Map of Oregon and Flag | Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map

Interesting Facts about Oregon and Best places to visit

Tourist Map of Oregon with travel and attractions
Tourist Map of Oregon with travel and attractions

Map of Oregon and Flag | Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map


Experience craft beer like never before, Oregon is known for its locals and their microbreweries that will leave you amazed and also will make you develop special respect for it. 

Their crafts are not limited to beer, you can also get to experience craft coffee, unique undertones and just perfect for any time of the day. 

Food, party, people, music there is everything that you look for in a good vacation all here in Oregon. Keep reading to learn more about the place with us!

How did Oregon get its name?

There are several theories about the name of the place. It is a subject of dispute with several theories each contradicting the other. 

A lot of historians agree upon the Spanish origin of the word “Oregon”. The term “orejón” was used in Relación de la Alta y Baja California which was written by a man of New Spain. 

There is also a stream in Spain called Arroyo del Oregón and the famous herb; Oregano is also produced in the southern region of the state.

However, another theory argues that the name has French-Canadian origins with the name Oregon derived from the word ‘Ouragan’ which means storm. 

In the past, Columbia River had a reputation as ‘River of the storms’ and the name was given by Canadian fur traders.

Why is Oregon called the Beaver State?

Beaver is the largest rodent in North America. It is also the state animal of Oregon. 

For a long time in Oregon’s history, the region has greatly depended on fur trade economically. Due to the abundance of beavers in the region, Beaver fur was greatly capitalized upon. 

Beavers are not economically crucial anymore and now with increased awareness, people tend to gravitate more towards faux fur but this fur trade has enabled Oregon to be self-sufficient and allowed them to build other industries for a more stable economy.

Oregon Flag 

Ever heard of a two-sided flag? Well, Oregon is the only state in the US with a flag that has different patterns on two sides. 

The flag was adopted in 1925. It was designed by Meier and Frank and the very first flag was sewn by Marjorie Kennedy and Blanche Cox. 

In 2009, Oregon announced a state-wide flag design contest. This was set to propose changes to the current design. 

Colors and Meaning of Flag of Oregon

The flag uses two colors; navy blue and gold. The field is navy-blue with a gold border fringe and the design inside is also of gold. 

In the middle is the escutcheon from the state seal and the back contains a figure of a beaver in gold.

Population of Oregon

Oregon is not as populated as some of the other states of the US. With a population of 4.2 million, Oregon is fairly diverse. 

For the longest time, it has been the ‘Top Moving Destination’ especially back in 2014. It led to a drastic population increase and now several  races make up a significant percentage of their population. 

There are communities of African American, Alaska Natives, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and many other races.

Languages spoken in Oregon

Oregon is fairly diverse which comes with perks of its own, your little piece of homeland in a country far away! 

It is always a different overwhelming feeling when you find someone who speaks the same home-town language as you do. 

Other than English, the following are some of the languages that are commonly spoken here:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, etc.)
  • Vietnamese
  • Russian
  • German
  • French
  • Tagalog
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Arabic
  • Hindi

What is the Oregon Treaty?

The Oregon Treaty is known for its great historical significance between the US and the UK. It was signed in 1846. 

Oregon was a disputed area for a long time after its colonization by the British. The treaty set a border between the U.S. and the British North America ending the decades-long joint occupancy of the Pacific Northwest.

Interesting Facts About Oregon

  • Oregon has the crown with having the most strip clubs than any of the other states.
  • Suicide is illegal in many countries, back in 1994 people of Oregon protested for their right over their own life which led to Oregon being the first US state to legalize physician-assisted suicide.
  • The beautiful crystal blue lake, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US and it was formed 6,500 years ago. The place used to be an ancient volcano.
  • The smallest park in the world; Mill Ends Park holds the Guinness World Record for its size of just 2ft.
  • We have all seen pictures of cute llamas but only a few of us have probably seen it in person. In Oregon, you might get the chance to meet these cute animals since the residents here own one-fourth of the entire country’s llama population.
  • The Ghost Town Capital, Oregon has over 80 ghost towns that are listed on the National Register. There is also a ghost town called the Idiotville.

Places to Visit in Oregon

Funny named ghost towns are not all that Oregon has, unique nature, adorable animals and a lot of craft beverages await you on your stay here. Here are some of our favorite places that you cannot miss on:

  • Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area – For something that looks nothing less than a painting the area has amazing views and waterfalls with well-preserved trails for biking and hiking.
  • Cannon Beach – We all love a good beach. This one is famous for its coastal rocks and the Haystack Rock which is now a characteristic feature of this beach.
  • Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art – The building itself is unique with its window-less design crafted to protect the art treasures that it holds. The place offers guided tours and several masterpieces that will leave you awed.


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5 Interesting Facts about Oregon

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