Map of Chesapeake, Virginia Area | What is Chesapeake known for?

Map of Chesapeake, VA neighborhoods
Map of Chesapeake, VA neighborhoods

Map of Chesapeake, Virginia Area


While it may be unrelated to the fictional town of Chesapeake Shores (set in Maryland), Chesapeake Virginia is still perfect for those who love the great outdoors, as well as those who appreciate United States history.

Where is Chesapeake Virginia Located on the US Map?

Virginia is a large state on the very eastern side of the United States. If you were to look for Virginia on the map, you’d look just below Washington DC, to the right.

The city of Chesapeake Virginia is on the very east of the state, too, so you’re really looking at the very right-hand side of the map of the USA.

Chesapeake Virginia doesn’t quite sit on the Atlantic Ocean as it’s a little bit more inland, but it’s fed by the rivers and tributaries that do lead out to the ocean to both the north and east of Chesapeake.

How Big is Chesapeake Virginia?

Chesapeake Virginia covers an area of 723 square miles, making it the 17th-largest city in the entire United States, and yet only the second largest in Virginia. The largest, in case you were wondering, is Virginia Beach.

Chesapeake Virginia has a population of 250,000 people, and interestingly 25% of inhabitants of the state were born outside the USA.

It means that Chesapeake Virginia has an incredibly diverse population, made up of 62% white, 30% black or African American, 4.4% Hispanic or Latino, and the remaining 3.6% comprising Asian, Pacific Islander and other races.

Not Your Average City

What makes Chesapeake unique as a city is that it’s so much more than the metropolitan area that usually comes to mind when thinking of the term ‘city.’

The metropolitan and suburban areas make up barely half of Chesapeake City, and the rest, to the south, is a huge expanse of protected forest and wetland, along with some farmland.

You can find over 22 miles of waterways in Chesapeake, both fresh and saltwater. There are lakes, rivers and canals, one of which is thought to have inspired Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, The Raven.

Is Chesapeake Virginia a Good Place to Live?

Despite having been settled by early pioneers as far back as the 17th century, for many years Chesapeake was almost completely rural. There were very few people living outside of the main metropolitan area, and Chesapeake remained low in population for many years.

However, since the middle of the 20th century, life has boomed in Chesapeake Virginia. Thanks to excellent transport links to Richmond and even up to New Jersey and beyond, Chesapeake has become a very desirable place to live.

More and more businesses are making their way to Chesapeake Virginia, offering employment and bringing with them families who’ve settled there. These families enjoy affordable housing while living close to excellent public schools and all the amenities, as well as being on nature’s doorstep.

Murder rates are barely a third of the national average, and robbery, burglary and vehicle theft rates are also much lower than in the rest of the country, too, providing even more reasons for people to be attracted to Chesapeake Virginia.

In fact, the FBI’s statistics on violent crime across the whole of the United States reveals that Chesapeake is the fifth safest city in the entire country.

What are the Best Areas to Live in Chesapeake Virginia?

For those looking for the quintessential, all-American way to raise a family, Great Bridge East ticks all the boxes. Excellent schools, well-kept houses and gardens, dog friendly and safe, Great Bridge East rates very highly as a great place to live.

Heading out a little into a more rural area just south of Great Bridge East is Pleasant Grove East and it’s very much like its name, like nature. It’s less busy than Great Bridge East but still retains strong community vibes.

Pleasant Grove East is also home to the Northwest River Natural Area Preserve, which is ideal for families who want their children to grow up experiencing the beauty of the local nature.

Another well-liked area is Butts Station, so much so that many people are frustrated at the shortage of houses coming up for purchase or rent, as it’s such a desirable area. It’s very peaceful and family-friendly, with lots of local community activities for those who like to get involved with those in their area.

What is Chesapeake Virginia Known For?

Chesapeake Virginia is known both for its rich history and its beautiful location, surrounded by nature and protected areas of wildlife.

If the peace and tranquillity of nature is something you’re drawn to, then you’re sure to have heard of the Chesapeake Arboretum, an 18th century expanse of nearly 50 acres, including an antique rose garden, nature trails, picnic areas and activities for families.

It is Chesapeake’s link with its historical past that gives it much of its appeal. Aside from the nearly 300-year-old arboretum, Chesapeake has a strong link to the American Revolution of 1775; in particular the Battle of Great Bridge in that same year, where the Patriots defeated the British and sent their armies back to Norfolk.

Stretching even further back than the Founding Fathers is the Chesapeake Crater, the site of an asteroid collision estimated to have occurred 35 million years ago and been responsible for the destruction of anything in its path for a 100-mile radius.

If you’re coming to visit Chesapeake, you should also make time to see the eerie and aptly named Great Dismal Swamp. Its historical significance is huge, as the swamp is a place where many African American slaves would hide in the misty waters and use the fog as a cover to help them escape.

Today, the swamp is a mystical, protected wetland which attracts all manner of wildlife species, including black bears, otters and bobcats. There’s even the odd alligator to be spotted, although they’ve mostly been cleared out.

Why You Should Visit Chesapeake

Whether you’re thinking of relocating to a quiet, strong community with rich family values, or you simply love the country’s nature, Chesapeake is a great place to visit.

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