Map of Irving, Texas Area | Is Irving a Good Place to visit?

Panorama aerial view downtown Las Colinas, Irving, Texas
Panorama aerial view downtown Las Colinas, Irving, Texas

Map of Irving, Texas Area







Irving, Texas is a charming little city that was made to impress. No really, it was! The city is known for its large number of planned developments and districts. 

If you are picturing a sleepy little suburb, think again.

Irving is filled with beautiful homes, scenic parks and trails, and plenty of things to do. Whether you are a young professional or a family of five, this charming little city in Dallas County is for you. 

Where is Irving Located on the US Map?     

Irving is a city located in the northern region of Texas and is considered an inland city (meaning it is not near the coast).  Texas is located in the Southern Central region of the United States.

The city of Irving is a close neighbor to the more well-known city of Dallas, sitting just to the northeast of the area. In fact, Irving is located in Dallas County and considered one of their suburb areas.

 What is the Climate of Irving, Texas?

The weather in Irving, Texas changes throughout the year. The area has hot summers and mild winters. This might make it the perfect area for someone who appreciates the changes of the seasons but is not a big fan of snowfall.

In the summer, temperatures often reach over 100 degrees. The winters in Irving are less extreme and, except for some annual cold fronts that blow through, are usually quite pleasant.

 How Big is Irving, Texas? 

 The city of Irving is 67.9 square miles. Almost half of this small city is made up of master-planned developments and districts. This means that many of the city’s neighborhoods have been designed to seamlessly include areas for residents to live, work, and play.

The population of Irving, Texas sits at just under 240,000.

The median household income in Irving is over $64,000 a year. The median home values in the area are around $177,000. 

The city prides itself on its diversity and being a place of welcome for all. In a 2012 study, Trulia named an area in Irving, Texas the “Most Diverse Zip in the US.” In the study, it was found that there was nearly an equal number of white, black, hispanic and asian residents living in the area. 

Is Irving a Good Place to Visit?

Irving, Texas has many impressive draws for potential tourists. Being so close to Dallas, this city is the perfect mix of suburban and urban living and appeals to families and young travelers alike.

Families looking to put down roots in Irving, Texas will be happy to hear that three of the high schools in their district are considered some of the best in the nation. In addition to their notable high schools, Irving also has many quality K-12 charter and private schools.

Just visiting? There are plenty of kid friendly activities to be found any day of the week.

The city of Irving has an excellent nightlife scene, with plenty of places to check out some live music. The Toyota Music Factory is a popular spot where locals grab some dinner and drinks while they watch a show. 

More of an outdoorsy person? No problem! Thanks to the favorable climate, there is outdoor fun to be had nearly all year round in the city’s many parks and trails. 

Take a romantic walk along the Mandalay Canals or try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding on Lake Carolyn! Or you could spend your day at one of the city’s four eighteen-hole golf courses. 

The food in Irving is something you must experience as well!

As you may know, Texans are known for their amazing barbeque and Tex-Mex cuisine, and Irving does not disappoint in this department. But keep in mind that Irving is a town of diverse people. This means you can also find delicious food ranging from Indian to Brazilian fare!

Irving, Texas is also home to a number of museums, theaters, and music venues.

There is never a shortage of fun to be had in Irving, Texas. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, Irving always has something for everyone.This is a place where nearly everyone can find something they love to do.

What are the Best Areas to Live or Visit in Irving?

 Irving, Texas is a city filled with great places to live. This is thanks in part to the large number of planned communities that were developed here throughout the years. Each of these communities was built with the needs and interests of their future residents in mind. 

Although a suburb, Irving is a very welcoming area for tourists. In fact, many of the homeowners around the downtown area rent their homes out to visitors.

Las Colinas

One of the best areas in the city is the neighborhood of Las Colinas. This 12,000-acre development is home to beautiful homes and great local schools. Inside the development, you will also find plenty of scenic jogging trails and 56 lakes. How’s that for picturesque? There are also multiple museums, country clubs, and cultural centers nearby.

Valley Ranch

Is your idea of paradise a day spent in the great outdoors? Then Valley Ranch is the area for you. The area used to be a cattle ranch and is now a beautiful, lush suburb. You will want to spend your days strolling along the canals and your nights dining at one of their many delicious restaurants.

Hackberry Creek

If you have a taste for luxury, then you may enjoy living in the Hackberry Creek neighborhood. Hackberry Creek is a gated country club community with its own golf course. Gated communities can be a great choice for families looking for a sense of security.

What is Irving Known For?

The city of Irving is known for its diversity and culture. Need some proof? Irving may be one of the smaller cities in Texas, but it is home to four museums and a thriving art center. 

The Irving Arts Center (AIC) contains five galleries, two theaters, and an outdoor sculpture garden. 

The diversity of this city is really showcased in its culinary scene. It only makes sense that such a diverse population would also have restaurants highlighting the best of regions throughout the world.

When is the Best Time to Visit Irving?

Tourist season is at its peak in the summer (June through August). You may find that hotels and flights are more expensive that time of year. If you are a fan of warm weather traveling though, this may be the ideal travel window for you.

Because of the cooler temperatures, the spring and fall are less busy for the city. Don’t be fooled though, the temperatures can still reach the 90’s some days! 

If you don’t mind cooler weather and enjoy a bit of a discount, consider booking in the off season.

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