Map of Scottsdale, Arizona Area | What is Scottsdale Known For?

Scottsdale Arizona desert landscape
Scottsdale Arizona desert landscape

Map of Scottsdale, Arizona Area







Scottsdale, Arizona, is in the eastern part of Maricopa County. It is part of the greater Phoenix area.

Scottsdale’s History

In the 1880s, Winfield Scott, an Army Chaplain, visited the area, which was then known as Orangedale. Scott and his brother became the city’s first residents after he purchased 640 acres of land. The town was renamed Scottsdale in 1894.

Today, Scottsdale is the state’s 6th biggest city. Scottsdale has a wonderful vibe to it and has always been a desirable place to live.

Where is Scottsdale Located on the US Map?

Scottsdale sits in the southwestern part of the country, in the state of Arizona. It is set in the Valley of the Sun, and its northern points reach the Sonoran Desert.

To the west, the city borders Paradise Valley, as well as Phoenix, as well as land in Maricopa Country that has not yet been developed. Towards the city’s eastern boundary is the town of Carefree. Scottsdale also sits next to the Tonto National Forest.

South of Scottsdale is the town of Tempe, as well as the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. The Indian Community also runs along the city’s eastern border, as well as the town of Fountain Hill and the McDowell Mountain Regional Park.

How Big is Scottsdale? What are the Size and Population?

Scottsdale is a little over 30 miles long and almost 12 miles wide at its most significant point. There are almost 184 square miles in the city, over 95% being on land.

A 2019 census states that about 258,000 people are living in Scottsdale.

What is the Climate in Scottsdale?

Like much of Arizona, Scottsdale has an arid climate. The summers are sweltering, while the winters are relatively mild to warm. The highest temperature in Scottsdale was recorded in June of 1990, at 122 degrees!

Is Scottsdale a Good Place to Live?

Scottsdale is a fantastic place to live, especially if you have young children and want to raise a family. There are plenty of safe, suburban neighborhoods to live in.

Scottsdale is generally a low-crime area and has some of the most desirable schools in the state. It’s great for young adults as well, who are just getting their start in life. Job opportunities are aplenty, and there is plenty to do, with a lot of nightlife, dining, and shopping.

Scottsdale is also great for those who love nature as it has some amazing trails for hiking and running. It’s also located in the mountains, and a few hour’s drive can take you to some fantastic ski resorts. Scottsdale is also located less than a day’s drive from some of the most beautiful beaches in California.

It does get hot in Scottsdale, but the low humidity makes it quite comfortable to deal with. For those who thrive on golf, Scottsdale is a dream. It has some of the best destinations for golf in the world.

What Are the Best Areas in Scottsdale to Live?

Scottsdale is roughly divided into four sections; Old Town, South, Central, and North Scottsdale.

South Scottsdale is more of a working-class neighborhood with several businesses throughout.

Old Town Scottsdale has some great old stores and restaurants. It has excellent nightlife as well as several art galleries. The ritzy shopping mall, Scottsdale Fashion Square, also sits in Old Town Scottsdale.

The Central area of Scottsdale has several neighborhoods built in the 1970s, and real estate continued to rise through the mid-2000s. Central Scottsdale is a highly desired area not only for its homes but for the beautiful resorts.

The most developed area of the city is North Scottsdale. It’s also one of the priciest places in Arizona to live. It is home to the Scottsdale Airpark, one of the biggest employers in the Phoenix area.

There really isn’t a bad part of Scottsdale to live in, as the entire city is pretty amazing. But some of the most desirable neighborhoods include:

Gainey Ranch

This is a planned community that is perfect for families. It covers more than 560 acres and has almost 20 different gated neighborhoods.

Homes range from single-family to townhomes. This area also has several commercial areas and several golf courses, and walking trails.

McCormick Ranch

McCormick Ranch has a history that dates back over forty years. What was originally a horse ranch is now the home to suburban areas, with multiple lakes and views of the mountains. It’s very family-friendly with churches, shopping, and hotels.

North Scottsdale

This area is still growing and houses many employees of the Scottsdale Airpark. It also has several subdivisions with unique character and is one of the best places to live and work in the city.

Downtown Scottsdale

Downtown Scottsdale is really the center of the city and has seen significant growth over the years. It has a very western appeal to it and is a plus for those who enjoy active lives. It has a bustling nightlife and art scene and plenty of luxury apartments.

What is Scottsdale Known for?

Scottsdale is known for plenty of amazing things!


The plethora of luxurious desert resorts draws celebrities, families, and others seeking a private desert escape.


Scottsdale has more than 100 art galleries! Some even say that Scottsdale is better than Sante Fe when it comes to art.


Scottsdale is everything shopping. It is home to Scottsdale Fashion Square, the biggest mall in the southwest.


There aren’t many cities in the southwest that can offer what the Scottsdale culinary scene can. The city is home to over 600 restaurants with award-winning chefs.

The Desert

Scottsdale wouldn’t be Scottsdale if it weren’t for the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.  Though it does get hot, the beauty of the desert draws thousands of visitors every year. With over 100 miles of trails and spots like Camelback Mountain, there are almost 20,000 acres of stunning desert to enjoy.


Scottsdale, Arizona, is one of the most beautiful places in the country to live. It’s rich in lifestyle and beauty and offers something for everyone.

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