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Pacific Ocean Map Vector IllustrationWhen voyagers consider touring the Pacific Ocean, pictures like shining aquatic waters and gritty sand, palm trees fringed at the seashores come to their minds. Yet, the Pacific is a tremendous area with numerous islets, so where is the best spot to start with? So as to help you in finding your options of which territory to tour; we have listed some of the best suggestions below! 

1. Palau, Micronesia 

Palau is a small zone of the island in the Pacific, however, it’s pressed with flourishing nature. It’s an island of volcanic as well as limestone islets that are shrouded in woodland and encompassed by blue waters. Snorkelling is the primary reason individuals come here, and the best milestones are Blue Corner, the Ngardmau Waterfall, Jellyfish Lake, and the Badrulchau Stone Monoliths. Whether you intend to snorkel at Palau, you can view probably the best wrecks and most intriguing marine life in the Pacific. The biggest town for visiting here is Koror, which has a few exhibition halls worth observing. You’ll additionally discover World War II remains in the wilderness, and terrain driving is a well-known activity as well. 

The suggested options for the best hotels are:

2. Tahiti

Surfboarders rush to Tahiti every year for the astounding waves and climatic conditions here. Probably the best spot for surfers for hanging out is the town of Teahupoo, along with the Billabong Pro Surf Competition that happens here every year as well. The greatest months for surfboarding are May, June, July, & August. Tahiti is likewise an amazingly well-known wedding and vacation destination. If you are planning your expedition for July, you can also go to the Heiva Festival, which highlights Tahitian specialties, dances, and exhibitions. 

The suggested options for the best hotels are:

3. Bora Bora

This is among the most well-known and adored sanctuaries in the South Pacific and surely merits a mention on our rundown. Bora Bora lies in the northwest of Tahiti and an hour from Papeete via plane. This is romantic heaven loved by honeymooning couples and anybody searching for true happiness. Over water lodges are the most mainstream kind of facilities on Bora Bora, and there are numerous retreats and inns here to look over. 

A couple of exceptionally appraised hotels in Bora Bora are:

Probably the best fun activities for doing when you tour Bora Bora are skiing, ray along with shark feeding, swimming, snorkelling, and essentially spending some quiet time on the seashore. 

4. Lord Howe Island 

Lord Howe Island in the Tasman Sea is an advantageous escaping place from Australia; it is under two hours via plane from Brisbane as well as Sydney. Nonetheless, despite everything, this stays in perfect condition and also made it into the World Historic Register for its uncommon plant and wildlife.

This is a perfect place for eco-vacationers who need to get away from swarmed island territories and experience a few of the world’s greatest day hikes. Also, this is a significant bird-watching island and well-known for swimming, fishing, and diving as well. There are many kinds of facilities for voyagers here, which includes lodges, condos, resorts, and also treehouses. 

The best hotel picks are:

  • The Pinetrees Lodge and this is a seafront spa retreat.
  • The Capella Lodge and this is an island resort with hip rooms, an incredible café, and free of charge Wi-Fi. 

5. Tanna, Vanuatu 

Tanna is an astonishing spot in the Pacific that is famous for possessing the earth’s most dynamic and accessible volcano. Mountain Yasur, the volcano, is the best fascination in Tanna, yet there are likewise different hills, natural aquifers, rainforests, and espresso ranches worth having a look as well. The seashores are isolated, and the town life is original and authentic. Tanna Island is around a 45-minute flight from Port Vila. The primary borough here is Lenakel, and it has a harbor, market, and stores. Different locales to view in Tanna are the John Frum Village, Port Resolution, the Tanna Coffee Factory, Yatana Surf Beach, and Giant Banyan. 

The options for staying in Tanna incorporate:

On the isle’s east side, you can also stay at Friendly Bungalows or the Sunrise Bungalows. A few of the retreats proffer tours just as staying facilities. 

6. Laucala Island, Fiji 

For a genuinely sumptuous island adventure, Laucala Island in Fiji is perhaps the best spot to design an outing. Laucala Island is off the bank of Taveuni and ranges only 12 square kilometres. There are various luxurious cafés to eat at and extravagant hotels and resorts to relax and lay back by the day’s end. This is an extraordinary option in case you’re hoping to go “full scale” with your island expedition – with a spa treatment, locally-developed products, a golf course, and water experiences. In case you’re truly hoping to celebrate it, you can really take the whole island on lease for yourself, with prices beginning at around $150,000 each night. 

The suggested options for the best hotels are:

7. Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are packed with the culture of the ancient Melanesian and are a tranquil place to tour today. But there is a lot more legacy in these islands, which includes slavery, battles, and also cannibalism. Also, this is a decent spot for history buffs to explore because the area was a field of battle throughout World War II during the occupation of Japan. Presently, the Solomon Islands are an ideal place for canoeing down the waters, swimming with friendly dolphins, going snorkelling, and photographing the blossoming orchids.

The best hotel picks are:

Golden sand and crystal blue water. Isn’t it a perfect combination? Of course, it is. Luckily, the Pacific Ocean has got it. The Pacific Ocean can be explained in an infinite number of ways. It’s stunning, refreshing, and peaceful. It’s huge, mysterious yet terrifying. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for you, so pack your bags and start onto your journey of exploring the mystical Pacific Ocean.

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