Porthcurno beach Photos

Waves breaking on Porthcurno beach
Waves breaking on Porthcurno beach
Waves breaking on Porthcurno beach
Waves breaking on Porthcurno beach
The view east from Porthcurno Beach in Cornwall
The view east from Porthcurno Beach in Cornwall
Summer at Porthcurno Beach, Cornwall, England
Summer at Porthcurno Beach, Cornwall, England
Porthcurno beach, three miles east of Land’s End on the south coast of West Cornwall
Porthcurno beach, three miles east of Land’s End on the south coast of West Cornwall
Porthcurno Beach drone photo
Porthcurno Beach drone photo
Beautiful golden sandy beach at Porthcurno Cornwall
Beautiful golden sandy beach at Porthcurno Cornwall
Panoramic view of the coast path to Porthcurno beach
Panoramic view of the coast path to Porthcurno beach
Porthcurno beach - view from Minack Theatre
Porthcurno beach – view from Minack Theatre





England is known to be the home of a variety of beaches. These beaches are not only known for the picturesque scenery that they provide but also the range of activities that they offer for adults as well as children. Some of them are located in Cornwall, in South West England. Beaches in Cornwall are a major source of entertainment for the nearby residents as well as for the tourists. Apart from the beaches, there are many beautiful places nearby that can be considered also. This article explores the places to visit in Cornwall which includes the beautiful beaches and other picturesque towns of Cornwall. 

Beaches in Cornwall

Cornwall is known to be one of the most varied and beautiful coastlines in the United Kingdom which has approximately three hundred beaches in the whole country. These beaches offer a variety of different activities for the tourists along with comfortable places to walk in a beautiful evening. Some of these beaches in Cornwall are discussed further. 

Porthcurno beach

Porthcurno beach is defined as Paradise by some people who have visited it. It has the honour of winning several awards for the quality that it acquires and provides. It is a long stretch of fresh white sand which turns turquoise under the sun, making it a view worth seeing. This oasis that has high cliffs on both sides to provide shelter is a beautiful, picturesque place. 

The beach is widespread in a large area which is usually dominated by families. Therefore, if you are looking for a place that is good for you and your family, then Porthcurno beach is the ideal place for you to visit. It will not be fair to say that this place is only interesting for the adults as it has something to offer for the children as well. There is a stream on one side which is specially designed for children to paddle in. Therefore, do not forget to bring your children with you for the beach day. This place is ideal for complete families to visit and enjoy every bit of it. 

Upon the cliff, there is a historical theatre known as the Minack theatre. It was built in the 1920s and has a lot of historical significance all around the world. This means that if you are a fan of history and historical architecture along with beaches then this place suits you the most as you can enjoy the beach at the bottom and satisfy your love of history at the top of the cliff. Not only is this the only surprise for the history lovers but also near the main car park of the Porthcurno beach, there is a telegraph museum. This museum is known for preserving the facts about the role that Cornwall played in global communication. 

The beach provides lifeguard service and also it allows dogs to enter except 1st May to 30 September as that is the time when a seasonal ban is imposed on the dogs. Do not miss out on the beautiful, picturesque views of the Porthcurno beach which attracts tourists from all over the world to visit this beautiful place. Drop by along with your families and pets to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. 

Sennen beach

Another beautiful beach located in Cornwall is Sennen which is also known as the Whitsand Bay. It is a long stretch of sandy beach that is known to provide swimming and surfing facilities. Since all the beaches are not fit for swimming or surfing, but if you wish to swim, then Sennen is the ideal place for you to visit. At the scene when there is low tide, the beach shines beautifully as the golden sand glows under the sun. 

There are facilities available to teach surf lessons to the tourists and also during the summer months, there are lifeguards appointed at all times so you do not have to be worried about that. Other than this, there are two cafes at a walking distance also which are to provide refreshments after a tiring day at the beach. 

Godrevy Beach

Another prominent beach in Cornwall is the Godrevy beach which is a three-mile long sandy beach. It is one of the most exposed beaches that are located on the north coast. There are chances that it may receive a heavy storm on a windy day. There is a rocky headland located at the beach which is extremely useful for the tourists. This is because the headland provides beautiful views to the people of the Godrevy’s lighthouse which has its significance because of Virginia Wolfe’s novel “To the Lighthouse”. 

Other than this, behind the beach, there is a cafe located which is known to provide a variety of scrumptious snacks and cold refreshments to refresh you after a long day at the beach. 

All these beaches located in Cornwall are an exciting source of entertainment for the tourists. They may come to avail of the adventurous facilities and services that they provide along with the picturesque views that these beautiful attractions have to offer.

Cornwall tourist attractions

Towards the rugged Southwestern tip of England, Cornwall is located which is known as a place that is worth visiting. This is because of the beautiful attractions that are located in the area which serve to be a source of attraction for the public. 

St Austell

One of these beautiful places is St Austell which is a town in Cornwall known for beautiful, hill, scurry lanes that provide the opportunity to the tourists to explore as much as they want to. It is known for the diversity of biomes that exists here. One of them consists of the rainforest plants while the other is the Mediterranean environment. The place is known for the beautiful, historical botanical projects that are an amazing sight that is not to be missed. 


Another picturesque town of Cornwall is Penzance which is a beautiful port known for the Georgian architecture that people come from all parts of the world to only have a look. If you are a history fan who is fond of looking at traditional, preserved architecture then this is the best place for you to visit. Not only the Georgian architecture but also, the town is full of Cornish palms that are on the streets and also beautiful gardens that are rarely found in other parts of the world. 


Falmouth in Cornwall should not be missed when discussing the beautiful attractions of the country. It is known as the third deepest natural harbour in the world. There are streams of water in between the villages which you can see when you travel on boats. This scene is not to be missed. Not only is this place famous for the picturesque views that it offers but also the historical significance that this natural harbour has. The town’s harbour is very historical as this was the place where the American fleet was based in the second world war. If you are interested in knowing more about history, then Cornwall is the best place for you to visit. 


There are many other places to visit in Cornwall such as Truro which is a small market town but is even more beautiful. The Georgian architecture is very prominent in the beautiful attractions of Truro. The shopping streets, cathedral and the museums of Truro revive the Gothic style and give insights about the historical architecture to the tourists who plan to visit this place in the future. These beautiful places in Cornwall are not to be missed. 

Cornwall Weather

The weather of Cornwall is considered oceanic. The oceanic climate is defined as a climate with cool winters and warm summers. The amount of rainfall is considerable. Although the rainfall is experienced throughout the year but the amount increases in the winter season. The amount of rainfall is approximately 1000 mm throughout the year but it may increase to 2000 mm as well in the places with higher altitude. The temperature in the summer season is usually between 18 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius. While the average temperature in the winter season is between 1 degree Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius. 

The winds in the country primarily come from the northwest or southwest and this makes it the second windiest country in the United Kingdom. The inland areas of the country that have low altitudes receive very less precipitation as the precipitation is higher in the areas with higher altitude. It is predicted by the government organisations that the temperature in the country may rise in the upcoming years which will make it the hottest country in the United Kingdom therefore, the ideal time to visit the country is in the winter season. 

At the coast, the rainfall is the lowest and the snowfall is the rarest. Moreover, on the coast, the area experiences high minimum temperatures. The areas with higher altitude experience lower temperatures and also excessive precipitation which is approximately twice more than the rainfall that is experienced in the inland coastal areas. 


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