Map of Honolulu Hawaii Area | Is Honolulu worth visiting?

Skyline of Honolulu, Hawaii
Skyline of Honolulu, Hawaii

Map of Honolulu Hawaii Area







The state of Hawaii is the only US state that consists entirely of islands. There are 137 that are officially recognized by the state and this includes eight main islands that most people visit or would have heard of. It has long fascinated travelers from afar as well as people from mainland US with its exotic name, coastline, culture, and tropical vibes it emits on TV shows, movies, and songs.

The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu and it is also the largest city in the state of Hawaii. Honolulu means “calm port” or “sheltered harbor” in Hawaiian.

Where is Honolulu located on the US Map?

Hawaii is located in the west of the US and is 2,000 miles off the coast of the mainland in the North Pacific Ocean. Honolulu is found on Oahu, one of the main islands of Hawaii.

How big is Hawaii? Size and Population?

The coastline is 750 miles long and it is the 8th smallest US state by area.

Hawaii has a population of 1.4 million people, and of those people, nearly 1 million live on the island of Oahu. This isn’t surprising, given that Honolulu is based there and it is the business hub. Oahu is also the most visited island in Hawaii. More than 9 million tourists visit Hawaii every year and two-thirds go to Oahu.

Is Hawaii a good place to live?

Despite relatively high living costs due to its isolated location, Hawaii is the third-wealthiest state. In recent years, Honolulu has ranked high in several global livability reports, often beating all other US cities!

With its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, warm climate, and plenty of protected natural habitat, these factors certainly make it a good place to live in most people’s eyes.

Hawaii also has a great job market. Some of the main industries are agriculture, health care, light manufacturing, and the military. While it has an abundance of jobs it still manages to retain a laid-back vibe, giving it the best of both worlds. Many locals actually say that the islands revolve around surfing and the ocean and quality chats with your friends and neighbors.

It’s not all about the beach though and that is also one of its charms for people who live there. Each Hawaiian island has its own ecosystem, culture, and economy.

You can experience different things and feel like you’re somewhere else by hopping the relatively short distances between them. This can happen on the same island too at times if you travel just a few miles inland to a farming community or rustic village, away from the shops and bars near the beach.

Another important consideration for many people is food. Hawaii boasts excellent seafood, a variety of cuisines, and juicy tropical fruit like mangoes and papayas.

Is Honolulu worth visiting?

Obviously, there are many factors that will determine this depending on an individual’s situation. While all the cities and islands are an enticing option, Honolulu and the island of Oahu have a combination of attractive selling points.

As we mentioned earlier, Honolulu consistently ranks as one of the world’s greatest cities to live in. The easiest place to find work in the state would usually be Honolulu since it’s the largest city in Hawaii. That’s a good thing too because the cost of living is 82% higher than the national average! Good wages, the way of life, and the abundance of nature and free activities balance this out.

It also has plenty of culture and history making it an exciting and interesting place to live. There are plenty of traditional Hawaiian performances and food dishes to try. It also has a diverse cross-section of cuisines to enjoy and great nightlife. Honolulu boasts excellent museums and art galleries too.

The island of Oahu has many top-rated beaches. The Waikiki district in Honolulu is famous for its beach lined with palms, excellent dining options, and vibrant streets.

What is Hawaii known for?

While Hawaii has much to offer, it’s typically known for its beaches, culture, rainforests, and marine life.

Beaches and surfing

There is no denying that beaches and great surf spots are some of Hawaii’s most famous assets. The waves attract many surfers from all over the world and Hawaii hosts international championships each year.

There are plenty of calm beaches in Hawaii too that are perfect for swimming, paddling, or snorkeling. Lanikai Beach has beautiful turquoise water, and is calm, making it a favorite for swimming or bathing. Due to the coral reef there it’s also great for snorkeling.


The Hawaiian word “Aloha” is instantly recognizable and it is commonly used as a greeting. It has a deeper meaning to native Hawaiians and is found in all Polynesian languages, symbolizing compassion, love, peace, affection, and mercy.

A popular custom in Hawaiian culture is the giving of leis. These flower strings are worn around the neck and are traditionally given as a welcome gesture or for special occasions.

The hula dance is another iconic part of the Hawaiian culture. Featuring grass skirts, swaying hips, and serene hand movements, the hula was traditionally used for religious reasons or in ceremonies.

Music is another big part of their culture. Some Hawaiian artists have made it to the mainstream with various hits in recent years. Traditional music originated from primal drumbeats to chanting and now includes flute-sounding instruments (Ohe Hano Ihu) and other instruments that are only found in Hawaii, giving it a distinctive sound.


Many parts of Hawaii get an abundance of rain, which means it has stunning rainforests blessed with rich fauna, flora, and wildlife. Hawaiian rainforests are popular with tourists for hiking and guided tours because of their varied plant and animal life.

Marine life

Just like its rainforests, Hawaii’s waters are blessed and have diverse species of underwater creatures. For that reason, it calls itself home to many marine biologists, conservationists, and scientists.

Tourists and locals also enjoy snorkeling and diving here because they have the chance to see dolphins, sea turtles, fish (20% of species are unique to Hawaii), monk seals, and manta rays.

Humpback whales are also a regular siting each year while they follow their migratory pattern. People can spot whales from land or take a boat tour to watch them in action a little closer.

Hawaii is a fascinating state thanks to its rich culture, biodiversity, and changing scenery. Honolulu is a great starting point for exploring all that it has to offer and has something for everyone.

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