Map of Newark New Jersey Area | What is Newark Known for?  

Aerial view of Newark New Jersey skyline on late sunny afternoon
Aerial view of Newark New Jersey skyline on late sunny afternoon

Map of Newark New Jersey Area







Newark, New Jersey – often referred to as the Brick City – is not just known for its tall, historic brick buildings as one may think from its nickname.

Newark, New Jersey is most known for having the most cherry blossom trees than any other city throughout the United States. 

Branch Brook Park is a great stop to check out the local abundance of cherry blossom trees. Continue reading to find out more about Branch Brook Park and what else Newark, NJ has to offer visitors and its residents.

What is Newark, NJ Known For?

Newark, NJ is known for its local parks, historical architecture, and cultural influences. Below are 3 of the top places to check out if you find yourself in Brick City.

Branch Brook Park

To check out the nation’s largest gathering of cherry blossom trees you have to take a walk through Branch Brook Park – the nation’s first county park.

The park consists of 360 acres of open meadows and dense woodlands, as well as trails to walk or bike while enjoying the beautiful scenery the park has to offer. The park is also complete with numerous recreational fields and courts, playgrounds, roller rink, and more.

The park holds events year-round for the public to participate in – including the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

You can check out live footage online of the park via their Bloom Watch Webcam.

Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Whether you are religious or not, the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart is a must-see when you are in Newark. It is not hard to spot the tallest structure standing in Newark with its impressive size and architectural details.

On your visit make sure to capture a picture in front of the 36-ft rose window over the main entrance. The window is one of the largest windows in the Catholic Church.

The French Gothic, Roman Catholic Cathedral is located right next to Branch Brook Park and is open for visiting and private prayer throughout the week and on Saturdays. If you are looking to attend a mass, their mass times can be found here.

Newark Museum

Calling all art lovers and science nerds, the Newark Museum would be of your interest to check out. Newark Museum also called the Newark Museum of Art, is the largest museum in New Jersey.

You can find numerous art exhibits on display from all over the world. The museum also includes the Victoria Hall of Science (natural science exhibits) and a planetarium.

Grammy Museum Experience at Prudential Center

The Prudential Center is home to numerous concerts and events and the Grammy Museum Experience. Throughout the exhibit you can find:

  • Historical information on the Grammy Award Show
  • Information on past Grammy winners
  • Display of New Jersey’s music industry scene – singers, songwriters, and producers who call Jersey their hometown
  • Exclusive, interactive look into the recording process

Make sure to check out what events are going on at the museum and the Prudential Center during your stay.

Where is Newark, NJ Located On the U.S. Map?

Newark, NJ is located in northwestern New Jersey just west of the Passaic River. The Brick City lies within Essex County and is a short 8 miles from lower Manhattan Island in New York.

Multiple international and domestic airports operate in and near Newark:

  • Newark Liberty International Airport: located in Newark and serves both the Newark and New York City areas
  • Teterboro Airport: domestic airport located about 15 miles from Newark
  • LaGuardia Airport: international airport located about 29 miles from Newark

Newark also has numerous ground transportation services to transport you around Newark and into New York City.

How Big is Newark, NJ?

Newark, NJ is the largest city by population in New Jersey. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the estimated 2019 population stood at 281,054. The city is densely populated at about 11,851 people per square mile.

In total Newark is about 26 square miles, with about 7% of that square footage made up of water. Newark is home to the Weequahic Lake, the Passaic River, and Newark Bay.

Is Newark, NJ a Good Place to Live?

Newark, NJ is a good place to live if you are a young adult and single, but not so much for families or the elderly. Due to its proximity to NYC over half of its residents commute daily to NYC for work.

The city has attracted those who work in NYC due to having more affordable housing and cost of living than the city. The median rent in Newark ($1,000) is about half of the median rent in NYC.

The majority of residents chose to rent (78%) rather than own. The median housing value is near the national average at about $245,000. Although the median household income ($35,000) is much lower than the national average ($62,000).

Here are some pros about Newark:

  • Ethnically diverse: influences from different cultures can be seen throughout the city, especially within the architecture and food scene.
  • The majority of the city is within walking distance or just a short ride on the Light Rail.
  • The city is growing with new housing (including apartments) popping up everywhere.

Crime within the city is similar to what you would expect from a larger, more populated city. The schools in the area are of average rating. These may be some of the contributing factors as to why the city is not a great location to raise a family.

What are the Best Areas to Live in Newark, NJ?

Below you will find the top 3 best and safest areas to live in Newark, NJ.

Ironbound District

Rated the #1 place to live in Newark – and the safest. The 4 square mile neighborhood is home to a large representation of Spanish and Portuguese culture and community. The cultural influence carries over into the abundance of eateries and bars throughout the neighborhood.

The neighborhood is divided into North and South Ironbound and is close to Riverbank Park.

Forest Hill

Forest Hill is great for those looking to live in a more suburban area. Its proximity to Branch Brook Park makes it the ideal living location for those who enjoy being outdoors.

Forest Hill is also known for its stunning display of historical (1800-1925) homes and mansions. The Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart also lies within the neighborhood.

Downtown Newark

Downtown Newark is the best location for young adults to call home. Both homes and rent prices are far more affordable than other areas within Newark.

This neighborhood is the city’s main source of entertainment – home to the Newark Museum, Prudential Center, and New Jersey Performing Arts Center. There are also numerous eateries, bars, and shopping all within walking distance.

Let’s Wrap it Up

Newark, New Jersey is a great place to visit for its historical and cultural riches. A smaller city that provides the “city feel” of NYC, but at a cheaper price is the perfect location for young professionals looking to make it big.

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