Luskentyre Beach and places to visit in Harris

Luskentyre Beach
Aerial view of coastal landscape at Luskentyre and Taransay, Harris, Western Isles Area._©P&A Macdonald/SNH May 1994 0301-D-35_For information on reproduction rights contact the Scottish Natural Heritage Image Library on Tel. 01738 444177 or www.snh.o






Beaches in Harris

Just like the whole of England, several beaches are located in Scotland especially in Harris. These beaches are some of the favorite tourist spots of the residents of England and also of those who live in other parts of the world. People from all over the world come to England to have a look at these beaches. Also, most of the beaches are the United Kingdom are blue flag holders. Some of these are also located in Harris. One of these is the Luskentyre beach. 

Luskentyre beach

A beautiful sunny morning looking out over the sandy beaches to Luskentyre
A beautiful sunny morning looking out over the sandy beaches to Luskentyre
Turquoise waters of Luskentyre beach on the Isle of Harris,
Turquoise waters of Luskentyre beach on the Isle of Harris,

Luskentyre beach is also known as a little slice of heaven due to the beautiful, scenic views that it provides. The usual day at the Luskentyre beach is described as the one where there is plenty of sunshine and fluffy clouds in the sky. The view on the beach is breathtaking. Most of the visitors who visit Luskentyre beach come here to witness the fantastic views and to capture them for the future. 

Activities on Luskentyre beach

The bay is covered with aquamarine and turquoise hues which make it even more beautiful for the visitors. There is a lot to do at the Luskentyre beach starting with the walk of the 3 miles track road. Although the beach is only 3 miles away from the main road, it is so peaceful that it feels as if it has no connection from the busyness of the city. Another activity at the Luskentyre beach is the cycling trip that guides take the visitors along with them.

They are made to see the beautiful views and the areas around the beach along with cycling. It is a very exciting and fantastic experience for them as they view nature so closely. Also, as they move closer to the white sands, their happiness doubles. This is an experience that everyone must avail of. Do not miss the fun at the Luskentyre beach whenever you visit Harris. It is worth visiting. 


The water is so chilly at the Luskentyre beach that it feels like heaven on a sunny day but as soon as one arrives at the dunes, they forget the chilly water as the dunes provide a warm comfort which is the only thing required on a chilly afternoon. Another activity that is not to be missed at the Luskentyre beach is hiking. It is a very fun activity to race with your friends and family and testing to see who climbs the hill first. The mountains of North Harris are at the back of the beach. It is a fantastic experience to climb on these hills and enjoy the breathtaking views that are available from the top of the hill. 

Along with all the activities, Luskentyre beach also offers places for the visitors to buy refreshments and snacks to refresh themselves after so much exhaustion. There are different cafes nearby that offer a variety of homemade food and a cosy vibe indoors. Along with that, the staff is very nice and the views from the cafes are spectacular. 

Traigh Bostadh beach

Another amazing beach in the area is the Traigh Bostadh beach which is also known as the Bosta beach. This is one of the famous beaches in the area. It is covered in white shell sand. The beach is also of historic significance as behind the beach, there was a township of Bostadh that was cleared two centuries ago. The beach is named after that township. On the beach there is a time and tide bell and as soon as the tide rises, the bell rings. This can also be considered as an indication of high tide. This beach is not at all a dog-friendly and this is because some cattle and sheep are reared behind the beach, therefore, it is advised not to bring your dogs along with you to this beach because they will not be allowed entry. 

Furthermore, there is also a museum nearby that consists of information about the Bostadh and its history. Therefore, whoever wishes to know more about history should visit the Traigh bostadh beach as they will be able to experience the beach fun and also satisfy their history cravings. The beach offers plenty of space for a car park and also provides a clean and hygienic toilet facility. The visitors do not have to worry about the cleanliness of the beach as it is regularly cleaned and the quality of the water is also thoroughly checked. There is a little bit of everything at the beach for the kids as well as for the adults. Do not miss out on the fun. Plan your trip to Harris, Scotland to avail of the amazing experience.

Other tourist attractions nearby

Just like all the places in the United Kingdom, Scotland is also one of those areas which consist of beaches that offer scenic views for the visitors. These beautiful attractions attract a huge number of visitors who are fond of visiting beaches. Along with the beaches, there are many other spectacular destinations as well located in these areas that are densely populated by tourists. See a list below

Places to visit in Harris, Scotland

Calanais Standing Stones

Harris is an island in Scotland where several beautiful attractions are worth visiting and exploring. One of these places is the Calanais standing stones. This place is known for its historic significance. It is said that the stones that are standing are even older than the pyramids of Giza. These are some of the reminders that are left behind of some of the people who first lived at this place. They have been around for 5000 years and are famous across the globe. People from all parts of the world come to Scotland to witness these historic stones. 

Calanais Visitor Centre

Not to mention, there is a Calanais visitor centre that carries out an exhibition of these standing stones and dictates the story about how they were built and the importance that they have for the people of Scotland. At the exhibition, there are graphic panels, audio, and video that are displayed to take the people down memory lane. All those who are interested in knowing more about historical events, as well as about these standing stones, should not miss this. Not only is this interesting and exciting but it is also very informative.

Blackhouse, Arnol

Other places in Harris, Scotland include the Blackhouse, Arnol. It is a fully furnished house which is attached to a barn, byre and a stackyard. This is also very old and is known for its historical significance. The house was built in 1880 and gives insight into life on an Island. There is a story associated with this house as well. A crafting family used to live in this house who moved out in 1966. Since then, the house is preserved in its best condition and is extremely similar to how it was when the family left. The house is open to everyone. 

It is a treat for all the history lovers who are allowed to enter the house and explore all the antique elements that are not visible anywhere in the modern world.  Near the house you will also find a gift shop, in case, you wish to buy souvenirs for your loved ones, you can do so from the gift shop. The house is a live experience of history that is available for everyone. The Blackhouse has also been awarded the Green tourism award. There are many similar places  such as the Blackhouse Village, Iron age house and also the Museum Nan Elian. There are several opportunities for history lovers to explore as all the tourist attractions here are very old and have the old world charm in them. 


The temperature in Harris, Scotland is cold and temperate generally. The months with the highest temperatures are from May to August and the months with the lowest temperatures are December to March. The month with the highest temperature in the year in Harris is July and the temperature is approximately 16 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the month with the lowest temperature is February and the temperature is approximately 1 degrees Celsius. Harris experiences a significant amount of rainfall throughout the year.

The month with the most rainfall is January and the month with the least rainfall or the driest month is June. The average precipitation recorded throughout the year is 102 mm. The weather in Harris remains pleasant and the sky is filled with clouds throughout the day. It is advised to visit the area in the months when the temperature is controlled and it is not very cold as it will be extremely hard for the visitors to visit the beaches in the cold weather. Moreover, they will be restricted to stay indoors. Therefore, if the weather remains favourable then it will be easy for them to visit any of the tourist attractions in the area whether indoor or outdoor.

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