Map of Garland, Texas Area | What is Garland Known for?

Garland skyline, texas drawn sketch
Garland skyline, texas drawn sketch

Map of Garland, Texas Area


Where is Garland, Texas located on the US Map?

Garland, Texas is mostly within Dallas County with a small bit of it being in Collin and Rockwall Counties. Garland is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and is northeast of Dallas. You’ll find easy access to downtown Dallas by public transportation.

How big is Garland, Texas? Size and Population?

Garland, Texas spans 57.25 square miles of land and water. Though only 0.12 of those square miles are water. As of the 2010 U. S. Census, the population was 226,876. The 2019 estimate of Garland’s population put it at 239.928.

Is Garland, Texas a good place to live?

Yes, Garland is a good place to live. There are a lot of amenities to enjoy like an off-leash dog park and playground. In 2019 the Build Garland bond program rolled out with a 4-year plan to add more amenities such as new aquatics amenities, library maker spaces, and trails for hiking and biking.

The community of Garland is a diverse one and is welcoming. It’s a great place for families. Garland has a low crime rate. It also has great schools, more than 40 parks, and six recreation centers. The unemployment rate and cost of living are low in Garland, Texas.

There’s a lot to be said for Garland’s outdoor recreation. There are more than 2,800 acres devoted for residents to enjoy sports and outdoor activities, plus the parks. Not to mention the various aquatics and activity centers.

Garland’s historic downtown is thriving with shops to enjoy. Also, you’ll find walkable streets, plenty of restaurants, breweries, and much more.

Garland has a vibrant arts scene that flourishes with the Granville Arts Center. The Garland Cultural Arts Commission has a strong support base from historic organizations for community-based arts. There is also Garland’s rich history. You can explore this history at the Heritage Crossing and the Landmark Museum. Plus, Garland’s downtown and the Travis College Hill Historic District are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

What are the best areas to live in Garland, Texas?

If you’re looking at moving to Garland, Texas, then you’re probably wondering what the best neighborhoods are. Here’s a list:

  • The Enclave
  • Meadowood
  • Coomer Creek
  • Creek Bend
  • Springpark
  • Valley Creek North
  • Hills of Firewheel
  • Place One
  • Shores of Eastern Hills
  • The Shores of Wellington

What is Garland, Texas known for?

There are a lot of things that you can see and do in Garland, Texas. With the rich history that Garland has, there are plenty of places to learn about it.

  • The Landmark Museum: This museum has been located in Garland’s former Santa Fe depot since 1974. You’ll be able to see artifacts of early settlers, farm tools, old newspapers, clothing, quilts, and more. There are also private group tours that you can participate in. If you live in Garland and have a child in school, they may be able to do a field trip to the museum.
  • Historic Downtown: This area incorporates Duck Creek, Embree, and New Duck Creek.
  • Tinsley-Lyles House: The history of this house is that William A. Tinsley built it in the late 1800s on Austin and First Streets. R. H. Lyles bought it in 1902. The 1970s saw this house bought by Jay Jones who donated it to the city. In 1979, the City relocated the house to Heritage Park. It resided behind City Hall with the Santa Fe Depot until 2015. The Hinsley-Lyles House now sits in a prominent location of Heritage Crossing.
  • Plaza Theatre: Sitting at 521 W. State Street, this site was originally known for dry goods stores to include Joe J. Mickle and Son, Hudson Davis, and Cole & Davis. Plaza Theatre’s door opened here in April of 1971, and its premiere movie was “Western Union”. There were two other theatre buildings downtown. J. R. Bisby owned all three theatres. The Plaza Theatre got a new, updated facade designed by Jack Corgan and it was donated to Garland, Texas in December of 1991. Ten years later, the City refurbished the theatre.
  • Central Park: Central Park has also been known as “old Garland Park grounds”, “Williams Park,”  and “City Park”. Currently, Central Park is 60 acres of wooded property along Duck Creek. 10 acres of the north side of the park is natural and undeveloped. This preserved remnant keeps the original environment to keep the past alive. The Garland Landmark Society placed a historic marker making Central Park a historic site because it has been used for community gatherings and recreational fun. Central Park, the first municipal park, runs along the Bankhead Highway.
  • Travis College Hill District: This district is on 11th Street and stretches from Avenue B to Avenue D and consists of several houses. There’s the house at 317 S. Eleventh Street called Pace House, which was built in the 1890s. It was given to the City of Garland in 1985. For several years the city used it as an events center. It was moved to S. Eleventh Street so it could be used for residential purposes again. In 1915, Garlandite Beaver built the house on 301 S. Eleventh Street, painting gray. In 1927, there was a deadly tornado that this house withstood. Three other homes were built in 1916. The house at 411 S. Eleventh Street was the first with indoor plumbing for the bathroom in Garland. Early residents were Garland Mayor G. Lestor Davis and Mattie Davis. They were the family that ran the Cole & Davis Dry Goods store in downtown Garland. The 400 S. Eleventh Street house was home to Curtis Crossman Sr and Dixie Crossman. Their home was open to a lot of club activities and political receptions. Lastly, 313 S. Eleventh Street is a one-story building that was originally occupied by James E. and Edith Beaver.
  • Bankhead Highway: This highway was America’s first all-weather transcontinental highway that joined Washington D. C. to San Diego. It runs through the middle of the city.
  • Santa Fe Depot: This depot was built in 1901. In 2014, the city moved the Santa Fe Depot to 363 N. Sixth Street.

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