Map of Colorado Springs Area | What is Colorado Springs Known for?

Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods
Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods

Map of Colorado Springs Area | What is Colorado Springs Known for?


Colorado Springs is Colorado’s second-largest city.  It is full of adventure, excitement, and history. Whether you are an adventure seeker looking to hike the mountainous trails and zipline the Royal Gorge, or someone interested in something a bit more laid back like art and culture, train rides, and walks in the garden, they have you covered.

Colorado Spring is known for the unique sites, beautiful scenery, and abundance of attractions available to visitors. This city is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, making it a popular tourist attraction for anyone interested in the outdoors.

Where is Colorado Springs Located on the US Map?

Colorado Springs is a city in El Paso county. You can locate this city on a map in South-Central Colorado, on Fountain Creek. 

Colorado Springs is relatively close to the States Capital, Denver, about 63 miles away.

Pikes Peak, the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains Southern front range, is located right next to Colorado Springs.

How big is Colorado Springs? Size and Population?

As of 2020, in the State of Colorado, you will find a population of around 5,842,076 people. This enormous amount of people fit into a 104,185 miles radius, making it the 8th largest state in the U.S.

Colorado Springs makes up 195.4 miles of this area and is home to around 456,568 (as of 2015). This city comes in second place to Denver, which has 705,576 citizens, the most populated city in Colorado.

Is Colorado Springs a good place to live?

Not only is Colorado beautiful but it offers a lot of natural beauty anyone can lose themselves in. It is also well known for being affordable. Colorado as a whole is much more budget-friendly than many other states on the map.

The state of Colorado has high-quality air and tons of outdoor activities, encouraging families to enjoy the trails, rivers, and the unique natural land formations nature has readily available. What makes this even more appealing is the mild climate that lasts all year round.

Colorado Springs is close enough to the big city of Denver, giving its residents access to good work and tons of businesses while keeping their families in safe tight knit communities.

Most of the schools in Colorado Springs have above-average expectations and success, making it a fantastic place to raise kids.

What are the Best Areas to Live in Colorado Springs?

There are many fantastic communities to live in throughout this large city. Here are a few of them that give you the best examples of why Colorado Springs is an excellent place to liver or visit.

Cimarron Hills

Cimarron Hills is a suburb of Colorado Springs and has a population of 18,727 people. This location is well diverse and is welcoming and family-friendly. 

The crime rate is relatively low, and current residents say they feel secure in their homes and their communities.

The average home in Cimarron Hills is approximately $197,500, with the average amount of rent costing residents around $1071 a month. There are excellent schools in the area, along with good job opportunities nearby.

Black Forest

Black Forest is a suburb of Colorado Springs and is well known for its outstanding education and safe locations for families to live in.

This area offers many parks and trails, allowing everyone to get out and enjoy the community staying healthy and active all year round.

Black Forest has a population of  14,081 residents, all known for having a friendly, outgoing feel. 94% of the residents own their own homes, with only 6% of the population renting. 

Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is a quiet, beautiful suburb of Colorado Springs. This small town has a population of only 5,283. Although it may be small, it is very popular and one of the best places to live in the City.

The schools in Manitou Springs are almost all above average, and the town itself is well diverse, with people settling there from all walks of life.

This town is well known for its many community gatherings locations like bars, shops, and parks.

What is Colorado Springs known for? 

Located at the base of rocky mountains, Colorado Springs is best known for its natural features. From the high climb of Pikes Peak to the white water rafting on the Arkansas River. You will never get bored in this fabulous city. 

Colorado Springs is full of history and guided tours, arts and museums, shops, and fine dining.  Although this city offers tons of attractions and entertainment, it is also known for being laid back, casual, and friendly. Few jobs require formal dress, and everywhere you visit is full of smiling faces.

What does Colorado Springs Have to Offer?

Some of the most sought-after attractions visitors seek out in Colorado Springs is its beautiful natural landforms; here are a few must-sees.

Pikes Peak: One of the highest peaks in the Rocky Mountains. Great for tours, site seeing, and more.

Garden of the Gods Park: A fantastic geological wonder of the world with beautiful views and grand tours.

The Broadmoor Seven Falls: There are 7 Large and gorgeous waterfalls for site seeing and adventurous memories.

Cave Of The Winds Mountain Park:  Family fun attraction tucked inside a large rocky cave. This is one of the area’s original attractions.

Royal Gorge: A large 1,200-foot Canyon creating a 10-mile long Gorge in the Arkansas River offering history tours and a railroad dining experience. This Gorge has one of the world’s tallest bridges accessible to the public, suspended 1,053 up.


Colorado Springs is a kind, warm, welcoming city located in one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. It is home to impressive waterfalls, Rocky Mountain ranges, and beautiful nature trails. From dining on a train, traveling the edges of the mountains. To explore the nightlife surrounding Colorado’s Fine Arts and local hangouts, there is something for everyone. This big city offers an all-American small-town feel. Come for the adventure, stay for the experience.


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