Indian Ocean Map Images and 8 Most Beautiful Indian Ocean Vacations

Regional Indian Ocean Map

Political Indian Ocean Map with countries and borders

Political Indian Ocean Map with countries and borders

Old Indian Ocean Map, Southern Asia, Eastern Africa and West Australia

Old Indian Ocean Map, Southern Asia, Eastern Africa and West AustraliaPolitical Indian Ocean Map

Political Indian Ocean Map

Indeed, it’s far to go, yet tourists to the islands of the Indian Ocean are compensated with fiercely fascinating seashores, shimmering turquoise waters, and Cruise-style castaway accommodations. So what are you waiting for? Discover your optimal Indian Ocean paradise here, as we have picked the 8 most beautiful Indian Ocean locations for an ideal vacation. 

1. Maldives 

From the minute you land on the Maldives, the “surprise” element enlists off the books, with nacreous spots of palm-capped islands that shimmer in the midst of the sky blue Indian Ocean. Come into the land or keep staying in over water hotels or resorts lining awesome seashores. The genuine evident excellence, however, is under the water, where top-class coral swarms with marine animals. The world’s primary underwater resort is located on Huvafen Fushi, whereas Conrad Hilton flaunts an all-glass underwater café, and Niyama as of late opened a music pub under the waters. 

The place for staying

For magnificence with no bite of extravagance costs, choose to stay at Kuramathi Island Resort because it proffers a spa, numerous eateries, and inexhaustible activities. Or then again, go overboard on extravagance at Huvafen Fushi, a small premium island having private culinary specialists, destination dine-in, and a larger than average swimming pool. 

2. Mauritius 

Sparkling sandy seashores binding this huge volcanic island country. Hills, coral, and cascades offer an exotic background for families, to be delighted in whilst based at luxurious, competitively valued inns. The entire family can gain experiences of a lifetime whilst swimming with friendly dolphins, trekking to cascades, or getting familiar with Hindu culture. 

The place for staying

Cost-effective extravagance, a luxurious spa, and incredible food are some of the packages at Casuarina Resort and Spa, situated close to the staggering Trou Aux Biches seashore. The Oberoi clears an extravagant (sandy) way with a wonderful scope of incorporated activities: scuba-diving, cruising, biking, and also Tai Chi, set in the midst of an immaculate private seafront and acres of rich grounds. 

3. Seychelles 

This extraordinary island of 115 islets, set at the equator’s south side, is a definitive castaway paradise. Oozing ageless beauty, Seychelles provides lavish wild woodland that enters into the transparent ocean. The beautiful green land is endemic and secured, making it a mind-boggling place for natural life experiences. 

The place for staying

4 self-service cottages are only minutes away from the seashore at the Fleur de Lys inn over La Digue islet, all at affordable costs. Or then again, stay at rich North Island, highlighting 11 oversized sophisticated resorts, a boat, and a rooftop stunning spa, set in the midst of a lavish eco-haven for the revived wilderness.

4. Zanzibar, Tanzania 

A colourful combination of attractions makes up the remarkable island off the bank of Tanzania. Based upon Portuguese, Indian, African, and Omani Arabic legacies, Zanzibar is a luring blend of cultures, exotic magnificence, and cuisine. The central city of Stone Town is, in fact, the UNESCO World Heritage Site and deserves to be explored for its twisted avenues and markets. 

The place for staying

Filled with originality, Zenji Hotel is in the centre of the Stone Town, only minutes away from beautiful African Beach. The best part is that staying here won’t be a burden on your savings. For extravagance, head seaward to the perfect dyed sand of Mnemba Island Resort, where the barrier reef fills in as an aquatic protection territory stacked with ocean life. 

5. Sri Lanka 

Using the words of the great discoverer Marco Polo, “the best islet of its size on the planet” is based on an inheritance of trading between Europeans, Arabs, and Indians, all attracted here by tropical flavors. The natural resources of Sri Lanka are its extraordinary assorted variety: essential tropical woodland, waving tea farms, sugary-sand seashores, and wilderness that incorporates elephant havens. 

The place for staying

Generously reestablished, the enchanting and rich Sun House was the provincial residence of a spice trader; so stay at this harbour, at affordable costs. Advertised for its environment, Amangalla means shining luxury, housed in the seventeenth century, UNESCO-secured Dutch fortification. 

6. Madagascar 

The rank of Madagascar is high for its local biodiversity, natural life, and flawless seashores. In excess of 90% of Madagascar’s wildlife is discovered here, for example, the Ring-tailed Lemurs. Trek rich thick forests, and afterwards lean back on a lounger on the remote seashore. This land has earned the title of joining safari with the beach fun time. 

The place for staying

Established on an appealing Nosy Be seashore, affordable Hotel Arc en Ciel neglects waters visited by breath-taking dolphins and is delegated by the national park. Extending into the Mozambique Channel on the right side of the area, L’Hotel Anjajavy highlights rosewood-cut manors upheld by the wildlife sanctuary. Celebrate shining nightfall with seafront massage at this extravagant haven. 

7. Mozambique

 Mozambique is rising in the travel industry for its wild excellence and exoticism. Somewhere in the range of 1,500 miles of rough, rich seashores are met by top-class barrier reefs, prepared for swimming, diving, and sunset cruising. Real African culture submerges your senses in the amazing Art Deco metropolis, Maputo, while lavishness anticipates within the cord of premium private islets. 

The place for staying

A slender layer of sand grafted in the Indian Ocean, the secluded archipelago of Medjumbe‘s field is so small, it must be viewed with your own eyes to be accepted. Here, legitimacy and indulgence provoke at the beachfront resorts of Azura Quilalea. Encompassed by the secured marine resort, top-class snorkelling is good to go directly to the seashore.

8. Mombasa, Kenya 

Desolate seashores trim the east bank of Kenya, proffering a paradise of harmony and peace after the expedition and exotic vacations. Many hotels are dispersed along the seafront lined up by palm trees as well as fresh coconuts. The spices, gold, and ivories used to be traded here have left a luxurious history that is exceptionally famous with visitors, along with top-class lodgings and helpful assistance. 

The place for staying

Get marine to Lamu Island to stay at the huge Kizingoni Beach Hotel, a budget-friendly haven that unashamedly spreads across a huge land of the seafronts. Or on the other hand, impoverish on the beachfront bungalows dabbing the private premium landmass of Funzi Keys, concealed on a pristine and remote island.

Traversing from South Africa to Australia, no place else you will experience so far relaxed the way you will on these lavish areas and tremendous islets of the Indian Ocean, where the way of living is as inebriating as the essences and views.

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