How Tall Is Jensen Ackles? Jensen Ackles Height, Age, Weight, And Much More!

How Tall Is Jensen Ackles. Jensen Ackles Height, Age, Weight, And Much More!
How Tall Is Jensen Ackles. Jensen Ackles Height, Age, Weight, And Much More!

Jensen Ackles, star of the television series Supernatural, began his acting career in the mid ‘90s and has featured in many blockbuster films over his decades in acting. Here’s a quick overview of this American actor’s height, age, and weight.

Jensen Ackles stands 6’1¼   ft, or 1.86 m, and is currently 45 years old as of June 2023. He weighs approximately 180 pounds, or 82 kg.

Jensen Ackles has become a recognizable American celebrity, appearing in TV shows, voice overing in video games, and even featuring in select magazines. In this article, we’ll explore the life and physical characteristics of Jensen Ackles, as well as his extensive TV career!

How Tall Is Jensen Ackles?

How Tall Is Jensen Ackles?
How Tall Is Jensen Ackles?

Jensen Ackles is 6’1¼, an average height for a male American celebrity.

How Old Is Jensen Ackles?

Born March 1, 1978, Jensen Ross Ackles is currently 45 years old as of June 2023. He was born in Dallas, Texas in the United States. He has English and German ancestry.

How Much Does Jensen Ackles Weigh?

Jensen Ackles is about 180 pounds, or 82 kg. Reportedly, he put on 20 pounds of muscle to play the role of Soldier Boy in TV series The Boys.

Jensen Ackles Early Life

Jensen Ackles was born to Donna Joan and Roger Ackles, himself an actor. In his early years, he attended Dartmouth Elementary School in Richardson, Texas.

He started attending Lloyd V. Berkner High School in 1990. Reportedly, he was going to study sports medicine at Texas Tech University, but chose not to follow through with it. After he graduated in 1996, Ackles moved to LA to start acting.

Jensen Ackles Family

Jensen Ackles has two siblings, Josh and Mackenzie. After a series of dating singers, models, and actresses, Ackles began dating Danneel Harris, an actress, model, and gymnast. They were married in Dallas in 2010 and had their daughter JJ Ackles in 2013. 3 years later in December, the couple would welcome twins, Zeppelin Bram Ackles and Arrow Rhodes Ackles.

What Is Jensen Ackles Most Famous For?

Jensen Ackles is best known for his role of Dean Winchester in the dark fantasy drama TV series Supernatural. Supernatural follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester as they hunt supernatural beings, drawing heavy inspiration from urban legends and mythology.

Originally, the series’ protagonists were a vessel to introduce the scare of the week rather than to tell a continuous story. Eric Kripke, the show’s creator, reported that he aimed to “scare the crap out of people”; however, the chemistry between leads Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) was apparent, and the show began to shift towards the character development of the two brothers.

Ackles was originally asked to play the part of Sam but felt a stronger connection with Dean’s comedic recklessness. Enthusiastic about the role, his Smallville series role was cut short. Supernatural ran for 15 seasons, the longest North American sci-fi series to date.

What Else Is Jensen Ackles Famous For?

Of course, Jensen Ackles isn’t a one-dimensional actor. He’s been involved in many different forms of media through his acting career. From an early age, Jensen had a penchant for the limelight. He began focusing on his acting career in 1996.

He appeared in some guest roles, but his first big break was a year later on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives, playing the recurring character of Eric Brady. Just three years later, he had three nominations for a Daytime Emmy Award for the category of Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series.

In 2000, Ackles moved on to the miniseries Blonde, which detailed the life of Marilyn Monroe, followed by several more minor roles in television and film until he became a regular on Smallville, playing Jason Teague, assistant football coach and love interest for character Lana Lang. Following a series of TV roles, Ackles continued to build his reputation for convincing acting, on the big screen as well as on stage. His stage performance as Lt. Daniel Kaffee alongside Lou Diamond Phillips in A Few Good Men debuted in Fort Worth, Texas was well received.

Voice Acting

Ackles would also segue into voice acting, taking on the role of Red Hood in a DC spinoff franchise film: Batman: Under The Red Hood. He also took on the role of the caped crusader himself in 2021 and 2023 for animated movies. He’s also slated to continue the role in Justice League: Warworld.

He’s also played characters in some video games, namely Gibson in Tron: Evolution, Kyle Madigan in The 3rd Birthday, and a Dark Elf in Life Weaver.

Current TV Projects

Jensen Ackles’ most recent prominent role is as the superhero Soldier Boy in the third season of The Boys, an Amazon Prime Video exclusive—coincidentally created by Eric Kripke, the creator of Supernatural.

An irreverent Captain America-esque character, Soldier Boy hails directly from The Boys comic, featuring his own custom shield. A symbol of overt masculinity, Jensen Ackles, with his good looks, acting chops, husky voice, and all-American persona, is the perfect fit for the job.

A major antagonist in the series, Soldier Boy is a predecessor to Homelander as America’s first great superhero with super strength, durability, immunity, and healing. Jensen Ackles brings a vindictiveness, bitterness, and hyper-masculinity to the character to bring the fictional world to life.

Final Thoughts

Jensen Ackles is a prolific actor and has been stealing hearts since beginning his career in 1996. Not only is Ackles an all-American heartthrob, he has proven his acting merit time and time again, having earned numerous awards throughout his prestigious career. Well-recognized for his role as Dean Winchester in Supernatural, Ackles has also extended his talent to the theater stage and through voice acting.

Currently, Jensen Ackles is bringing the world of The Boys to life as the main antagonist Soldier Boy and continues to bring his recognizable personality, voice, and acting chops to TV shows and films alike.

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