Map of Northeast USA | Northeastern US Map | Northeast States Region Map

Best tourist attractions and cities in the Northeast US

northeast region state flags on 3d map
northeast region state flags on 3d map

Map of Northeast USA | Northeastern US Map | Northeast States Region Map







The Northeast region of the United States is a diverse, scenic, and interesting place to visit. Boasting rugged natural beauty and glimmering cities, the Northeast has something for everyone. However, if you’re planning an exploratory adventure into this area of the U.S., you might not be totally familiar with everything the region has to offer. Read through for more information about the Northeast.

U.S. Northeast States List

There are eleven states in the Northeast region of the United States. Each one of them is unique and worth a visit and, luckily, the fact that many of these states are quite small and therefore closer together than other regions of the U.S., it’s particularly easy to visit as many of them as possible.

The 11 states in the Northeast region are:

Best Cities in the Northeast

One of the best things about this region of the United States is the cities. Because the Northeast was the first part of the U.S. that was settled by colonizers in the sixteenth century, there is a significant amount of rich and fascinating history, as well as a diverse cultural scene, in the major cities of this region.


Located on the Massachusetts Bay, Boston is known as the birthplace of the revolution (i.e. the American Revolution that gave birth to the country we know as the United States today). Boston is a fantastic place for history buffs with attractions like the Freedom Trail, which takes you along sixteen sights and monuments that were important to the American Revolution and U.S. history in general.


Similar to Boston, Philadelphia is a fantastic place to visit for people who have a particular passion for history. You can visit the Liberty Bell, walk the same streets as the founding fathers, and drink in all of the incredibly diverse culture that has grown in Philadelphia since the eighteenth century. Don’t forget to try a classic Philly cheese steak sandwich while you’re there!

New York City

Some might argue that this city requires no explanation. The Big Apple, concrete jungle, the city that never sleeps; it’s undeniable that New York City is internationally known for being a cultural mecca. Millions of tourists from all over the world flock to New York City to see what all the fuss is about, and we have to admit that this glittering city really does live up to the hype!

Best Tourist Attractions in the Northeast

If you’re not much of a big-city dweller, don’t fret. The Northeast region of the U.S. has countless tourist attractions that can entertain you no matter what your interests are. Check out the following tourist hot-spots of the Northeast that you have to be sure not to miss.

Downeast Maine

If you’re an avid appreciator of natural beauty, you can’t miss a visit to Maine. We recommend going up the rocky coastline to get views of the Atlantic and the untamed wilderness out either side of the car windows. Take a trip to Sail Rock, the easternmost point of the U.S. located in West Quoddy Head, and be among the first in the country to watch the sunrise.

Seafood lovers will also love Maine and, if you visit at the right time of year, you’ll be able to try a lobster roll made from lobsters caught fresh from the ocean a mere hour before it hits your plate. Also, don’t forget to try the blueberry pie!

Salem, MA

Lovers of the occult and casual fans of spookiness will love visiting this small town located in Massachusetts. This town is infamously known for being the site of the Salem Witch Trials in the 1600s. Today, the eeriness continues to abound; the town boasts plenty of haunted houses and hair-raising attractions.

The best time to visit Salem is inarguably during Halloween. This is the time of year when the witch-themed attractions are at their peak. Haunted mansion tours, spooky palm readings, and fascinating historical lessons told by professional actors are among the many things to do in Salem.

Hersheypark, PA

A trip to the Northeast wouldn’t complete without a journey to Hershey, Pennsylvania. As the name of the town would suggest, it is the birthplace of the famous Hershey chocolate brand and is also an important historical site for the emergence of the fair labor laws and practices that we are so grateful for today. Most importantly, it is home to Hersheypark.

Kids and adults alike will be sure to go wild for Hersheypark, which is a massive chocolate-themed amusement park located amongst the scenic surroundings of southern Pennsylvania. The park spans over one hundred acres and boasts over 75 rides and attractions (including a zoo), so you are sure to be thoroughly entertained by a visit to this much-loved Northeast attraction.

Loon Mountain, NH

While many people probably think of the Rocky Mountains in the western regions of the United States when it comes to winter sports, the Northeast should not be ignored. States like New Hampshire and Vermont boast some of the best skiing and snowboarding mountains in the region. There’s no wonder why ski resort tourism is a large part of the Northeast’s economy.

Loon Mountain is located in northern New Hampshire and is nestled in the White Mountain National Forest, which is arguably one of the most visually stunning and scenic places in the region. Even if you aren’t a fan of winter sports, a trip to this spot any time of year is an absolute necessity. Don’t forget to pay the Old Man of the Mountain a visit!


It goes without saying, but there are countless other attractions and points of interest in the Northeast region of the United States, including some that are still waiting to be discovered by curious wanderers like yourself. The best way to discover everything that this region has to offer is to spend some time adventuring between the lively cities and breathtaking forests.


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