How Tall Is Will Ferrell? Will Ferrell Height, Age, Weight, And Much More!

How Tall Is Will Ferrell? Will Ferrell Height, Age, Weight, And Much More
How Tall Is Will Ferrell? Will Ferrell Height, Age, Weight, And Much More

Will Ferrell, a famous American actor, writer, producer, and all-around personality is famous for his interpretation of beloved characters such as Harold Crick in Stranger Than Fiction and Buddy in Elf. Here’s a breakdown of Will Ferrell’s age, height, weight, and more!

Will Ferrell is 6ft 2, although his peak recorded height was 6ft 3, a 6 inch difference over the average American male height of 5ft 9. He weighs approximately 218 pounds, about 98 kilograms. He was born July 16, 1967, making him 55 years old at the time of writing in mid-2023.

Will Ferrell’s legacy is one to remember, and his comedic legacy spans several decades such that entertainment fans across generations can appreciate his talent, humor, and enthralling performances. In this article, we’ll explore his rich history, physical characteristics, and legacy.

How Tall Is Will Ferrell?

How Tall Is Will Ferrell?
How Tall Is Will Ferrell?

Will Ferrell is 6 ‘2, although his peak recorded height was 6’ 3.

How Old Is Will Ferrell?

Born in 1967, Will Ferrell is currently 55 years old, having established himself as a household favorite in over 3 decades of television.

How Much Does Will Ferrell Weigh?

Will Ferrell reportedly weighs about 218 pounds, which is equivalent to 98 kilograms. Reportedly, in an interview with Jerry Seinfeld, he reported that he’d like to be about 200 pounds but that his roles often demand a certain weight to pull off the character effectively.

What Is Will Ferrell’s Name?

Will Ferrell’s full name is John William Ferrell, born to parents Betty Kay and Roy Lee Ferrell Jr. He has a younger brother named Patrick, and his family has English, German, and Irish roots.

How Much Is Will Ferrell’s Net Worth?

Will Ferrell has a net worth of about $160 million according to estimates. Not only does Ferrell continue to be a highly sought-after and well-compensated actor, earning as much as $20 million per film, he’s also made money from other pursuits, such as his share in the founding of Funny or Die, a comedy video website, as well as sports team ownership, sponsorships, and real estate holdings.

Over 3 decades of television, he’s become one of America’s foremost comedians, a veritable symbol of physical humor. From his initial stint in Saturday Night Live in the 90s to movies like Old School, Elf, Anchorman, and Eurovision Song Contest.

He’s also demonstrated his capacity for voice acting in animated films like Megamind, the Lego movie, and the upcoming animated comedy Stays.

How Much Was Ferrell Paid for SNL?

Will Ferrell earned a salary of $350,000 in the later years of his performances, making him then one of the most well-paid cast members.

How Much Was Ferrell Paid for Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy?

Will Ferrell was paid $7 million for his role as Ron Burgundy, although, given that his career was growing exponentially, his salary would only increase in future movies.

How Much Was Ferrell Paid for Elf?

Will Ferrell was paid a substantial $17 million for Elf, and, astonishingly, he was reportedly offered $29 to film a sequel, but, for personal reasons, declined the offer.

How Did Will Ferrell Get His Start?

Ferrell is part of a legacy of leading Hollywood comic actors referred to as the Frat Pack, which also includes recognizable figures like Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Paul Rudd, Vince Vaughn, and Steve Carell. For Ferrell, it seems comedy ran close to home.

Will Ferrell recalls that there was little drama in his hometown of Irving, California, so his primary entertainment was trying to come up with new jokes to crack his friends up. “The humor,” he reported, “broke the boredom.”

He also reported that he was the type to look on the bright side, describing himself as the kid who might say, “We’ll have two Christmases” when his parents divorced.

When he enrolled in USC, he chose to study broadcasting, pursued his degree, and began interning at a television station. Shortly after, he discovered that the job wasn’t for him. Prompted by his mother, Ferrell moved to LA, joined a comedy group called the Groundlings, and, after limited success, was invited to audition for Saturday Night Live.

His first claim to fame was shortly after he left SNL in 2002: Old School in 2003 and Elf in 2006, two stories built on a bizarre twist on the mid-life crisis trope.

From there, his legacy would only grow. In fact, he tried his hand at executive producing in films like Succession, Eastbound & Down, and The Other Guys. In the midst, he launched Funny or Die, an online comedy video sharing platform, with Adam McKay in 2007.

To date, it’s been a platform for comedians to strut their stuff and has been the kickstarter for some famous comedians’ careers.

What Are Will Ferrell’s Interests?

Will Ferrell is—surprise, surprise—a major fan of comedy, but you might be surprised to learn that he’s a big sports fan. In fact, in 2016, he took on part ownership of the Los Angeles FC, a major league soccer team at the time.

He owns it alongside a minority ownership group including Magic Johnson, Mia, Hamm, and Nomar Garciaparra. In fairness, Ferrell and the other celebrities have only a small share in the sports team; the rest is owned by a Malaysian billionaire and a venture capitalist.

Ferrell reported that he’s a big fan of the sport, playing soccer in the streets of his hometown since the age of 8.

Final Thoughts

Will Ferrell is a legendary actor beloved by entertainment fans across generations for his irreverent humor and physical comedy. From the start, Ferrell discovered that humor was a great way to build bonds and expanded his career from a beloved SNL cast member to one of the most highly paid actors in Hollywood.

Through the years, Ferrell has never lost his touch at bringing relatable and touching—if a bit dense—characters to the forefront of our screens, and his legacy continues to inspire comedians all over the world.

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