Map of Honduras | Honduras Flag Facts | What to see in Honduras?

Map of Honduras departments and cities

Map of Honduras | Honduras Flag Facts | What to see in Honduras?






Are you looking for a dream place to visit that is the magnum opus of nature having all the beauty residing within it? If yes, then Honduras is the best place to explore and let Mother Nature prevail over you, giving the best sights to jump down into. Honduras natural wonders are the literal treasure of flora, fauna, coral reefs, archaeological sites, forests, islands and beaches along with its unique customs and appealing foods. Honduras’ most appealing feature is it consists basically of 3 islands named Guanaja, Roatan and Utila. Spanish is the official language spoken in Honduras.

Map of Honduras

Where is Honduras located on the map?

Map of Honduras shows that it is situated in Central America (2nd largest Republic of Central America), bordering the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean sea, occupying a total area of 112,890 square km. Its south-west has El Salvador, south-east with Nicaragua, and west has Guatemala. A highland area (interior) and two lowland narrow coastal areas are in the topographical region.

Brief history of Honduras

Europeans were the first one to sight Honduras on the arrival of Columbus at Bay islands. Honduras word stands for “depths” and is named by Columbus as per its deepwater coasts. The first colony was directed in Honduras by Hernán Cortés and captain Cristóbal de Olid in 1524.

Honduras capital

The capital city of Honduras is Tegucigalpa that is located on the mountains in hilly terrain at an elevation of 975 meters that is 3200 feet above sea level.

Population of Honduras

Honduras’ population is 9,938,656 as per the 2020 report of United Nations Data, which makes 0.13% of the total world population. It ranks as 92 in the globe when it comes to densely populated countries, with a population density of 229 people per mile squared. Out of all of this, the total urban population is 57.3% with a median age of 23.4 yrs.

Honduras Flag Facts

Honduras Flag
Honduras Flag

In 1823, Honduras adopted the flag of Central America’s United Provinces. Later, the national Honduras flag was approved on the 7th March in 1866 that was built on the flag of the Federal Republic of Central America. Flag of Honduras has a Cerulean Blue at the top and bottom and white triband with 5 pointed stars that are blue in colour and arranged in an X shape centring on the white band. Honduras flag colours are blue and white.

Honduras Flag meaning

Every country flag signifies something relevant to the historical and public impact. Similarly, the Honduras flag meaning depicts the Cerulean blue bands both at the top and bottom are the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The land between these two; ocean and sea, is shown by the interior white band, also signifying the purity, prosperity and peace of people and their thoughts. The X-patterned pointed stars show the five nations of the former Federal Republic of Central America including; Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Honduras Landscape

The landscape of Honduras depicts that it is a mountainous and highland valley area with wildlife inside it. It has reptiles, mammals, varietal birds and different species of plants along with more breath-taking flora and fauna.

Honduras Culture

The multi-racial culture does exist in Honduras involving the majority of Mestizo (European and Amerindian mixed) about 90%, 7% are totally Amerindian, 2% black and 1% are white. The staple and the most prevalent way of living are agriculture-based for Honduran people.

Honduras Religion

The most prevalent religion in Honduras is Christianity around 76%. Polytheistic Maya had been their pre-Hispanic religion.

Honduras currency

The official currency of the Republic of Honduras is Honduran lempira that is denoted by HNL with symbol L for its representation.

Is Honduras safe?

Along with its beauty, there are a few shady characters as well, that must be watched out while planning the vacations there, including violent crime as in other parts of the world and petty crime involving snatching, pickpocketing mostly against the tourists. The best possible way to avoid them is first to have a guide with you, also never show or flaunt your money, never resist when someone tries to rob, plan your schedule mostly in daylight always accompanied by your travel guide and avoid joining protests as it can cause unrest. These simple steps will lead you to have a very pleasant tour in the valley of beauty.

Things to do in Honduras

This place provides great opportunities to divers, animal lovers, hikers and nature lovers to experience their interests at very affordable rates. A hidden treasure, Honduras, the second-biggest nation of Central America, astonishes worldwide tourists with its abundant and differing natural life. Nature admirers can investigate pure Caribbean Seashores, rich lakes and wildernesses, and tropical forest, the Mosquito Coast. Dolphin encounter game is one of the best experiences while staying in Honduras. Animal lovers can whirl and play with the dolphins, take part in a dolphin diving course, or appreciate a dolphin diving view. 

Around 5 km from the city of Roatan, Carambola Botanical Gardens and Trails offer a serene island experience. Trails wind through woods of natural trees, palms, orchids, various spices, herbs and mahogany. For amazing views, track the mountain mode to the head of the edge, the nearby barrier reef, and for the adventurous individuals, dolphins diving from the water at Anthony’s Key Resort.

What to see in Honduras?

Bay Islands Honduras

The nation’s valued gems are the delightful Bay Islands. Ringed by flourishing coral reefs is the part of the world’s second greatest barrier reef, which extends from the north to Mexico. These fascinating islands bait numerous swimmers, divers and explorers looking for a casual tropical vibe.

Utila Honduras

Around 32 km from the west shoreline of Roatan, Utila is the most affordable of the Bay Islands. Hikers run to this little, 13 km long island, and numerous tourists visit here on reasonable dive excursions. Utila Town is the principal settlement, local people contend savagely over-excited games and traveler shops and diving schools speck the roads.

Roatan Honduras

Roatan is the biggest and most advanced of the Bay Islands. It is currently a cruise ship port and the best place for vacations, particularly for enthusiastic divers and swimmers. This place provides the adventurous experience for the divers, as thriving coral reefs periphery its shores. Indeed, even with the influx of explorers, its beaches are eye-catching. Probably the best strand is West Bay Beach. Though on hectic sail ship days, it ticks all the crates, with clear waters, swimming, influencing palms, and a lot of shops and cafés close by.

Cusuco National Park

This public park is another all-around preserved zone of Honduras situated after the city of San Pedro Sula. It’s no simple job to enter into the park as numerous roads can be blocked, however, you can benefit from your outing by employing a tour director to assist you with exploring the woodland and locate birds and other wild animals. 260 sorts of tropical birds have been seen in this park. The ideal opportunity to see the wildest animals is dusk, and from April to June is the finest time span to find parrots, quetzals and toucans.

Museum of Mayan Sculpture

The eminent museum is a fundamental stop on any visit to the remnants. It shows a series of unique sculpture pieces and stelae. The historical centre tunnels through a slope before opening out into a tremendous sunlight open area are visited best after exploring the remains to comprehend where the pieces in view initially had a place.

Best things to buy in Honduras

There is no lack of things to purchase in Honduras. This multi-ethnic nation offers you a wide range of things to fill your bag with. The social and ethnic blend of Honduras is communicated through its specialities and well-known craftsmanship. The products of this nation reflect huge antiquated reminiscence. However, we should take a gander at the most admirable gifts of Honduras that you can purchase during your outing to the nation.

Pottery and Ceramics

One of the items to purchase in Honduras is its customary pottery. This work separates itself from other Central American nations by its high contrast shading. If you need to take a genuine item of Honduran pottery home with you, then you should visit the towns and networks of potters. Perhaps the best spot to do this is Lenca, where the indigenous ladies make genuine masterpieces.

Leather Items

Leather items are without a doubt an unquestionable allurement. Shoes, wallets and a wide range of other items are wonderfully worked by the craftsmen.


The beautifully engraved pieces or with valuable stone and pearl decorations are exceptionally significant, both for their making and their quality.

Interesting facts about Honduras

  • Once it was known as “Spanish Honduras”, to separate it from “British Honduras”.
  • Almost 110 mammalian species are present in Honduras out of which half are bats species.
  • The Honduras airport Toncontín International Airport is known as the second most dangerous airport in the world.


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