcast Pioneers’ Hall of Fame.

Charity work that Kelly Ripa has done includes events to raise money for Ovarian Cancer and children’s cancer, and she is also a supporter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

How Much Does Kelly Ripa Weigh?

Kelly Ripa weighs around 110 lb (50 kg). The recommended weight range for a woman of her height is about 104 to 135 lb (47 to 61 kg), meaning that she’s well within the healthy boundaries.

She has a petite, slight build, which serves to accentuate how short she is. Although people tend to be focused on her talent, rather than her appearance, there’s no question that Kelly Ripa is a short, slender individual, who weighs very little.

A lot of people find Kelly Ripa attractive, but it’s her skill and range as a host that has really given her recognition on the screen.


Kelly Ripa’s height is the subject of some debate, but she’s somewhere around 5 foot 2 according to her own estimate and most sources. She is also a slim, beautiful woman, and has had an enormously successful career as an actress and television host.

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