Map of Albuquerque New Mexico Area | What is Albuquerque Known for?

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA downtown cityscape at twilight
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA downtown cityscape at twilight

Map of Albuquerque New Mexico Area 


When the Partridge Family sang “Point Me to Albuquerque,” it pointed people to the western town in New Mexico that was at that time in the 1970s a hidden gem known for its Native American culture. Albuquerque has grown to prove itself to be much more than that for it is a city that is full of color, diversity, adventure, and never-ending nature.

Where is New Mexico?

New Mexico is the heart of the southwest with Texas bordering it to the east, Colorado to the north, and Arizona to the west. A small portion of it borders Mexico to the south. 

Where is Albuquerque located?

Albuquerque is almost in the center of the state at the intersection of major highways going east-west and north-south. The eastern highway takes you to Amarillo, Texas. The northern highway takes you to Colorado Springs, then Denver.  

How big is New Mexico in land and population?

New Mexico is expansive with 12,697 miles within its borders. The last recorded population from 2018 pegged the population at 2.10 million people. 

What about Albuquerque?

The city of Albuquerque is 181.3 square miles and has a population of 560,234. It is a good-size city, but not so oversized that it loses the small-town feel. It is one the least of one of the least populated U.S. cities. 

Is New Mexico a good place to live?

This western state is a great place to live for numerous reasons. First, there is a cultural blend unique to New Mexico with a combination of Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo. The cultural cocktail affects everything from architecture to cuisine like green chile cheeseburgers.

The architecture is primarily Spanish-style with Navajo detailing. The farms are primarily chile farms, making the crop the chosen ingredient of the state’s restaurants and food establishments.

New Mexico is filled with activity and has numerous festivals. There are even quirkier festivals, such as space alien celebrations. There is plenty to do in New Mexico from hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, cycling, and kayaking. One of the best outdoor activities is star gazing. That’s because the state’s low light pollution allows you to see so much more than in other parts of the country.   

Those looking to settle in New Mexico won’t have a problem finding a job, especially if it’s in science or government. The state has multiple diverse job markets that include aerospace, defense, agriculture, energy, tourism, and government.

What is Albuquerque like?

There are many misconceptions about Albuquerque or ABQ as the locals call it. The first is the weather. While much of New Mexico is a desert, Albuquerque isn’t a desert. It sits at the bottom of the Sandia Mountains and is 5,312 above sea level. That’s a few feet higher than Denver!

Its altitude takes some time for newcomers to get used to as they may feel the lack of oxygen. Those who feel they need to replenish their air intake can visit a local oxygen bar.

Sun worshippers love ABQ. There are 300 days minimum of the sun with little rain. However, it is quite mild with summer temperatures on average around 75 degrees. Winter temperatures hover around 41 degrees. Those who long for snow can get it if they go across the mountains to Sandia Peak Ski Area.

What is Albuquerque known for?

This city’s biggest festival is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which lasts nine days and includes more than 500 balloons at the annual event. You can get a hot air balloon ride almost any time of the year, festival or no festival. Albuquerque residents have a strong passion for football and heartily root for the New Mexico Lobos. 

ABQ has a  minor league baseball team called the Albuquerque Isotopes, which are an affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. The team logo is a combination of Star Trek, atomic activity, and baseball. 

The story behind the name is an interesting one also. It came from an episode of “The Simpsons.”

Working in Albuquerque

For those working in the area, the commutes to work are shorter than in other parts of the country, averaging around 21 minutes per trip. Albuquerque is ranked in the top 100 cities for transportation with 75 percent of workers living near a transit stop. It is also ranked by Times Magazine as the 7th best city in America.

What are the best areas of New Mexico?

Several areas of New Mexico are worthy of mention. Sante Fe tops the list of best places to visit with Albuquerque coming in second. Taos, a city located at the base of Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and Carlsbad Caverns National Park with its 100-plus caverns also rank high.

Best places to go in Albuquerque

Lots of places will hold your interest in ABQ. The place to start is in the center of Old Town. This downtown district is a 10-block tribute to Native American and Spanish heritage with art galleries in historical adobe structures.

Those longing for nature can turn to ABQ BioPark for a full or half-day of fun. It showcases an aquarium with a 285,000-gallon shark tank, a botanical garden, a zoo with more than 200 species of animals including snow leopards and polar bears, and Tingley Beach.  

There is also the Albuquerque Museum at the edge of Old Town. The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, located on the outskirts of Old Town boasts 12 billion years of natural history.

What is New Mexico known for?

The state became the center of national attention after the Roswell incident where a reported UFO crashed on a rancher’s land in 1947. Headline portrayed the crash as that of a flying saucer only to be dispelled later by the government calling it a weather balloon. The incident is the source of much speculation and investigation even today.

Odd fact about Albuquerque

The popular television show “Breaking Bad” called the city its filming home, so the show’s fans will find a tour of hotspots consisting of recognizable sets and areas.


Those seeking western adventure full of diversity, culture, and mystery should head to Albuquerque, New Mexico. It will offer plenty of everything, plus a few surprises too. 

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