Map of Jamaica | Jamaica Flag Facts | What is Jamaica known for?

detailed map of Jamaica
detailed map of Jamaica

Map of Jamaica | Jamaica Flag Facts | What is Jamaica known for?






If you are searching for an ideal, pleasant Caribbean holiday, you should consider Jamaica! With miles of white sand seashores, heavenly food and energetic culture, this is truly one place that is ideal for singles, couples, friends gatherings, and family get-togethers. Jamaica is an incredible holiday experience for everybody!

Map of Jamaica

Where is Jamaica located on the World map?

Jamaica is the 3rd biggest island country in the Caribbean Sea, located approximately 90 miles southeast of Cuba, 119 miles southwest of the island of Hispaniola, where the Dominican Republic and Haiti are situated. The island is fairly bigger than Cyprus and smaller than the U.S. region of Connecticut (occupying a total area of 14,357 km). The nation consists of mountains generally with narrow fields. The country’s most elevated area is Blue Mountain Peak standing at 2,256 m, home of Blue Mountain coffee. In 2020, the island had a population of 2.9 million. Kingston is the capital and biggest city of Jamaica. 

Jamaica measures around 234 kilometres long and as much as 80 kilometres wide, adding up to 11,100 km2 . The island is home to the Blue Mountains inland and a beach field around the island’s edge. The significant urban community in Jamaica consists of Kingston, Spanish Town, Portmore, Mandeville, Port Antonio, Ocho Rios, Negril, and Montego Bay. Jamaica is additionally home to the seventh biggest harbour on the planet, Kingston Harbor. Jamaica has no land borders but neighbouring countries include Cuba, Haiti, Colombia, Navassa Island and Cayman Island. It is situated very close to Central America. It is in the North America region and the longitude is 77.2736o west and latitude is 18.1315o north.

There are a few vacation spots dispersed across Jamaica, incorporating Dunn’s River Falls in St. Ann and Port Royal, the site of the quake that helped structure the Palisadoes.

Jamaican Culture facts

The genuine magnificence of Jamaica is the blend of individuals who consider this place their home. It is the premise of Jamaica’s public motto, ‘Out of Many, One People’. Smiling faces of Jamaican people invested with an inborn soul of friendliness will make your time worth it and your vacations memorable. They are upbeat and loud, with a vitality that is felt globally through their music and heritage.

Jamaican Population

The Jamaican population comprises of African slaves children, with a small percent of individuals of European lineage and a small ration of individuals who follow their ancestors to the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Germany and Portugal.

Jamaican Language

English, the official language, is usually spoken in towns and among the elite classes. Additionally, Jamaican Creole is spoken, which is a mixture of English, West African tongues, Spanish, and, less significantly, French. The well-formed structure, expressive rhythms, pitches, and dictions make it an unmistakable language.

Jamaican religion

Worship freedom is ensured by Jamaica’s constitution. Jamaicans are Protestant mostly. The biggest divisions are the Seventh-day Adventist and Pentecostal churches; a little yet at the same time a significant number of strict followers have a place with different groups utilizing the name Church of God. Jamaica likewise has a little Hindu, Muslims and Buddhists population.

Jamaica Flag Facts

Jamaica Flag
Jamaica Flag

The Jamaican flag was spread out and lifted at the emotional hour of midnight on 5th August 1962, flagging the establishment of Jamaica’s political freedom from Britain, after more than 300 years under British law.

Jamaican Flag Design

The flag has an inclining cross or saltire with 4 triangles. The cross is in yellow and the width of each arm is one-sixth of the length of the flag. The top and base triangles are in green colour, and the fly triangles are in black. It follows the ‘Admiralty Pattern’ and the proportion of the flag is 1:2.

Jamaica Flag Meaning

From Bob Marley to public pride, the Jamaican flag speaks to a great deal to various individuals. Yet, what does it truly mean? Two black triangles: defeat difficulties, both previously and those among the new fate of Jamaica. Two green triangles: trust and farming fertility. Yellow cross: additionally called a saltire, this speaks to sunlight and minerals of Jamaica. Yet, the majority of all, it is both solid and beautiful, much the same as Jamaica. The motto of their flag is: “Difficulties there are, however, the land is green and the sun shineth”.

What is Jamaica known for?

Jamaica’s beauty captures your heart with its cultural events, island amusement, a sizzling treat to your taste buds, street dances and local sprees. Moreover, bobsled is the best thing for kids outing. Hiking towards the Blue Mountain coffee, scuba diving, swimming in Blue Lagoon, haggling with the vendor, and bamboo raft boarding to the lush green islands are some of the key highlights of Jamaica. 

A trip to Jamaica must include the Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, Kingston, Falmouth, Port Antonio, Treasure Beach, Trench Town Culture yard, Maroon Town, Dunns River falls, Runaway Bay, Nine Mile, Lucea, Oracabessa, Discovery Bay, Mandeville, Portmore, Rio Bueno, Port Maria, Tower Isle, Boscobel, Morant Bay, Old Harbour, Hellshire, Blue fields, Sandy Bay, Linstead, Mona, Holland Bamboo and Yallahs.

For convenience, there are a lot of Jamaica all-inclusive resorts including Hilton Rose Hall, Iberostar Grand Rose, Deja resort, Riu palace Jamaica, Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall, Moon Palace Jamaica, Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort just to name a few. One must not miss out on the view of the changing colours of the Caribbean sea from one end to the other, different species of the birds, waterfalls, and Reach Falls.

Jamaican dishes

Jamaican food is so tempting, delicious and mouthwatering. Jamaica is a melting pot and is a hub of diversity when it comes to food. It comprises a variety of dishes based on its history of people, mostly immigrants from Africa, China, Britain, Spain and India where Jamaica is known as the multi-racial island with a motto of “Out of many, One people”. Some of the best traditional Jamaican foods include ackee and codfish, bammy, beef petty, callaloo, breadfruit, brown stew chicken, pepper pot soup, curry chicken, fish tea, escovitch fish, fried plantain, jerk chicken, rice and peas, oxtail, Solomon Gundy, Stamp and Go, and many others derived from the historical background of the Island.

Facts about Jamaica

Jamaica is the hotspot of tourism worldwide attracting almost 4.3 million people each year because of its sandy beaches, tropical weather, rich culture, all inclusive resorts, food, varied geography and live music. However the most interesting unknown facts about Jamaica are:

  • Trading and growing crops on the Island is Jamaica’s cup of tea including, mangoes, sugar cane and coconut palms.
  • There are very few snakes in Jamaica and most of them are non-venomous.
  • Jamaica has the honour of obtaining the first independence out of all the Caribbean states in 1962.
  • Jamaica gained the award of first entering the Olympics out of the tropical countries in 1988.
  • The other interesting fact is its flag, having no colour commonality with the United States of America’s flag.
  • Blue mountains enhance the beauty of Jamaica.
  • Jamaica manufactures the best Rum that is used in every other drink.
  • Ian Fleming, 007 James Bond, had his dream house constructed in Jamaica. Some parts of his famous movies like Live and Let Die and Dr. No’s filming also took place in Jamaica.
  • The music genres of Reggae and Dancehall were created in Jamaica.
  • The island was once known as “land of wood and water”.
  • Jamaica is the largest English speaking island in the Caribbean.
  • Marijuana in Jamaica has been decriminalized.
  • King of Kings, Ras Tafari Movement also began here in the 1930s by Jamaican’s national hero, Marcus Garvey. Now, Rastafarianism is the most influenced religion in Jamaica.

No doubt, Jamaica is the shadow of heaven on the earth, topped up by the blend of beauty and fascination. Jamaica is the hotspot and the best place to visit for spending good time and making your time memorable. 


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