Map of New Hampshire and Flag | Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map

Interesting Facts about New Hampshire and Best places to visit

Tourist Map of New Hampshire. Travel and attractions
Tourist Map of New Hampshire. Travel and attractions

Map of New Hampshire and Flag | Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map


New Hampshire is steeped in history and has long had a reputation as one of the United State’s hidden gems.

New Hampshire may be small but don’t underestimate it due to its compact nature. The state is rich in natural beauty and is steeped in history dating back thousands of years.

Where is New Hampshire on a Map?

New Hampshire is situated between Vermont and Maine. It is included on a cluster of states on the northeastern corner of the country is approximately 260 miles away from Manhattan.

If you’re planning a road trip around this area of the country, visiting New Hampshire is simply a must.

Is New Hampshire a Good Place to Live?

New Hampshire’s picturesque landscape, clean air, and independent citizens help make it a highly desirable place to live.

The state boasts one of the best educational systems in the country with a high school completion rate of 88.2%, the fifth-best in the United States.

The Land of Opportunity 

New Hampshire was ranked the best state for upward mobility in 2018. Factors such as affordability, opportunity, and equality are all areas that the state excels at. It also boasts the lowest index of poverty in the nation.

The high-tech industries and strong presence of major employers are some of the main factors behind New Hampshire’s high standard of living.

Low Crime Rates

In 2018, New Hampshire possessed the lowest crime rates in the country with a violent crime ranking of just 199 incidents per 100,000 people.

New Hampshire is a fantastic place to live. The abundance of opportunity, widespread equality, and stunning landscapes are all hallmarks of this thriving, vibrant state.

What is New Hampshire Most Famous For? 

Small, cozy towns and endless stretches of untampered forests have become interlinked with New Hampshire’s image.

The state offers much more than natural beauty, though, and has been the home of an array of famous people such as actor Adam Sandler, comedienne Sarah Silverman, and rock legend Ronnie James Dio.

Literary giants Robert Frost and JD Salinger have also lived in New Hampshire. There’s something about the landscape that writers seem to find inspiring – maybe it’s the undisturbed beauty.

Like a number of its northeastern contemporaries, New Hampshire’s menu features a plethora of fresh seafood. Clam chowder, lobster, and shrimp are all staples of the local cuisine, as are sweet treats like apple cider donuts and maple syrup.

The northeasterners certainly know how to eat well. A visit to a New Hampshire restaurant certainly won’t disappoint.

New Hampshire Flag Facts

The current New Hampshire flag has been in use since 1931.

Much like the flag of Vermont, New Hampshire’s flag has a blue backdrop. The seal of the flag features nine stars around its circumference, representing New Hampshire’s chronology as the ninth state to gain independence, doing so in January 1776.

The USS Raleigh stands front and center of the state seal. A pivotal part in America’s naval history, the Raleigh was one of the many ships designed for the new country and was built in the town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

What is the Best City to Live in New Hampshire?

Deciding what constitutes as the ‘best’ city in New Hampshire depends on your needs. Each town offers something unique and will serve one demographic better than another.

There are a number of wonderful towns in New Hampshire and whittling this list down to a select few is quite a challenge.

Hanover (For Families)

Hanover is an extremely safe town that boasts an array of fantastic schools.

Hanover High School and Dartmouth University are both sought-after institutions that will definitely benefit your children’s future.

In 2011, Hanover was ranked the sixth-best place to live in the United States by CNN. Its safe streets and influx of young professionals make it a progressive, unique place to live – and one of the best cities in the state.

Portsmouth (In General)

Portsmouth is perhaps New Hampshire’s greatest asset.

Steeped in history and thriving with delicious food outlets Portsmouth’s waterside location looks like something out of a Romantic-era English novel.

Much like its namesake in England, Portsmouth has a rich naval past and boasts an array of museums that will leave you enthralled and curious.

The city is still writing its own history, however, and is far from being stuck in the past. New businesses and ideas keep thriving and the waterside harbor seems to get more and more beautiful each year.

If you’re visiting New Hampshire, Portsmouth has to be high on the priority list.

Concord (In General)

It would be criminal to leave the state’s capital off this list.

Concord may not have the beauty of Portsmouth or the quaintness of Hanover, but it still has its qualities.

It’s a great town for families and retirees but doesn’t quite offer the same thriving energy as some other New Hampshire towns. It also has a very high tax rate, which may put some people off.

Concord certainly has its charms, though, and the architecture on display is among some of the region’s best.

Where are the Best Places to Visit in New Hampshire?

White Mountain National Forest

If you love American natural beauty, this one’s for you.

Spanning 148,000 acres, this stunning natural forest will make you forget all about those crowded cities and dirty sidewalks.

Although beautiful all year round, this national park is arguably best seen during the fall as the multicolored trees and crisp air will leave you stunned.

Hampton Beach

New Hampshire may not have a lot of coastline to offer, but it certainly makes the most of it.

Hampton beach almost resembles a minature version of Santa Monica Pier with its fairground rides and whimsical family attractions.

New Hampshire doesn’t get too much sun, to be sure to make the most of it by visiting this wonderful slice of golden coast.

Strawberry Banke Museum (Portsmouth)

One for the history lovers.

Portsmouth’s outdoor history museum resurrects 300 years of American history and brings it to your fingertips.

Featuring lavish gardens and tour guides dressed in clothes of the time, the Strawberry Banke Museum is a wonderful day out for those of all ages.

Take a stroll around historic Portsmouth and immerse yourself in a time may be long gone, but whose legacy remains with us today.

New Hampshire is one of America’s oldest states, and its gifts keep on giving right to this very day.


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