Map of Australia and Flag | Australia Cities, States and Outline Map

Map of the Australia and Travel Icons. Australia Travel Map
Map of the Australia and Travel Icons. Australia Travel Map

Map of Australia and Flag | Australia Cities, States and Outline Map

Everyone loves vacations, whether it is hiking in the mountains or exploring the heritage and culture of the city, it is important for one to know about the places across the world and explore the tiniest bit of it. 

It is hard for the explorers to select their place for vacation when it comes to rich flora and fauna. But when in doubt, one must stop over in Australia and relish the exquisiteness of its nature and rich culture that lives among the people! 

In this article, we will discuss a few things that one must do in Australia and some fun facts about its Flag and its Places.

Apart from being rich in culture and heritage, Australia is a homeland to diverse natural habitats and gives one an opportunity to live one step closer to nature and unveil its true form. 

The raw beauty of Australia not only lies in its culture and music but also its delicacies which make one wonder of dishes and fresh food served with a pinch of love.

Map of Australia

Map of Australia with States
Map of Australia with States
Geographical Map of Australia
Geographical Map of Australia
Australia Map Outline
Australia Map Outline
Green gradient map of Australia and New Zealand
Green gradient map of Australia and New Zealand
Map of Australia with cities
Map of Australia with cities
Map of the Australia and Travel Icons. Australia Travel Map
Map of the Australia and Travel Icons. Australia Travel Map


Where is Australia located on the World Map?

Located between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, Australia is the perfect place to visit all season as one can see varied seasons across the country throughout the year. 

Being the Fourteenth Largest Economy, it is one of the wealthiest countries of the world, it covers a total of 7, 741,220 sq. km of area, which makes it the Sixth Largest country in the World. 

It includes not only the Mainland of Australia but also Tasmania Island and many other small islands of the Indian Ocean. Australia is located between 27°00′ S Latitude and 133° 00′ E Longitude.

Being an Island country, Australia has no boundaries and it is also known as the Island Continent due to its size. The fun fact is that Australia is considered as the Smallest Continent in the World. 

The neighbouring countries of Australia are Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and East Timor in North, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands in the Northeast, and New Zealand in Southeast.

Best Time to Visit Australia

Australia has a varied climate as one can experience winter and summer accordingly. In general, the best time to visit here is the Australian summer. 

That is, from December to March. You can enjoy the Long Coast-line walk and the trips to National Parks and Golf Courses and Day Spas to relax your mood. 

This time is also considered as the best time to get close interaction with the wildlife of Australia. As Melbourne gives the Taste of European culture, this place is great to visit during this time of the year and get the experience of the typical architecture and the beautiful gardens to stroll in the afternoon.

For Winter Lovers, the season begins in June and extends until August. As these are the coldest months in Australia with minimal Rainfall, it is the best time for Snow skiing and other snow activity which unleashes your inner child and lets you play up to the fullest. 

As the Christmas festivities begin during August in Australia, it makes Australia beautiful and bright with lighting and snow everywhere which is the major attraction for the tourists as well as winter lovers. As the Great Barrier Reef gives you a major enjoyment of watching the Marine ecosystem, one can dive into the Reef! 

Don’t feel afraid of chilled water as the reef doesn’t get chillier and one can see more breeds and species during this time of the year.

The Spring in Australia lasts from September to November, and it usually makes the country more lively due to the spring festivals and other celebrations. The days of the spring are usually warmer but it is dry as it does not contain any humidity in the air. It is the major season of Sea Kayak, Surfing and Canoe in Australia. 

Kangaroo Island is the most visited place during this season as many Kangaroos give birth to their young ones. Visiting Canberra can be the best choice for the visitors as these places blossom with beautiful lights as well as other vibrant colours during the season of spring.

Australia and Its Culture

The Culture of Australia is seen to be varied as we explore across the different regions that make Australia more diverse and rich in its own culture and heritage. The culture over here is influenced by Anglo-Celtic-Western culture with some Mix of Indigenous Influences. 

The people here are great lovers of art and music which makes staying here more enjoyable and a lovely experience to visit. The people in Australia are more loving and welcoming and are always ready for hospitality and care for one in need that makes it more worth and special to live in. 

Many cultural influences can be seen in Australia which keeps this country more diverse. Asian, as well as American culture, is prominent over here as people have migrated over here to explore the beauty of Australia and Settle in this country. 

Though there is Minority of Non-English speaking people, they too, have contributed a lot in the culture of Australia making it Fascinating to watch. As Australia is one of the homes to the oldest civilisation on the Earth, this place is more lively and diverse than one expects it to be. 

The people over here are more outdoor-loving and sport loving as you can see a lot of water and snow sports played here. People never consider others as strangers as they call you Mate and welcome you over to have food and for sporting activities as they love sports and are really active. 

The culture in Australia is not only limited to loving people who love outings but also they celebrate major festivals together which makes the country united and Communities stronger and one. 

As Australia hosts a huge number of World events such as Yacht Race, Open Tennis Tournament and Western Australia Gourmet race this shows and reflects the diversity in the behaviour of the people over here and invites all of the people and communities with a warm welcome from all over the world.

Government and Australian Society

The Government system of Australia is Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. As the Australian Constitution is a perfect combination of the United Kingdom and the United States, it was adopted in 1900 and came into force amongst people in 1901. 

It is the reason Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy. It is represented by British Monarch and locally represented or governed by the Governor-General. As there is a mixture of Monarchy and the Federal government, Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. 

British Parliamentary system can be seen in Australia, and it is totally controlled by the Monarch and Governor-General who resides in capital i.e. Canberra along with the country’s state governors. 

As there are hundreds of local government authorities, their power is derived from the legislation and it is adopted in each state; but their functions vary from one territory to another. 

The funding for the functions such as Sanitary and hygiene, Recreational Facilities, District Attractions as well as other amenities are fulfilled by the taxes of their representative states.

Fun Facts about the Flag of Australia

Australia Flag
Australia Flag

The Identity of a country is seen through its flag and its culture. As Australia has a varied Culture and Unique flag, here are some facts that can be an eye-opener for a lot of readers.

  • In 1901 Australian Prime Minister, the RT Hon. Sir Edmund Barton, organized an International competition to design a flag for Australia.
  •  The winner was Young Victorian schoolboy, who won around £40.00 for his unique design.
  • The three elements of the Australian flag play an essential and equal role. The Union Jack on the top left acknowledges the British Settlement and their rule in Australia.
  •  Below the Union Jack, there are 6 Commonwealth Stars which promote Unity of the Six States and Seventh point in the flag reflecting the territories of the Commonwealth in Australia. 
  • The third element, i.e. The Southern Cross on the white side of Flag represents the Constellation of 5 stars which can be only noticed from the Southern Hemisphere.

Places you should visit in Australia

Being a destination for all of your needs and moods, Australia has a lot to offer. If you are an Armchair person who loves to view and cherish the scenic beauty, or the Adventurer who finds Adventure in all places, Australia welcomes you with its open heart and offers you more than you expect. 

Australia is always on the bucket list of every explorer and makes it more special if you are a great enthusiast of nature and Mesmerising culture.

Whether you want to explore vibrant multicultural cities or vast sand islands, ancient rainforests for your inner peace, or one of the planet’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders – The Great Barrier Reef to feed your inner oceanic love, we’ve got places covered for you to add in your bucket list and give it a go. 

There’s no wonder Australia scores top billing on bucket lists around the world for its Scenic beauty with rich culture and loving people who are willing to welcome you with their open hearts.

Create your Bucket List with us and savour the true taste of Australia by getting to the places mentioned below:

Just Mention Sydney and there comes an image of Shell Structured place known all over the world which images a beautiful voice from within. YES! 

You’ve guessed it right! 

Sydney’s Opera House is home to various artists who perform here and have a soulful voice if understood deeply. This famous building graces Australia being on UNESCO world heritage site and one of the cultural icons. 

Surrounded by Water on three of its sides and a Garden by one side, it gives one a fascinating view worth visiting here. 

One can relish the fine dining experience over here and get acquainted with the finest architecture and visit museums and can get a peek into the culture and history of Australia. 

One can also enjoy the theatre experience in this magnificent building and enjoy the view of calming water which flows on the sides of it.

  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

A place of diversity and the World’s Largest living Ecosystem, Great Barrier Reef is truly an amazing and live example of Nature’s beauty at its Finest. This Marine Park is visible from outer space which makes it more exciting and beautiful to look upon the marine life and diversity to be yet explored.

In 1975, The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was established to protect the fragile ecosystems which are endangered and need protection from the influence from the outer world. 

Being one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the park stretches for 2,300 kilometres along with the state of Queensland, on Australia’s east coast. One can experience 3,000 coral reefs, 600 continental islands, and 300 coral cays, 1,600 species of tropical fish, sharks, turtles, dolphins and giant clams. 

If you fear Scuba diving and Snorkelling, you can see the Reef from underwater viewing stations and glass bottom boats where views can be breath-taking leaving you happy and anxious about the new creatures you’ve met.

  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

This place is no doubt to be part of the Wonders of the world along with the most photographed view and places in the world, this place is located in the deep heart of Australia’s Red Centre, Uluru (Ayers Rock) which is the World Heritage area jointly owned by the government of Australia and Anangu People. 

Uluru rises to a height of 348 metres from the surrounding plain where most of the bulk is hidden deep inside the earth, these sacred sites are great to visit and have a peek upon the tribal culture of the native people living over there and appreciate the beauty of nature along with it.

  • Blue Mountains National Park

Being a part of the UNESCO world heritage site, Blue Mountains National Park is one of the living examples of rich Flora and Fauna incorporated with perfection, it lays a day trip away from Sydney making it 81Kms west from the place. 

This stunning park has 664,000 acres of wilderness to offer to your inner love for nature and explore it in your own way. The most famous attractions to visit over here are towering sandstone rock formations called The Three Sisters. 

One can do Hiking, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, and horseback riding to get the fullest experience of being close to nature and unveil its beauty.

  • Melbourne

Melbourne, a popular stop for Culture Vultures and History lovers, offers a rich heritage and culture to give a permanent impact on your mind. 

Galleries, theatres, Art Museums, Restaurants, Souvenir shops and Hotels, all your needs can be explored here and cherished all day long. 

There is a distinctly European feel which makes one go nuts to visit this place and enjoy its sophistication for a while. 

Melbourne is also a green and clean city with beautiful gardens and open spaces making it worth a visit and clicking pictures which you will remember! 

The highlights of the city include Royal Botanic Gardens; Federation Square, Melbourne Cricket Ground and many other places which show the beautiful culture of Australia.

  • Fraser Island

World Heritage-listed- Fraser Island is one of the world’s biggest Sand Island and one of the top outdoor adventure areas to visit and give a try.

The four-wheel driving enthusiasts love this place and recommend everyone to visit its luxurious resorts and villas to get the best hospitality and service to make your day! 

This Seventy-five mile Beach gives you a view of Crystal-clear Freshwater creeks and lakes and towering sand dunes, ancient rainforests along with the diversity of marine life and its natural habitat. The Access to Fraser Island is easy as one can get a ferry from the rainbow beach and Hervey Bay.  

  • Kangaroo Island

The centre stage of Australia and the name of Australia is always remembered by the Big jumpy Kangaroos who love to hop everywhere.

As you can admire the beauty of a Kangaroo, the Koala will leave you amazed to explore more wildernesses here. Seals, and Sea lions are also not to be left behind and will get your attention to take photos so that you can cherish the memory of living a step closer to nature.

It is also a heaven for the Foodies who love fresh Seafood and enjoy delicacies along with nature. From Creamy cheese to wild and sweet berries, from Honey to fresh vegetables and seafood, one can relish real life in this place and explore more.

In Summary

If you are about to explore Australia and its beauty, make sure you have your swimsuits and dresses packed so that you can get a truly amazing experience of living and staying in Australia. Adding the above places to explore may make your bucket list longer, but the experiences will be foretold to others making it the best memory for your whole life!


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