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A beautiful walk in summer along Studland Bay
A beautiful walk in summer along Studland Bay

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England is a hub of places that have turned into beautiful coastal and seaside resorts that serve as some of the excellent vacation spots for the tourists. These places are famous and well-reputed because of the beautiful attractions that they consist of and the way they have been maintained for the visitors until the present day. The beauty as well as the quality of these places attracts visitors from all parts of the world to come and acknowledge the beautiful and pleasing attractions. One such village is Studland which is a part of a county known as Dorset in England. These places provide a range of exciting opportunities for the public to make their trip a memorable one with their family. 

Beaches in Dorset

Dorset is a county located in South west England. It consists of a range of beaches and coastal resorts that are well known and well-reputed among the public. The quality and the beauty of these beaches attract people from different parts of the world and that is why these beaches are some of the beautiful vacation spots that people have on their list to visit. 

Studland Bay beach

Studland Bay which is controlled by The National Trust is a vast sandy area that consists of a range of beaches. The four types of beaches that fall under the banner of Studland Bay include the Shell Bay, Knoll Beach, Middle Beach, and the South beach. In this article we will focus on primarily South beach and Knoll beach. 

South beach Studland

The South beach on the Studland peninsula stretches for almost 2 km after it enters into the sea.  The beach is usually crowded as complete families visit the beach in order to spend a perfect day with their families and friends. Young children are also welcomed at the beach because the water here is relatively shallow so there is no fear of high tide. Since the face of the beach is towards the North and there are steep cliffs at the back of the beach, it receives a huge amount of sunlight which makes it a perfect spot for sunbathing. 

Another exciting fact about the South beach is that there are beautiful beach huts at the beach as well that are pleasing for the eyes. Not to mention, in the summer months, there are some of the most beautiful wildflowers growing here as well that are worth watching. Make sure you bring your cameras along with you so that you capture the beautiful displays of colourful flowers. There is no lifeguard service at the beach so the children are the responsibility of the parents. However, the children are not at much risk because of the shallow water.

 Also, the beach is dog friendly as dogs are allowed for most of the year but there are some seasonal restrictions imposed on them as they have to keep at a lead of a distance of fewer than 2 meters for a particular period of time that is from 1st May to 30th September. 

Knoll beach Studland

The part of the Studland bay that forms the Knoll beach is a stretch of 4 miles of white sand which is stunning in its own way. There is no lifeguard service here as well so the parents must stay vigilant about their kids, Knoll beach is also a dog-friendly beach as the dogs are welcomed throughout the year but there are restrictions placed in the summer months. Even then the dogs are allowed but they must be kept at a lead of fewer than 2 meters. Common activities that take place at Knoll beach are diving, sailing, windsurfing, and swimming. 

Chesil Cove Dorset

Another famous beach of Dorset is the Chesil cove which is a long stretch of 29 km only of pebbles. The water here is very shallow and also the tidal currents at the beach are very low so this place is usually crowded by scuba divers who have less experience and they wish to practice here. The common activities here are fishing and lifeguard service is not present here. There is a pub near the beach that the visitors can visit if they wish to. Other than scuba divers, sea anglers are also commonly found. 

Places to visit in Dorset

Dorset is a hub of beautiful and exciting places to visit which makes it an adventurous vacation spot for the people. It is a rural place and does not even have a single city but the beautiful attractions make it worth a while. Other than the beaches, there are beautiful places as well like Dorchester which is a beautiful and historic town. There are tons of historic buildings in the town that people come from different places to acknowledge the beautiful and antique art that is preserved up till now. 

Poole is also an exciting place to visit. It is a natural harbour that is probably one of the most beautiful places in Dorset. If you are willing to go sightseeing then Poole should be the first thing on your list. Sherborne is the next one on the list as it is known to be the most beautiful town of the entire United Kingdom. Although it is a small town there is a lot to see in it and explore. The theme of the entire town makes it even more beautiful. 

Dorset Weather

The temperature of Dorset is usually cold and temperate as it lies 326 meters above sea level. The rainfall in the area is significant even in the driest month. The average amount of rainfall in Dorset is 964 mm in a year and the average temperature is 4.7 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature is in the month of July which is approximately 18.6 degrees Celsius while the lowest temperature is in the month of January which is approximately -10.8 degrees Celsius. The driest month out of all the other months is March which experiences approximately 62 mm of rainfall while the month with the highest amount of rainfall is in November and it is approximately 97 mm. 


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