Map of Lubbock, Texas Area | What is Lubbock Known for?

Buildings and architecture downtown city park skyline Lubbock, Texas
Buildings and architecture downtown city park skyline Lubbock, Texas

Map of Lubbock, Texas Area


Lubbock, Texas is a small-sized city in the northwestern part of Texas, best known for being the hometown of Texas Tech University and the famous musician Buddy Holly. 

It is one of the biggest cities in that region besides Amarillo, which is slightly north of Lubbock. Like most smaller Texan cities, it has a relaxed vibe and plenty of things to do for families, adults, and everyone in between.

Keep reading to find out where Lubbock is, how big it is, if it’s a good place to live, and what the city of Lubbock is best known for. 

Where is Lubbock on the US map?

Lubbock isn’t quite in the square corner in the left of Texas, but it’s almost there. It is considered to be northwesterly in the state, and is approximately 90 miles west of the New Mexico border. 

Texas itself is located in the central-south of the USA, on the border with Mexico. It is the second largest state in the USA besides Alaska, so it’s pretty hard to miss!

North of Lubbock is Amarillo, a similar sized city, which is considered to be in the ‘pan-handle’ of Texas. 

How big is Lubbock? 

Lubbock, Texas has a square kilometre space of 351.8, and a population of 253,851 as of 2019.

The city is normally stated as being larger than most visitors or people who move there expect it to be – compared to many other Texan cities such as Austin or Houston, it is fairly small. However, with a population that will soon reach 300,000, it is still a decently sized place.

Like many small cities, there is a downtown area which is surrounded by a ring road, and then mostly residential areas on the outskirts of the city outside of the ring road. 

Is Lubbock a Good Place to Live?

If you’ve never lived in Texas before and you’re considering it, here are a few great things to know to help you make your decision, before we discuss Lubbock itself. 

Texas has no income tax, which is one of the reasons why it is the second most populous state in America, due to how cheap it is. By and large, the culture in Texas is fairly conservative, especially in some of the smaller cities such as Lubbock. If that sounds like you and your family, then you’re in luck!

Lubbock is a fantastic place to live if you have a family, or if you’re looking for an academic job at Texas Tech. It’s also great if you’re looking to move closer to a city without having to pay big city prices for rent and property.

The vast majority of people living in Lubbock own their homes instead of renting them, which is always a good sign that the property market is affordable!

Lubbock is popular for families and residents as it has a lot of green spaces, something which isn’t all too common for cities nowadays. It is described as ‘dense suburban’, meaning, it feels incredibly suburban and family-friendly, as opposed to metropolitan and city-like. 

Perhaps the only thing that Lubbock isn’t great for in terms of moving is crime. Their crime rates are incredibly inflated in comparison with the national average. If safety and crime is one of the top priorities on your list when considering moving, then perhaps Lubbock isn’t suitable for you. 

Despite this, Lubbock is usually a well-recommended place to move, as it is friendly and has a vibrant academic community thanks to the university. It also has good roads with little traffic.  

What is Lubbock Known For?

Probably the most notable feature of Lubbock is the university – Texas Tech University. This university has an enormous 40,000+ students, and is considered one of the best universities in Texas. It is well known for its Business and Management programmes. It is split across a few different locations, but its main campus is right in the centre of Lubbock. 

Besides this, the famous musician Buddy Holly also hailed from Lubbock, Texas. He was born there in 1936, and had a short but highly successful career before sadly passing away in a plane crash. 

There is now a Buddy Holly center in the city of Lubbock, which is a performing arts studio and performance space. There is a bronze statue of Holly on the premises. 

The famous ‘outlaw’ country musician Waylon Jennings is also from Lubbock!

The city is also known for its incredible food, which mostly revolves around tex-mex and professional barbequing. Tex-mex food is derived from the native Tejano people of Texas, and its key features are that it uses more cheese and meats than traditional Mexican food. 

Another thing that people often come to Lubbock for is its wines. Lubbock and the surrounding areas account for 90% of the production of grapes for wine in the whole of Texas! There are extensive vineyards in and around Lubbock which are the perfect place to visit on a date, to hold a wedding, or if you just generally love wine!

Lubbock features the first cultural district to have ever been implemented in the state of Texas, which led to the creation of the LHUCA gallery, Charles Adam Art Studio, and a beloved First Friday art trail. 

Final thoughts on Lubbock

Lubbock, Texas is a beautiful place to live in the northwestern part of Texas. If you’re looking to visit, be sure to check out a vineyard and grab some of that famous ‘high plains’ barbeque. Alternatively, if you’re thinking about moving to Lubbock, Texas, keep in mind that it is a great place for families and green spaces, although it has an unfavourable crime rate. 

Lubbock is well known for being the home of some great musicians, including Buddy Holly and Waylon Jennings, as well as hosting the main campus of Texas Tech University, considered one of the best universities in the region. 

We thoroughly recommend a visit to Lubbock, Texas and think it is a beautiful place to live, especially if you want the amenities of living in a city with the green spaces and quietness of living in a suburb.

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