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England is bundled with astonishing coastal resort destinations. One such coastal resort is Bournemouth. Beaches in Bournemouth are quite clean and tidy. Moreover, they are known for being more than just beaches. There are many amusement opportunities for tourists. Enjoy spectacular views, shop from nearby beach shops, and relish the amazing amusement rides. Beaches in Bournemouth are considered a heaven for surfers as well. In short, Bournemouth has a lot to offer, especially for those who are looking for memorable holidays.

Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth beach is perhaps the most crowded and famous beach in Bournemouth. This is a sandy beach that stretches more than seven miles. The beach is such a famous destination because of the climate it offers. The warmth and mild temperature makes it suitable for tourists and locals to enjoy the tantalising beach. You can spend your day enjoying the sunshine by renting various beach equipment. In addition, the beach is open all year long for you to avail the opportunity to pay a visit. 

As this beach is closest to the town centre, it connects to various other landmarks and beaches. You can walk on the pavements or take a ride on the Land train. The land train is an extremely suitable way of transport as it can take you from the Bournemouth Pier to either Boscombe pier or Alum Chine. Bournemouth beach is such a famous beach that it does not lack any basic facility. Apart from the transport, there are dedicated areas for sport activities, toilets, lifeguard stations, equipment shops, cafes and much more. Remember that the beach is quite crowded so expect to see a large number of people during the summer season. 

Places to Visit

Bournemouth was deserted before early 1800’s. It was considered as a den for smugglers. Fishing was also very common. However, there was a sudden boom when people understood the beauty of the city. Many landmarks got erected and it became a tourist destination. 

There are three widely known churches located in Bournemouth. If you are planning to check out the historical landmarks, do not forget to visit St Peter’s, St Stephen’s, and St Clement’s. St Peter’s is the oldest church in the town and it was built in 1879. The mighty church tower is nearly 202 feet tall and is a reflection of rich English architecture of the late 19th century. The town hall of Bournemouth is also a fascinating destination. It was constructed as a hotel in 1881 but was purchased by Bournemouth city council after the First World War. 

Bournemouth is also a football loving town. There was a sudden boom and popularity of the football club after they were promoted to the Premier League in 2015. AFC Bournemouth plays in the Vitality Stadium. If you are in Bournemouth during the football season, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Vitality Stadium. 


Similar to most of England, Bournemouth has a temperate oceanic climate. There are distinct climate changes throughout the year so it is better to plan the month of your visit. The best time to enjoy the beaches in Bournemouth is from April to October. The temperature during these months is really suitable due to more sunshine and mild summer breeze. Some of the beaches are closed and have a ban on surfing in the winters. Plan your holidays beforehand and choose a date during the summers. 

Beaches near Bournemouth Beach     

Bournemouth is a town of beaches. There are a total of 14 beaches in Bournemouth that are listed in the beach guide. There are miles long strips of sandy beaches which ensures that your castle making skills get fully utilised. Sandy beaches are much more desirable than the pebbly ones. They allow more outdoor activities. Bournemouth has both kind of beaches but it is well known for its sandy beaches. Here are some of the best beaches in Bournemouth:

Durley Chine Beach

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern towns, Durley Chine Beach is the best place to go. It is away from the town centre, a heaven for peace seekers. You can delve into your thoughts, write a book or listen to music all while enjoying the views of Isle of Wight and Old Harry’ Rocks. 

The beach is clean, well-managed and spacious. This is a sandy and shingle beach so you can make enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. A number of top-notch and extensive facilities are also provided to the locals and tourists. It is suitable for families as there are baby changing facility and vigilant lifeguards. Moreover, a dog-friendly zone has been allotted so that you can bring your pets along with you. Finally, there are numerous cafes and restaurants along the beach. If you are planning to go to Durley Chine Beach then don’t forget to try the famous ice-creams from the stand-alone booths.

Alum Chine Beach

A blue flag award winning beach located at the west of Bournemouth. Similar to Durley Chine Beach, it offers an escape from the tense life of the city as it is further away from the town centre and Bournemouth Pier. Alum Chine Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Bournemouth. It has a number of characteristics that differentiate it from the rest of the beaches in Bournemouth.

If you are with family then you can enjoy in the beach huts. It offers spacious and separate space for you and your family. Moreover, the tropical gardens at the end most part of the beach are a famous tourist attraction. Your children will definitely love the tropical gardens but there is another attraction especially made for them, the adventure playground. It is a large and spacious playground just below the tropical gardens. Apart from that, there are some other facilities including lifeguard stations, baby changing facilities, toilets and restaurants. You can plan your whole day around this beautiful beach.

Southbourne Beach

Get your spades and buckets ready if you’re going to visit the Southbourne beach. Located at the west of Bournemouth, Soutbourne beach is a piece of land with shiny golden sand under a bright blue sky. It is a sandy beach which is loved by children and adults of all ages. The beach is clean and well managed, and has even won a blue flag award for this.

Southbourne beach is excellent for those people who want to relax as the beach is hardly over crowded. You’ll mostly be seeing families at the beach because of the facilities it provides. Lost children center, Lifeguard facilities and baby changing facilities are available at the beach. Moreover, there are a number of toilets, beach huts, cafes and restaurants. There are a few bistros and cafes which you should definitely be checking out once you are at the Southbourne beach. 

This beach is also famous for its spectacular views of the ocean. Apart from the ocean, the nature offers a nature trail that will spellbind you. The Fisherman’s walk nature trail is situated along the cliff top that will offer you amazing views, beautiful flowers and wildlife. Once you have enjoyed yourself on the beach, make sure to have a walk on the fisherman’s Walk nature trail

Boscombe Beach

Some beaches offer much more than a dip in the water and Boscombe beach is one of those beaches. It has a number of tourist attractions and opportunities for activities. It is well managed and administered with a lot of facilities. 

The beach stretches almost 1km on the sides of Boscombe Pier. You can reach to the beach through land train or even walk if you are close to Bournemouth Pier. This beach is a treasure for surfers and over the years there have been many attempts to promote this characteristic of it. As the Boscombe beach is a sandy beach, you and your children will love to build your ideal sand castles. Pay per parking is available so you not need to worry about a place to park your vehicle. 

In the mid of 20th century, Boscombe beach was a normal sandy beach with nothing much to offer except sand and water. However, its popularity grew with time. Nowadays, there are many fun options for the visitors to have a full day of enjoyment. Firstly, there are many clubs on the beach which you join temporarily or permanently. Group training for multiple sports is also provided. Moreover, there are various sport courts and water sports available for the locals and tourists. If hunger strikes, move towards various cafes and restaurants on the beach.


Bournemouth is one of the best coastal towns in England. It offers visitors historical landmarks, beautiful scenery and fantastic beaches. Beaches in Bournemouth have the very best facilities and the town council has done really well to keep it that way. All in all, if you are looking to enjoy your holidays and have Bournemouth in your list then you are in for a ride. Bournemouth is never disappointed and always provides a once in a lifetime experiences. 


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