Where is Wisconsin, WIS Located? Where is Wisconsin on a US map? Fun Facts

Why Is Madison The Capital Of Wisconsin?
Why Is Madison The Capital Of Wisconsin?





The state of Wisconsin is nestled in the north-central region of the United States, bordering two of the four great lakes: Lake Michigan to the west, and Lake Superior to the North. 

Where is Wisconsin, WIS Located. Where is Wisconsin on a US map
Where is Wisconsin, WIS Located. Where is Wisconsin on a US map

Wisconsin’s Geography

The Terrain

Wisconsin is usually known for its cheese first before its nature, but the state’s scenic beauty is overlooked a bit too often.

Wisconsin is a land of forests, lakes, and fertile flatland nourished by numerous rivers. Of the 35 million acres that make up Wisconsin, about 16 million of those acres are made of woodlands.

That means that almost half of Wisconsin is dense with trees! 

The forests populate the state most densely in the North, where it also transforms into wet highlands.

The Southern portion is composed majorly of the river-nurtured flatlands, while central Wisconsin features sandy flat plains, ancient sandstone formations, and lush farmland.

The Weather

The annual weather of Wisconsin is many things, but mild is not one of them. Like all the upper Midwestern American states, Wisconsin hardly goes through the year without one version or another of extreme temperatures and elements. 

In the summer, Wisconsin is hot and humid. Though the temperature itself seldom gets above 90 degrees, those who have dealt with humid weather know that it could be 75 degrees and you will still sweat bullets.

It is the most popular time of year to vacation in Wisconsin but stay hydrated when visiting in the summer. 

In the fall, Wisconsin transforms into a crisp, dramatically colorful Autumn. Much of Wisconsin’s trees are coniferous, which means that the reds, yellows, and oranges of postcard autumn are in full splendor during this time of year.

In the winter, everything freezes. I mean everything.

Likely the season that the state is most well-known for, Wisconsin winters can be of a brutal nature. This time of year bears witness to ice, lake surface wind chill, and so much snow. If you decide to go in the winter, bundle up.

Springtime in Wisconsin is for the most part kind of like the winter, just a bit less so. Wisconsin’s winters are so all-encompassing that it can sometimes take more than half of spring to fully shake it off.

It’s not until the late springtime that Wisconsin’s climate settles down to a greener, more temperate nature.

Wisconsin’s Culture

There aren’t many Native American reservations that reside in the Midwest or North-central United States. However, Wisconsin is home to by far the most Reservations that exist in the region, most noticeably a considerable Chippewa presence. 

On top of that awesomeness, Wisconsin is historically and still today a cornerstone of German and Scandinavian-American culture. The influences of those communities still exist throughout the state.

Wisconsin is also one of the most popular summer destinations for other surrounding Midwesterners. From Michigan to Illinois to Iowa, Wisconsin is a favorite getaway to enjoy the summer heat.

One of the most popular summer family attractions Is Wisconsin Dells, a city packed both with gorgeous natural scenery and numerous water parks. 

Wisconsin’s Popular Cities


Madison, Wisconsin, USA downtown skyline at dusk on Lake Monona.
Madison, Wisconsin, USA downtown skyline at dusk on Lake Monona.

Wisconsin’s capital is one of the best options you have if you want to get a 101 course of the state’s intriguing history. Their selection of museums includes the State Historical Museum as well as summer tours of Madison’s historic capitol building. 

Don’t worry though – the Madison children’s museum is there for your little ones to enjoy themselves while being educated as well!


Aerial Drone Milwaukee Marina Wisconsin
Aerial Drone Milwaukee Marina Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s largest city and just under a hundred miles north of Chicago, Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s urban cultural hub.

It is rich with everything from museums to night life to legendary food. It also has plenty of beaches that are populated with sunbathers during the moist summers.

Green Bay

Downtown Green Bay
Downtown Green Bay

Residing in the northeastern pocket of Wisconsin, Green Bay is most well-known for their beloved football team: the Green Bay Packers. Residents and visitors alike turn up in massive numbers to Lambeau Field to support their team during home games.

Hanging out in Green Bay is a fun time but keep this in mind: People in Green Bay, let alone all of Wisconsin, worship their Green Bay Packers.

It is a fact to be respected, just as it would be to respect the love for any city’s sports team. Even if it’s not your cup of tea (nothing wrong with that), you must understand that for others, their football team is everything. 

Wisconsin’s Landmarks

Wisconsin boasts a wide array of landmarks, from the quaint to the miraculous to the bizarre.

Taliesin East was the estate of legendary American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Even the most uninterested party will be captivated by the wild and imaginative architecture that looks both retro and pioneering.

Taliesin East, Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, built in 1925
Taliesin East, Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, built in 1925. Editorial credit: SJ Brown / Shutterstock.com

Only ten minutes away from Taliesin East is The House on the Rock, which may be one of the strangest, wildest, campiest, and genuinely terrifying “sober trips” you’ll find in the world of American roadside attractions. That is saying something.

House on the Rock building complex
House on the Rock building complex. Editorial credit: lito_lakwatsero / Shutterstock.com

This house includes but is not limited to a 218-foot-long red hallway, a 200-foot-long statue of a toothed whale fighting what looks like the kraken (200 feet is how tall the Statue of Liberty is), and the world’s largest indoor carousel.

And clown dolls everywhere. Also, Victorian dolls; they are everywhere too. It is a one-of-a-kind sensory overload. It’s clearly not for everyone, but you will certainly never forget it.

Wisconsin: Cheese ; Beer!

How can we talk about Wisconsin and not talk about the cheese? Wisconsin isn’t called America’s Dairyland just because we felt like it. There is no other state in the U.S. that comes close to the clout that Wisconsin has in the cheese world.

From top-shelf cheddar to ice-cream as bountiful as it is coveted, Wisconsin is a dairy lover’s dream come true.

On top of the whole cheese thing, Wisconsin, particularly Milwaukee, has a proud history of beer brewing. In Milwaukee, you can find the Miller beer factory. Other popular beers are Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Want even more proof that the people of Wisconsin are lean mean brewing machines and proud of it? Their most popular baseball team is called the Milwaukee Brewers!

Needless today, the cheese mixes well with a freshly brewed cold one in Wisconsin. Just stay away from the cows. 

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