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Aerial view of old downtown North Las Vegas
Aerial view of old downtown North Las Vegas

Map of North Las Vegas, Nevada







North Las Vegas is an area at the northern tip of the metropolitan area of Las Vegas, Nevada. While it covers an area of only 98 square miles, it has a population of over 200,000, making it a bustling and vibrant city.

Where is North Las Vegas Nevada on the Map?

If you were to look at a map of the United States, look along the western side of the country, on the left. You’ll see California running right down the west coast, and next to California is the state of Nevada.

Las Vegas is right in the southern tip of Nevada, and at the top of Las Vegas is the city of North Last Vegas.

Below North Las Vegas is where the city of Las Vegas stretches out, but if you were to head north or east of North Las Vegas, you would be met with miles upon miles of desert. To the north is the Nevada desert, and to the east the Arizona desert, and the Hualapai Indian Reservation.

What is the Weather Like in North Las Vegas Nevada?

Given its location in the desert, North Las Vegas doesn’t see much rainfall. Even in the wettest month of the year, which is August, North Las Vegas will only see around 14mm of rainfall.

The general rule of thumb concerning North Las Vegas weather is that summers are very hot, and winters, while chilly, are never freezing.

The hottest month is usually July, with an average temperature of 92 degrees Fahrenheit (although this can reach as high as 104 degrees) and the coldest month of the year is December, which can reach average lows of 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is North Las Vegas Nevada a Good Place to Live?

While North Las Vegas Nevada sits in the middle of the Nevada desert, it is still a very busy, well-connected city offering countless attractions, employment options, local businesses and family-friendly areas.

Those who wish to live in close proximity to Las Vegas but who still wish to be just far enough away from Las Vegas itself find North Las Vegas to be an excellent compromise.

North Las Vegas has been a vibrant area for over a century. In the early 1920s, pioneers ventured north of Las Vegas and were impressed by the abundant water supply, despite it being a desert area. Since they settled, North Las Vegas has continued to grow and expand.

Despite all its local amenities and connections, however, North Las Vegas is an area many choose to avoid because it’s considered the most dangerous city in the state.

When comparing other cities across the country for such serious crimes as rape, murder, arson and robbery, North Las Vegas reports almost three times the national average statistics. Despite that, only 1% of residents say that they feel unsafe in the city, and it would appear that most residents are very happy living there.

What are the Best Areas to Live in North Las Vegas Nevada?

With house prices enjoying a surge of appreciation in recent years, North Las Vegas is becoming a desirable place to live. Popular areas include:


At the very tip of North Las Vegas and at the base of the Sheep Mountains sits Aliante. This desirable community is 20,000 strong and on the doorstep of over 400 acres especially dedicated to the community, for use recreationally.

Aliante is a great place to raise a family, giving both the rural experience and the suburban feel of being easily connected to the city.

Eldorado Heights

A little to the north-west of Aliante is Eldorado Heights, a gated community within the Eldorado area, where residents appreciate the high levels of security and safety in the North Las Vegas area.

Despite being a gated community, house prices are still very reasonable and there are some excellent schools in the district, another draw for families who may not be able to afford the more affluent Aliante area.

North Peak

A second gated community is found in North Peak, where again residents choose to live away from the bustling city, where it’s much quieter and yet within barely a half hour of The Strip.

These gated communities are popular with families where one or more members work in hospitality in Las Vegas, so they can commute easily but escape the non-stop vibe at the end of the working day.

What is North Las Vegas Nevada Known For?

North Las Vegas is, of course, on the doorstep of The Entertainment Capital of the World. Also often branded ‘America’s Playground’, the city attracts over 40 million people a year. It means that just south of North Las Vegas Nevada, you can find something to suit everyone’s taste.

For those who prefer to stay away from the glitz and glamor of Sin City, however, a visitor to North Las Vegas Nevada will find themselves on the doorstep of some of the USA’s most beautiful attractions. Just 20 miles out of the city and you’re in Red Rock Canyon National Park, and a little further west is the stunning Mount Charleston.

An Oasis in the Desert

North Las Vegas Nevada is a bustling metropolis in the middle of the desert, surrounded by the incredible scenery not only of Clark County but even The Grand Canyon, if you were to venture over the border into Arizona.

It’s a true oasis, an unusual blend of city life with all the amenities it has to offer, along with the beauty of nature right on its doorstep.

A Real Sense of Community

What really brings the population of North Las Vegas Nevada together is Nellis Air Force Base. This base is home to the US Air Force Warfare Centre, which is the biggest air combat training mission in the world.

As a result, hundreds of military families have made their home in North Las Vegas, raising their children both on and off base, particularly in the affluent, gated communities dotted across the city.

The Best of Both Worlds

For those looking to have a great time in Las Vegas but with access to the quieter side of things, away from The Strip, North Las Vegas Nevada is a great place not only to visit but to reside in.

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