Where is Delaware Located? Interesting and Fun Facts about Delaware

Saturated early morning light hits the buildings and architecture of downtown Wilmington Delaware
Saturated early morning light hits the buildings and architecture of downtown Wilmington Delaware

Delaware, DE is a state located in the United States of America. This North American state is located in the Mid-Atlantic Region and is primarily bordered by bodies of water. 

The rest of the article will go into detail about where Delaware, DE is found, and the best things to do when you are visiting this wonderful state. 

Where is Delaware located?

Where is Delaware, DE Located. Where is Delaware on a US Map
Where is Delaware, DE Located. Where is Delaware on a US Map

Delaware, DE is located in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States of America, on the east coast. 

Where is Delaware on a US map?

Delaware is located south of Pennsylvania and New Jersey and has Maryland located to the west. The only state Delaware directly borders is Maryland, and the state is primarily surrounded by bodies of water. 

What is the geology of Delaware?

Delaware happens to be located within two physiographic provinces, the Atlantic Coastal Plain, where most of the state lies, and Appalachian Piedmont. The state is home to rolling hills, which rise over 400 feet above sea level. 

There are some cool geographic findings in Delaware, including that the rocks at the surface of Piedmont are deformed, old, metamorphic rock. They were once buried in the core of an ancient mountain range! 

What is the climate of Delaware?

The climate in Delaware is usually considered moderate year-round. On average, the temperatures range from about 75 degrees to 32 degrees. Along the Atlantic Coast, it is normally about ten degrees warmer in the winter, and 10 degrees cooler in the summer!

What is the capital of Delaware?

Dover is the capital of Delaware, and is the home to the International Speedway, which hosts NASCAR races! It’s also home to a variety of aircraft displays at the Air Mobility Command Museum at the Dover Air Force Base. Dover has a population of 37,523 people. 

What are the sports teams of Delaware?

Delaware is not home to many professional sports teams and does not have any National Football League or Major League Baseball franchises, but they do have several professional sports teams. 

These include the Delaware Blue Coats, an NBA G League, the Delaware Black Foxes, a rugby team, the Delaware Destroyers, an EBA basketball team, the Delaware Griffins, a WOFL football team, the Delaware Thunder, a FPHL hockey team, and the Diamond State Roller Girls, a WFTDA roller derby team. 

Where can you hike in Delaware?

Delaware is home to some amazing places and is a great place for people who love hiking! Here are some amazing trails you can find in Delaware. 

Gordons Pond Trail

Gordons Pond Cape Henlopen Delaware
Gordons Pond Cape Henlopen Delaware

This trail is a moderate, 3.2-mile trail in Cape Henlopen State Park, located in Lewes, Delaware. Hikers love it, with the trail taking them through multiple unique ecosystems in such a short distance, such as the maritime forests, a boardwalk over dunes and wetlands, and a sprawling salt marsh. 

Bombay Hook Boardwalk Trail

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

This trail is an easy, .25-mile hike through the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Smyrna, Delaware. The Refuge is a large expanse of tidal marsh, and is actually one of the largest in the mid-Atlantic region. Visitors can enjoy hiking, birding, and great photography.

How big is Delaware?

Delaware is the 49th largest state based on square miles. The state is 2,488.72 miles. It has the 40th largest square mile area of water at 540.18 square miles. Population-wise, Delaware is ranked 46th at 990,334 people. 

Where should you go in Delaware?

Delaware has so many amazing places to visit! Here are a couple of top-rated places to go if you decide to come. 

Rehoboth Beach: An inviting town, Rehoboth Beach is rich in history and a beautiful destination for any vacation. Rehoboth is home to many restaurants, shops, and beaches, and has amazing venues and photography locations. Created around 1650-1675 when Dutch settlers arrived, its history began with countrymen and farmers. These people would go on to fight during the American War of Independence! The whole town is so rich in history. 

Rehoboth Beach
Rehoboth Beach

Wilmington: Wilmington is home to many brewery and winery tours, as well as historical train rides through the countryside. Additionally, it also has many museums of natural and local history and is home to a casino and opera house. Here, there is something for everyone! 

Enjoy a beautiful riverfront, which would be a wonderful place for a stroll or jog. If you have a family, the Delaware Children’s Museum is the place to be. 

Saturated early morning light hits the buildings and architecture of downtown Wilmington Delaware
Saturated early morning light hits the buildings and architecture of downtown Wilmington Delaware

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge: This refuge is home to one of the largest remaining collections of tidal salt marsh in the Atlantic region, and usually has many visitors throughout all twelve months. Founded in 1937, it is a breeding and resting ground for migrating birds along the coast. 

Most of this refuge is open to the public, but some are closed off and only available to researchers or staff. 

Fenwick Island: This island is located on the southern border of the state and is located near Ocean City! It is considered to be one of the state’s finer beaches destinations and is great for family trips. Visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing, windsurfing, sunbathing, and exploring. 

Fenwick Island Delaware Beach Sunset
Fenwick Island Delaware Beach Sunset

What are some fun facts about Delaware?

  • Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution on December 7th, 1787.
  • Delaware did not have a National Monument until 2013, making it the last state to do so.
  • Delaware is considered the “Diamond State.”
  • The state insect is a ladybug, which is only because of a second-grade class petitioning to get it approved in 1974.
  • The Delaware River and the Delaware Bay both predate the name of the state.
  • The state was named the third most bike-friendly state in the country in 2015.
  • Despite being the second-smallest state, it is the sixth most densely populated state.
  • Aubrey Plaza is from Wilmington, Ryan Phillippe is from New Castle, and Vice President Joe Biden went to college at the University of Delaware in Newark.
  • The Dead Poet’s Society was shot at St. Andrews School in Middletown in 1989.

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